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Since the tv show was live all day, the show was broadcast in the afternoon, the freshness of the audience had passed, and the traffic had dropped slightly. The chief director saw that so many people were following Ruan Qiu, so he checked on Ruan Qiu only to find that she was missing in the split-screen live broadcast. He frowned and asked the filming team, “Where is Ruan Qiu?”

“We couldn’t find her.” The crew explained, sweating profusely, “She seems to be hiding from the camera on purpose.”

The chief director couldn’t figure out what Ruan Qiu wanted to do, so he quickly directed a group to find her. After receiving the news, the head maid immediately chased in the direction Ruan Qiu had left.

Half an hour later, the head maid couldn’t find him, and returned to the reception hall panting, only to find Ruan Qiu who was already standing there, helping to arrange the dessert made by the new western chef in the kitchen after Jiang Yan left.

The head maid came over angrily and asked Ruan Qiu, “Where did you go just now?”

Ruan Qiu replied, “I just walked around. I’m going to get wine from the wine cellar now.”

The head maid was afraid that she would run around again and make the chief director angry, so she said quickly, “I’ll go with you.”

Ruan Qiu left for twenty minutes, and she disappeared from the camera for twenty minutes. The audience guessed what happened. The director read their outrageous guess one after another, and couldn’t help telling the audience the truth on the live screen later, but the audience didn’t believe it at all.

[There are so many cameras in the house, can she hide from all of them? Obviously the problem is in your own equipment.]

The chief director was unable to express his suffering, so he could only recognize it by pinching his nose.

Seeing Ruan Qiu returning to the screen, the audience stopped guessing, and watched the head maid follow Ruan Qiu step by step and walk toward the basement with her.

The basement was as old as the building. There were stone walls on both sides, and creaky wood underfoot. The damp wooden boards emitted a slightly rotten smell, and the surrounding was dark.

The head maid looked at Ruan Qiu, who was walking steadily forward with a candlestick in front of her, and regretted following her . Although the director said that the group could perform freely, this plot was not in her script, and following Ruan Qiu down was purely impulsive.

Ruan Qiu’s footsteps stopped suddenly, and the head maid behind her almost bumped into her. She asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

Ruan Qiu spoke softly and said to her without looking back, “…There is something.”

They were about to enter the cellar area where the barrels were kept, and the lights there illuminated the stone wall not far in front of them.

The head maid didn’t notice anything unusual, and was about to let Ruan Qiu continue to walk, but suddenly, a huge black shadow appeared in the light on the stone wall, swaying and moving forward slowly, as if it was coming toward them.

The head maid shivered, grabbed Ruan Qiu’s arm subconsciously, and remembered that Ruan Qiu said “something”, not “someone”, and trembled even more.

The audience was as scared as she was.

Although cameras were also installed in the entire passage, the light was too faint, and a dark and terrifying range had been faintly created. Coupled with this huge black shadow, with the response of the head maid, the live chat quickly brushed up.

[I’m not afraid because of the screen protection!]

[Such an old house, maybe there really is something…]

[Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Don’t say that!]

[Prosperity, strength, democracy, civilization, harmony..]

[Ruan Qiu, run! Aaaaaah!]

But at this time, Ruan Qiu didn’t know that the barrage was frantically telling her to escape. She gave the candlestick in her hand to the head maid and asked her to take care of it. Then, she pointed to the black shadow and then at herself. The head maid quickly grabbed her wrist, not wanting her to leave her alone, but Ruan Qiu firmly pulled out her hand, eased her steps, and continued to walk forward.

Amidst the live chat screams, Ruan Qiu had turned her body sideways and moved softly to the corner of the passage. Her body was clinging to the stone wall, and she observed the slowly moving shadow from the corner of her eye. At the moment when the shadow’s body was about to appear, she turned around suddenly, stretched out her hands with lightning speed, and pressed the shadow on the stone wall!

“It hurts!”

The shadow screamed and spoke in an adult male voice, “I’ll never steal alcohol again. Don’t hit me, I know I’m wrong!”

[It turned out to be a human. He scared me to death.]

[Ruan Qiu was so cool!]

[How did Ruan Qiu develop her skills? What has she been through in the past six months?]

[The chief director is indeed a man who has made thrillers.]

Ruan Qiu smelled the strong stench of wine from the other party’s body. She looked at the man in ragged clothes, with a crooked hat, a flushed face, and a shaggy beard. She did not relax her vigilance, and even increased the strength of her hands and continued to press him, “Who are you?”

“I’m the one who manages the wine cellar,” said the drunkard, sniffling. “I really won’t drink stealing wine again in the future. Let me go, please.”

Ruan Qiu let go.

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