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Lin Hong paused, then asked, “Then what do you want?”

If she wanted them to help her clean up the black material, although it was difficult, it could be done.

The attitude of the other party to do something for her was too firm. Ruan Qiu knew that she could not refuse, so she thought about it seriously, and then said, “Can you help me replace the current manager? I don’t like him very much.”

Ruan Qiu had an intuition that Yang Cheng would not make her feel better during the remaining three months of the contract period.

After hearing Ruan Qiu’s request, Lin Hong breathed a sigh of relief, and said cheerfully, “Okay, we can do it, and we will help you replace him within a week.”

Ruan Qiu smiled at him, “Thank you.”

Lin Hong was caught off guard by Ruan Qiu’s smile. He sighed inwardly and thought that for such a good-looking person, why was she blackened before leaving her mark in the entertainment industry? If Ruan Qiu was his artist……

Lin Hong was shocked, and immediately threw the idea out of his mind.

Xue Wu alone was enough for him to have a headache, and he didn’t want to have another one.

When the transaction was almost over, Lin Hong reminded Ruan Qiu again, “Since we have made an agreement, then you can no longer mention Xue Wu’s illness in front of people other than us. If you break the agreement, we also have the means to make you pay.”

“No.” Ruan Qiu shook her head and said, “But I hope that if Xue Wu is abnormal, you can tell me in time.”

Luckily she fixed everything before it got worse.

Lin Hong hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

Ruan Qiu then looked at Xue Wu, smiled at him, and said to him with what she thought was the most sincere blessing, “I hope you live well and don’t give up any hope of life.”

Xue Wu was a little stunned.

After speaking, Ruan Qiu turned around to open the door and left the private room.

Lin Hong was taken aback by Ruan Qiu’s attitude, turned his head slowly, and asked Xue Wu doubtfully, “Why do I think she might be your fan, or a true love fan?”

Xue Wu, who watched them talk:  …

Xue Wu lowered his eyes, “Maybe.”


Lin Hong’s work efficiency was very high, and within three days, Ruan Qiu’s manager changed. Her new manager was said to be a relative of Lin Hong, and Ruan Qiu called her Sister Lin.

When he was first replaced, Yang Cheng also called to scold Ruan Qiu. After being blocked by Ruan Qiu, he changed several numbers to scold her in turn. Sister Lin frowned when she found out, and immediately went to the company to warn him. After Yang Cheng knew that Ruan Qiu’s new manager was Sister Lin, he was immediately persuaded. He couldn’t provoke someone who was a few levels higher than himself, so he could only bear it and never dared to harass Ruan Qiu again. .

In fact, Ruan Qiu was not as annoyed as Yang Cheng and Sister Lin imagined. She felt that Yang Cheng’s method was much gentler than the female ghost who crawled out of the phone and attacked her. As long as the phone was muted, it would not affect her sleep.

During the few days lying at home, Ruan Qiu also learned a lot of knowledge about the world from the Internet. There had never been a zombie virus there, and what could be found were also some movies and TV shows or novels.

She also knew that she had only more than 2,000 in her account balance, and the money she earned from her debut a few years ago was used to pay off the debts owed by her deceased parents.

Ruan Qiu didn’t consider selling the house she was living in, and instead looked online for a job she could do after quitting the circle.

During this period, she also learned that the person she met that night was the top actor Xue Wu, and she could get his latest news from different channels almost every day. It seemed that there was nothing unusual, and she was relieved.

But the image people had of him being humble, courteous, caring and warm was far from the image she had in her impression. He was a little cold and not talkative as long as he was alone.

However, Ruan Qiu was no longer in the mood to care about these details.

Just now, she got shocking news from Sister Lin——

She must be on the love variety show of the main storyline.

This variety show was signed by Yang Cheng for the original owner before she had transmigrated. If she didn’t go, she would have to pay three times the liquidated damages, and even if she sold the house, she couldn’t afford it.

Not only that, this variety show also belonged to the annual performance content within the contract period between her and the company. Since she basically did not achieve much that year, if she did not participate in this variety show and gained some performance, she still needed to pay the company a huge amount of liquidated damages.

After weighing the pros and cons, Ruan Qiu decided to participate in the variety show.

The night before going to the recording site, Ruan Qiu looked at the danger avoidance plan she made and nodded with satisfaction.

The first words marked in red were:

[Strive to be a marginal passer-by who is far from the love Shura field, never be ambiguous with anyone, and must live well!]

“Please Fall In Love With Me” became a hit before it was broadcast.

In the entertainment industry where all kinds of love variety shows were emerging one after another, this variety show had no script and the banner of the whole live broadcast had attracted a large number of audiences. More importantly, in the context of other love shows that only dared to invite amateurs, this variety show had attracted a large number of audiences. The variety show actually brought together top-notch movie stars, popular little flowers, blackned actors, and male groups…

The number of fans of these people could exceed the population of the beautiful country. The director also knew that if they really fell in love, their fans would have to tear him apart, so he announced in advance that the rules of “Please Fall In Love With Me” were different from those of previous romances.

In this romantic variety show, the program team would set up many special scenes and also be equipped with many group performances, and each star needed to draw lots in that scene to obtain a new identity, and then go into free love. The variety show also added an elimination link for the “death” of the star’s role. Within a week after the live broadcast of each episode, the most popular “couple” would be rewarded.

The program team had already stated on the official Weibo that the prize for this program was the spokesperson advertisement of the V family, and there was also a cooperation opportunity with a well known director.

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