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[This is a little hard to take.]

[Jiang Yan, the rap singer turned out to be so innocent? He blushed so cutely.]

[Ruan Qiu looks good even when she smiles. I have already taken a dozen or so crazy screenshots. Even a girl like me can’t stand it. It’s normal that Jiang Yan can’t stand it.]

[Straight Ball Chopping Maid × Shy Cooking Chef, the two of them are at the bottom in the manor. They are bullied by others but support and help each other. Thank you Director, I got it.]

[Hahahahaha! What kind of weird CP is this? Hahahaha!]  

[Are you all devils?! I’m just a second late and the super talk has already been built!]

No one would have imagined that the first couple CPs to appear in “Please Fall In Love With Me” were actually Ruan Qiu and Jiang Yan.

Moreover, their popularity depended more on passers-by, because the live fans on Ruan Qiu’s side had basically disappeared, and the fans on Jiang Yan’s side were a little disgusted by Ruan Qiu, who had a bad reputation, and did not say a word.

The CP that passers-by discussed were not Ruan Qiu and Jiang Yan themselves, but their current identities in the variety show. The fans of other guests watched the increasing popularity on their side, and not to be outdone, they brushed up the CPs of their idols and other guests.

But they deliberately did not mention the names of the guests this time, but replaced them with the titles in variety shows such as “Manor Master” or “Housekeeper”, which would not only gain popularity, but would not affect the artists themselves, and would not be besieged by Emperor Xue’s fans, killing three birds with one stone.

But the fans of the other guests were not happy for a long time, because they found that they couldn’t pick out the candy with CP in the same frame, and their idols had almost zero interaction!

Several people in the living room had been sitting for a long time.

Since Ye Xingyu invited Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying into the manor as a housekeeper, Xue Wu, who was sitting in the living room, only said one word to them, “Welcome.”

If it wasn’t for the head maid who brought the tea over and poured it over to a few people, the scene might have been even more embarrassing. During this period, except for Bai Jinyao who said a few words to Ye Xingyu because he wanted more tea, they didn’t have any communication during the whole process.

Bai Jinyao talked a lot to Xue Wu before the variety show started. Afterward, she also realized that her performance seemed a bit inappropriate. She was afraid that she would annoy Xue Wu by talking again, so she held back. Because of her arrogant personality, Qi Yingying next to her didn’t like to talk and didn’t open her mouth. Ye Xingyu, who was standing behind Xue Wu, was not easy to speak to because of his status as a housekeeper, while Xue Wu simply did not want to speak because he was annoying.

Because there was nothing to watch, the live split-screen traffic of several people had dropped slightly. It was all supported by fans. Fans who had nothing to say turned to boast about their clothes.

[The outfit Yaoyao is wearing makes her seem like a noble lady.]

[Our Yingying’s figure is really good, I hope Yingying can wear a tutu skirt to a concert in the future.]

[Xiaoyu’s blonde hair dyed for performances is very suitable for this manor.]

[Why doesn’t Emperor Xue speak?]

Compared with the fans of other guests, Xue Wu’s fans posted significantly fewer comments.

Xue Wu was on a variety show for the first time, and his fans were a little nervous. Although Xue Wu’s character in front of the public had always been modest and gentle, because he had taken care of actresses who fell from the same crew, he had also been labeled as a warm man, but old fans knew that he was actually a very distant person. Those who were very emotional, after hearing that Xue Wu was going to appear on a variety show, had mixed feelings of  joy and sorrow, but after seeing Xue Wu’s indifferent performance, their mood had completely turned into worry.

They were not worried that Xue Wu would be attacked because of Xue Wu’s work, and his strength was above everything else, which was different from other traffic niches. What they were more worried about was that Xue Wu was not happy in this variety show, because Xue Wu’s face was not very good every time he appeared on the camera. If his health was affected because of his bad mood, then they would really feel distressed.

The director also felt that this would not work, so he once again directed the head maid of the group to come to the parlor, and quietly told Ye Xingyu, who was now the housekeeper, that lunch was ready.

Ye Xingyu then put his right hand on his left chest, bent down and said to the people in the living room, “Sir, beautiful ladies, lunch is ready, please come with me.”

The appearance of the male idol was not for nothing. Ye Xingyu’s actions, coupled with his black suit and white gloves, perfectly portrayed the image of a wealthy housekeeper in the dreams of countless girls, causing the audience to scream in the live comments.

The three got up from the wooden table and prepared to follow Ye Xingyu out of this embarrassing place.

Bai Jinyao didn’t know that when she sat down, her long skirt had already hooked the legs of the wooden table. So when she stood up, she stumbled because of her skirt and fell straight ahead.

She stretched out her hand in a panic, trying to hold on to the furnishings next to her to stabilize her body, but Ye Xingyu had rich stage performance experience and reacted faster than her. He was a gentleman, he did not touch other parts of Bai Jinyao’s body, but only held her arm.

Bai Jinyao stood firm with a flushed face, and thanked Ye Xingyu, “Thank you.”

Qi Yingying, who followed Bai Jinyao, quietly rolled her eyes.

[Ah, ah, the hero saved the beauty. I can’t! Xiaoyu is so handsome!]

[Innocent noble lady × caring butler, thank you director, I got it.]

[Has no one noticed that Qi Yingying was quietly rolling her eyes? I laughed so hard, she was so courageous that she dared to do this on the live broadcast.]

[That’s because Bai Jinyao is too pretentious, and our Yingying can’t stand it.]

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