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Jiang Yan, who was next to her, knew it was going to be bad when he saw her posture. He was about to step forward to correct Ruan Qiu’s movements when he saw the sharp kitchen knife in Ruan Qiu’s hand as if it had no weight. She adjusted the position of the potatoes flexibly and freely. And with the blade of the kitchen knife, a complete thin potato skin without any breakage was cut off by her and thrown into the trash can next to her.

Ruan Qiu then used the tip of the kitchen knife to pick out the stains in the uneven pits on the surface of the potatoes, tilted her head and asked Jiang Yan, whose eyes were widened, “What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s fine,” Jiang Yan said. 

He continued to stir fry the things in his hands, but his eyes could not be separated from Ruan Qiu’s hand on the chopping board.

Ruan Qiu raised the knife and dropped it, as if the speed was three times faster. The speed was so fast that he couldn’t see clearly. When she removed the knife, a whole potato turned into a thin shred, and she threw it into a small basin to soak it.

Jiang Yan: ?

Audience: ?

[This is a live broadcast, right? Why do I feel like I’m on double speed?]

[Good guy, the speed and skill are superb.]

[Does the face of the person who said that Ruan Qiu can’t do anything hurt?]

[Isn’t it just cutting a shredded potato? What’s the point of being better with a knife?]

In the kitchen, Ruan Qiu immediately picked up the tofu next to her. Seeing that Jiang Yan had no reaction, she mistakenly thought that the tofu should also be cut into shreds, so she raised the kitchen knife again, peeled off the old skin, and began to cut the tofu.

The soft and smooth tofu was very obedient under her hands. She first cut the tofu into thin slices, then spread them evenly on the cutting board and started to shred them.

The chief director also saw Ruan Qiu’s actions, and he quickly asked the shooting team to zoom in, and specially filmed the movements of Ruan Qiu.

[The front row reminds everyone who is watching that they can breathe now.]

[Thank you, kind man, I almost choked to death with nervousness.]

[Ruan Qiu doesn’t want to cut the tofu, right? This thing is a great test of knife skills, so don’t overturn it.]

In the shot, every time Ruan Qiu slided the blade, a piece of shredded tofu would fall on the kitchen board. From the appearance, the tofu pieces were still mixed together. But when Ruan Qiu used the kitchen knife to put the shredded tofu into the water, the shredded tofu would slowly spread out in the water. The sides were as clear as a needle, but none of them was broken. If one looked carefully, they could tell that they were all the same length!

Jiang Yan: ? ?

Audience:? ?

[Is this tofu? It’s not a prop, is it?]

[This is a live broadcast, right? There’s no edit, and it’s not magic, right?]

[The person who said Ruan Qiu was just a little better at using the knife, you better come out. Can you cut it like this? This knife skill is probably of a top chef, right?]

[Ruan Qiu hasn’t produced any new works in the past six months, did she go to the west for further study?]

The audience took screenshots frantically in shock, trying to find a flaw in the tofu shreds in the water, but failed. Many people uploaded these pictures to Weibo, so when the new hot search “Ruan Qiu and shredded tofu” appeared, many people who didn’t know about it got in at a loss, and then couldn’t come out again, and went directly to the live broadcast of “Please Fall In Love With Me”.

.[Pure passerby: May I ask if this is a love show or a food show?]

The split-screen traffic of several other guests was also affected, and many people came to see Ruan Qiu.

Cheng Tianya’s fans were about to go crazy, disregarding what Cheng Tianya had told them before, not to pursue it, they tried to swipe the comments section by typing [Ruan Qiu is a mistress], but they were crowded by more people entering the live broadcasting room.

Cheng Tianya’s fans: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! !

In the kitchen, Jiang Yan stared at the shredded tofu in the water, even breathing a lot easier.

How could he let such a chef cut vegetables for himself?

Jiang Yan turned his head and asked Ruan Qiu resentfully, “Sister, don’t you really know how to cook?”

Ruan Qiu said while carving the radish, “I really don’t.”

Jiang Yan: … If you put down the radish carved into a rose in your hand, it may be more convincing.

Ruan Qiu didn’t know Jiang Yan’s mental activity at this time, so she looked at the kitchen knife in her hand, and said in regret, “It’s a pity that the kitchen knife is not sharp enough, otherwise I can cut it more finely.”

Jiang Yan: ? ? ?

Audience:? ? ?

[No one is going to speak?]

[Don’t be a fan, please don’t be a fan.]

Ruan Qiu noticed Jiang Yan’s resentful eyes and smiled at him, “I really don’t know how to cook, but I think people who can cook are amazing.”

She put down the radish flower in her hand, took a bit of Jiang Yan’s fried three-color shrimp with chopsticks and put it in her mouth. She smiled happily, and gave him a thumbs up, “It’s delicious!”

When Jiang Yan met Ruan Qiu’s smile, his face instantly turned red, and he stammered, “Really, really?”

Ruan Qiu nodded and praised him without hesitation, “It’s the best food I’ve ever eaten!”

Jiang Yan’s face turned even redder.

He turned his head to look at the pot in front of him, and whispered, “Then I, I will cook a few more dishes, and Sister Ruan can try them.”


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