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Ye Xingyu took out the housekeeper’s schedule given by the program team from his pocket, and then said to Ruan Qiu and Jiang Yan according to the content, “To prepare for the party, you need to empty the living room and hang candles on the wall and prepare drinks…”

There were too many tasks, and two people would definitely not be able to complete them. Ye Xingyu thought for a while, and then called the head maid to come over, called a few more maids to help, and then arranged for Ruan Qiu to go to the garden to find the gardener to get the decorative flowers, and to go to the wine cellar to get wine. He also arranged for Jiang Yan to move things, and he worked as a supervisor to urge them to work.

Ruan Qiu, who received the task, gave herself two side tasks for the day:

Side quest 2: Get flowers from the gardener and decorate the living room.

Side quest 3: Get the wine from the wine cellar and put it on the table in the living room.

There were still several hours before the start of the dinner party, and there was plenty of time to do the tasks. So Ruan Qiu went around the manor after getting the flowers, familiarized herself with the environment, and finally went to the wine cellar to get wine.

Ruan Qiu was always a little uneasy in her heart, because she remembered that the total length of the filming was three days and two nights. If the dinner party was over on the first day, what would she do in the next two days? No accident would happen, right?

When she was thinking about it, Ruan Qiu had already walked out of the manor. As soon as she looked up, she saw Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying, who had finished their meal and were riding horses chasing each other on the other lawn of the manor. Their skirts and long hair fluttered with the winds, making the picture very beautiful.

Xue Wu was sitting under the shade of a big tree, holding a book in his hand and reading quietly.

Ruan Qiu turned her gaze back to Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying. She couldn’t help thinking that it was too dangerous for them as neither of them wore riding clothes.

She had experienced a dungeon before, where the horses were all centaurs, and they could suddenly stand upright, then shake off the person riding on their back and shoot them with arrows.

Although she knew that centaurs could not exist in this world, Ruan Qiu decided to remind them. She took half a step forward when she saw Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying dismount together and walk toward Xue Wu under the tree.

Ruan Qiu withdrew her feet in time, and at the same time put away her heavy memories, then turned around and went to the garden to get the flowers she needed.

In the eyes of the audience who did not know the truth about her expression and actions, Ruan Qiu was very envious of Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying who could ride horses and play freely, but because of the status given by the director team, she could not come forward to play with them, and hurried away when the other parties dismounted and was about to look her way, not wanting to let others see her embarrassed and sad appearance.

[The program team should be human.]

[The identities of the guests are obviously manipulated behind the scenes. Is the director really embarrassed to say that he has no script?]

[When Ruan Qiu left just now, that relieved and somewhat sad expression was really distressing.]

[Maybe she is acting? Isn’t she an actress? 】

[Then she has become a queen with her acting skills. Is it so difficult to admit that Ruan Qiu has been treated unfairly?]

The chief director saw that everyone was a little suspicious of the authenticity of the show. Although he was not afraid of being scolded, he couldn’t smash his own signboard, so he decided to give Ruan Qiu a little face in the next episode.

The door of the greenhouse was open, but Ruan Qiu did not see anyone. She tried to shout, “Is there anyone?”

Two seconds later, an old man with a straw hat stuck his head out of the flowers, stood up, patted the dirt on his body, and asked her with a smile, “Are you here to get flowers?”

“Yes.” Ruan Qiu replied, “I need the flowers for the banquet.”

The gardener nodded his head to show his understanding, and then turned to lift the flowerpot on the ground next to him. Ruan Qiu noticed that his legs were inconvenient and his left leg was a little lame, so she hurried to help him, picked up the flowerpot with one hand and asked him, “Is this it?”

The gardener watched Ruan Qiu pick up the flowerpot, which an adult man needed to lift with both hands, with one hand. He was silent for a moment, then pointed to his right and said, “There is another pot there, which needs to be placed on both sides of the living room.”

Ruan Qiu nodded, then picked up another huge flowerpot with the other hand, and smiled at the gardener, “Thank you.”

The gardener was still smiling, and when Ruan Qiu was about to leave, he suddenly said, “Little girl, you are very good.”

After Ruan Qiu came out of the greenhouse, she turned her head to look at the lawn subconsciously, and found that Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying had disappeared, and only Xue Wu was under the shade of the tree.

Xue Wu looked up from the book and saw Ruan Qiu leaving.

This kind of feeling was very strange. He clearly had not seen Ruan Qiu several times, but he could recognize the other person’s back at a glance.

Ruan Qiu didn’t know that after she left, Xue Wu stared at her back for a long time.

Fortunately, the camera on the lawn chased Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying away, and did not capture him, otherwise it would be another bloody storm among CP fans.


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