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Some good people directly turned up the video of Qi Yingying dancing when Bai Jinyao was not popular. Bai Jinyao’s fans were not fuel-efficient lamps, they directly interpreted Qi Yingying’s rolling eyes in the variety show as being jealous of the noble lady Bai Jinyao.

Not to mention how the fans on both sides were fighting for the time being, everyone in the variety show had already walked to the dining room and sat down.

The head maid returned to the kitchen and found that Jiang Yan and Ruan Qiu had already prepared the meal, so he called back the five maids who had just left and asked them to help bring the dishes to the dining room.

[Spaghetti with tofu soup, pan-fried steak with three-color shrimp, hot and sour shredded potato with oysters… A combination of Chinese and Western food.]

[Although these dishes seem quite appetizing, eating Chinese food in a medieval European manor is really inconsistent. Hahahaha]

Facts had proved that the violation of these dishes was indeed very serious. When Ye Xingyu saw the hot and sour potato shreds, he almost didn’t hold back his expression.

As usual, the chef who made the meal needed to come to the table to accept the owner’s comments, so the head maid went back to the kitchen again and brought Jiang Yan to the dining room.

The head maid had already told Jiang Yan the identities of the guests on the way. Jiang Yan kept it in his heart, and was ready to go back and tell Ruan Qiu.

The smell of the food would make people want to move their fingers. Although Xue Wu still didn’t want to eat, he couldn’t expose his anorexia in front of the public, and if he didn’t move his chopsticks first, no one at the table could eat first according to etiquette.

After Xue Wu grabbed some hot and sour shredded potatoes, Bai Jinyao was the first to stretch out a spoon, scooped a spoonful of her own tofu soup, couldn’t wait to taste it, and then gave a thumbs up to Jiang Yan next to her, “It’s delicious, it melts in my mouth!”

She said to Jiang Yan in surprise, “I didn’t expect your knife skills to be so good. This is the finest tofu I’ve ever eaten.”

Jiang Yan hurriedly said, “Miss Bai, the tofu was cut by Sister Ruan, and I am only responsible for making it.”

There was only one guest there surnamed Ruan, and it was self-evident who Jiang Yan could call Sister Ruan.

Bai Jinyao’s smile froze, and she lowered her head in embarrassment.

[Oh my god, it’s embarrassing, Bai Jinyao is Cheng Tianya’s friend, right? It’s really embarrassing for her to praise her friend’s enemy like that.]

[Their meals really look delicious. Jiang Yan, please set a price, how much is it for a day? I will invite you to my house to cook.]

[It’s not enough to invite Jiang Yan, you also need to invite someone who can have Ruan Qiu’s knife skills! (dog head)]

Qi Yingying sneered, then pointed to the carved radish on the edge of the pasta plate, and asked Jiang Yan, “Who carved this?”

Jiang Yan said quickly, “It was also carved by Sister Ruan.”

Although Qi Yingying didn’t like Bai Jinyao, she looked down on Ruan Qiu, who was a mistress to others, so she made no secret of her disgust for Ruan Qiu, and slapped her face directly, “It’s so ugly.”

[One thing to say, this radish flower is really not ugly.]

[Who does Qi Yingying think she is? Can she carve it? Is she too embarrassed to say something kind to Ruan Qiu?]

[Qi Yingying has clear love and hate, I also think this radish flower is ugly, everyone has different aesthetics, isn’t it normal?]

The people started to quarrel again in the comment section. Jiang Yan couldn’t help frowning after hearing Qi Yingying’s words. He was about to say a few words for Ruan Qiu when he heard Xue Wu, who was sitting at the head of the table, say, “It does look pretty.”

Audience: ? ? ? 

[Did I hear that right? Emperor Xue actually praised Ruan Qiu.]

[Be strict, it is the radish flower carved by Ruan Qiu.]

[That means that I have the same aesthetics as Emperor Xue. Qi Yingying’s aesthetics are not good, hahaha.]

Xue Wu at the dining table looked at the radish carved into a rose, and could almost imagine how serious Ruan Qiu was carving it. She must have had the same expression as when she told him about the zombie virus at that time.

Xue Wu suddenly wanted to laugh. Although he didn’t know why he felt soft-hearted for a second and even spoke for her, it didn’t affect his sudden change of heart.

Xue Wu skipped the shocked crowd at the table and asked Jiang Yan who was sluggish, “Can this radish flower be eaten?”

Jiang Yan returned to his senses, nodded quickly and said, “Yes, yes, the radish is steamed, and I poured it with sauce.”

So everyone continued to watch in shock as Xue Wu put this little radish into his mouth.

When Qi Yingying reacted, her face had become extremely ugly. What Xue Wu did was tantamount to slapping her in the face openly. Was it just for Ruan Qiu, that mistress?

The audience also raised a question: [Why did Emperor Xue speak for Ruan Qiu? Are they related?]

[I’m pretty sure they’re not related, they’ve never worked together.]

[And if it really matters, when Ruan Qiu was attacked, why didn’t Emperor Xue speak for her?]

[So Emperor Xue just thought that the radish flowers were beautiful and delicious?]


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