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The alarm sounded immediately in Xue Wu’s fans’ minds, but they did not find any connection between Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu.

Lin Hong, who was watching the live broadcast in front of the screen, was stunned.

As Xue Wu’s manager, he knew Xue Wu’s habits best. When he saw Xue Wu eating the radish flower without changing his face and showing a happy expression, he almost jumped with joy.

It was really a good choice to let Xue Wu participate in the love variety show. No matter what Xue Wu said later, he would let Xue Wu finish the entire season of the show. He believed that this variety show would definitely cure Xue Wu’s anorexia!

The split-screen traffic on Ruan Qiu’s side continued to skyrocket, but Ruan Qiu herself didn’t know it. She was still standing in front of the pot, waiting for Jiang Yan to come back to eat the pot of potato stew with her.

She thought happily, the first side task, the task of helping the cook was successfully completed!

Both Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying ate a little bit of this lunch.

But eating a meal out of the Shura Field was considered a routine operation. Jiang Yan slipped away when he saw that the situation was not good, and was ready to go back to the kitchen to eat with Ruan Qiu. Ye Xingyu next to him looked at the delicious food and felt a little hungry. He also slipped into the kitchen shortly after Jiang Yan left.

Seeing Jiang Yan coming back, Ruan Qiu in the kitchen quickly gave up the cooking position and watched Jiang Yan use the remaining ingredients to make a few home-cooked dishes without wasting, and then use the potatoes in the pot to stew beef, and brought out the rice that was not cooked due to the lack of time, but now tastes just right. The two of them found two large pumpkins and sat down, and started eating at the table where the ingredients were placed.

[It looks delicious, I think it looks better than the ones in the dining room.]

[Ruan Qiu eats so cutely, like a hamster. It makes me happy to see her eat.]

[Warning, the person who will grab the food is here!]

Ye Xingyu didn’t know that his status was lowered from a member of an idol group to the person who grabbed the food. He sneaked open the kitchen door and caught sight of Ruan Qiu.

He was a little embarrassed and was about to leave when he heard Ruan Qiu calling him, “Do you want to have lunch together?”

Ye Xingyu turned back slowly, glanced at Ruan Qiu again, and found that her eyes were clear, as if she didn’t care about the black material that was sticking to her.

Since Ruan Qiu didn’t care, Ye Xingyu relaxed a lot. He breathed a sigh of relief and imitated Ruan Qiu and Jiang Yan. He found a winter melon in the kitchen and sat down. He took the rice from Ruan Qiu and happily ate it up.

[Although the picture of the three of them eating together is very warm, why do I want to laugh so much? Hahaha.]

[They look like a family of three. Ye Xingyu is the son.]

[Ruan Qiu eats a lot. Please teach me how to eat so much and still maintain such a good figure!]

[Isn’t there any black material saying that Ruan Qiu was sticking to Ye Xingyu to fry CP? I don’t see any response from both parties.]

[Ye Xingu’s company came forward and said that the black material was fake. Ruan Qiu and Xiao Yu just ate at the same restaurant by coincidence.]

Although it had been four months since the incident, at that time Ruan Qiu insisted on sticking to the facade of Ye Xingyu to fry CP. After a scolding, although Ye Xingyu also came forward to explain it, it still did not make Ruan Qiu be scolded lightly.

Four months had passed, and many people had calmed down. When they looked back at what happened at that time, they all felt that those netizens were a little unreasonable, and they were all trying to follow the trend to blacken Ruan Qiu, and very few people apologized. Many people said she deserved to be scolded.

If they think about it further, was it a coincidence that Ruan Qiu found the room card of the Qin family’s prince?

[I don’t know whether the matter of the Qin family’s prince is true or false for the time being, so I won’t comment, but to be honest, Ruan Qiu was scolded because of Ye Xingyu, and those who scolded her before really need to apologize.]

[Ruan Qiu’s mentality is really good. Those who say she deserves it, try to be scolded by so many people yourself, and see if you can hold on.]

[Isn’t there a star who has been chased and scolded by the black fans as being too ugly, and he broke down and committed suicide?]

[People should accumulate a little bit of morality.]

Cheng Tianya’s fans couldn’t understand it, and neither could the black fans. Why did Ruan Qiu, who just appeared on this variety for less than a day, had so many people talking for her?

At the same time when the three of them finished their meal in the kitchen, Xue Wu and others in the dining room had also finished their meal. The head maid asked the maids to take the unfinished food and plates back to the kitchen. She happened to run into Ruan Qiu, who was cleaning up the dishes and chopsticks, and immediately lifted her chin and said to Ruan Qiu, “Wash these things, too.”

Ye Xingyu was short-handed and soft-hearted. After all, Ye Xingyu ate the food made by Jiang Yan and Ruan Qiu. When he saw the head maid making trouble for Ruan Qiu, he couldn’t help frowning. The program team went too far. To help Ruan Qiu, he cleared his throat and said to the head maid, “Today Ruan Qiu and Jiang Yan don’t have to do other chores. They need to prepare for the dinner party with me”

The head maid didn’t expect Ye Xingyu to help Ruan Qiu, and was stunned for a moment, but her status in the manor was not as high as Ye Xingyu’s, so she could only bow her head to make way for Ye Xingyu, watching him leave the kitchen with Ruan Qiu and Jiang Yan.

[The gentle and easy-going housekeeper is making his way for a little maid, isn’t this what love is?!]

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