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The camera followed Ruan Qiu back to the living room. Ye Xingyu saw Ruan Qiu carrying two pots of flowers by herself and was about to come over to help her.

When he saw that Ruan Qiu was carrying it so easily, he thought that the flowerpot was not heavy, but just after he took the flowerpot in Ruan Qiu’s hand, the flowerpot slipped out of his hand and fell to the ground.

Ye Xingyu: ?


Was this flower pot that heavy?

Ye Xingyu stretched out his hand again in disbelief and tried to lift the flowerpot, but found that he couldn’t lift it with one hand.

Ye Xingyu glanced at Ruan Qiu, who was holding it with one hand, and fell silent.

But wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he couldn’t even pick it up? With that thought in mind, Ye Xingyu stretched out his hands and finally picked up the flower pot.

His face turned red, and he said to Ruan Qiu, “Where to put it?”

Ruan Qiu pointed to the corner of the living room, about a hundred steps away from where they were.

Ye Xingyu’s eyes darkened.

Ruan Qiu saw Ye Xingyu’s blushing face, and asked him thoughtfully, “Shouldn’t it be better if I carry it?”

Ye Xingyu said stubbornly, “No! I can do it!”

This was his dignity as a man!

In the end, Ruan Qiu easily walked to the corner with the flowerpot and put it away, and completed her second task, while Ye Xingyu took three steps and one break, and took five times as long to successfully deliver the flowerpot to the designated place.

The audience mocked ruthlessly: [Tsk tsk tsk, Ye Xingyu’s body is not good]

[Ye Xingyu is able to endure the entire singing and dancing concert, and his physical strength is definitely not weak, it only means that the flower pot is really heavy.]

[Weak Butler × Hercules Maid, he is not very strong, but he wants to show his power in front of his sweetheart, thank you director, I got it.]

[So why is Ruan Qiu’s CP so strange? Hahaha!]

When Ruan Qiu was helping decorate the living room, Qi Yingying and Bai Jinyao walked back from the other side of the lawn and entered the greenhouse.

In the horse race just now, Qi Yingying, who had received elite education since childhood, was better, but Bai Jinyao had no intention of feuding with Qi Yingying. The other party was the eldest lady of the Qi family. It would be no good to offend her, and Qi Yingying was a little arrogant, but she was not bad by nature.

More importantly, the two of them were now in the same love variety show. If the trouble was ugly now, what would happen to the next few episodes? Bai Jinyao then took the initiative to subdue, and took Qi Yingying into the greenhouse, picked a white rose for her, pinned it to her hair, and praised her for her beauty.

Qi Yingying was pleased by Bai Jinyao’s attitude, and she took a pink tulip and gave it to Bai Jinyao.

The two of them did not notice the gardener who was bending over to plant flowers, nor did the viewers who had been guarding their live broadcast room, and the gardener just looked up at the two of them and continued to work without any response.

Fans from both sides saw their idols shake hands and make peace, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. They stopped arguing and stopped fighting for a while.

[Flowers match beautiful women, Yaoyao and Yingying look good!]

[Is this the legendary love, the innocent noble lady and the proud singer, I announce that I like it.]

Fans of both sides: ?

They could accept their idols to enjoy her time with the people they hated, but that didn’t mean they could accept their opponents and their group CP, or such a devilish CP!

But even if the fans tried their best to resist, other viewers who watched happily picked up the candy, explaining that Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying’s previous inaction was duplicity.

(tl note: Duplicity comes from a Latin word meaning “double” or “twofold,” and its original meaning in English has to do with a kind of deception in which you intentionally hide your true feelings or intentions behind false words or actions.)

[Although the two beauties look beautiful wearing flowers, I still can’t forget Ruan Qiu who carried the flowerpot with one hand.]

[By the way, where is Ruan Qiu?]


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