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The head maid came out of the aisle with a candlestick, looked at the man in front of her, and stood behind Ruan Qiu. 

Ruan Qiu continued to say to the drunkard, “Get me the wine we need for the banquet.”

The drunkard stared and said, “Is it for the banquet? I’ll help you pour it.”

He staggered to a large wooden barrel, took an empty bottle from the side, uncorked the cork, and turned on the switch of the barrel. The clear aroma of wine spread out in the air, Ruan Qiu saw the drunkard swallow, staring straight at the wine in the bottle, and continued to watch reluctantly when he handed it to her.

Ruan Qiu took the wine bottle from him and asked him casually, “Are you always here? Do you even sleep here?”

The drunkard continued to fill another bottle and replied, “Yes.”

Ruan Qiu continued to ask, “Then when you eat, who delivered the food to you?”

The drunkard handed the wine to the head maid and replied, “The wine is my meal. No one brought me meals.”

“You’re lying,” Ruan Qiu’s voice echoed in the wine cellar, and the audience and the head maid were taken aback at the same time.

Ruan Qiu pointed to the corner of the drunkard’s mouth and said, “You have oil stains here, it can’t be caused by alcohol, and there is a grain of rice on your collar. Is there really no one to deliver food to you?”

With Ruan Qiu’s questioning, the drunkard’s expression became more fierce, and the head maid stepped back again in fear, pulled Ruan Qiu’s clothes, and signaled Ruan Qiu not to be careless.

The basement fell silent.

The audience also watched the drunkard’s expression very nervously, and were very afraid that he would hurt Ruan Qiu and the head maid because Ruan Qiu saw through him.

But Ruan Qiu still stared at the drunkard’s eyes, she was confident to win against the weak middle-aged man in front of her.

Maybe it was because he remembered Ruan Qiu’s previous strength, or maybe it was the pain in his body that calmed him down, or for some other reason, the drunkard slowly put away his fierce look, changed back to his previous submissive look and explained to Ruan Qiu, “You found this all out, well, I admit that it was indeed the old man who managed the greenhouse who brought me food.”

He begged Ruan Qiu, “Don’t tell him I’m drinking again, or he won’t give me food.”

Ruan Qiu neither nodded nor shook her head, and pulled the maid away under the drunkard’s troubled eyes..

The nervous audience finally breathed a sigh of relief.

[Mom, the man just now was really scary. If it were me, I would definitely not have the courage to talk to him.]

[Ruan Qiu is so brave. My wife can protect me!]  

[Ruan Qiu’s observation skills are also very strong. Her performance is simply beating a lot of small fresh meat. I’ll be a fan first.]

The chief director touched his chin regretfully. This episode was originally a suspension bridge effect arranged by him. He planned to let the male guests come to save the beauty, but Ruan Qiu solved it like that.

Following behind Ruan Qiu, the head maid who was pulled forward by Ruan Qiu was in a complicated mood at this time.

Just now, Ruan Qiu was really cool when protecting her, and her hand was so warm. She suddenly felt that Ruan Qiu might not be the kind of person that the fans in the group said…

Why not observe her again?

Someone said in the live chat: [Actually, I think the head maid and the maid are also very good. You look down on me and bully me, but I protect you and keep you behind…]

[No, no, this one doesn’t work.]

[Have you changed your mind so quickly, the cook and the weak housekeeper will be rejected now?]

When Ruan Qiu walked out of the aisle, she let go of the head maid’s hand, took the wine bottle from the other party’s hand, took it to the living room, and placed it beside the dessert.

She thought with satisfaction that the third side mission was also successfully completed, and she didn’t have any ambiguity with anyone until this moment, so she was very safe!

After a full and busy afternoon, the banquet was finally ready, and the audience was looking forward to it.

Xue Wu, who was sitting under the tree, read a book all afternoon in order to hide. After receiving Ye Xingyu’s reminder, he closed the book, stood up and walked back. The camera followed Xue Wu into the castle-like residence. The moment Xue Wu stepped into the residence, the head maid and head servant at the door led all the maids and servants to bend over to welcome him back.

Xue Wu recognized Ruan Qiu at a glance in the crowd, he glanced at her side more, and then walked over quickly. After he walked into the living room, the head maid and the head servant led everyone to get up. The housekeeper Ye Xingyu followed closely behind Xue Wu and handed him the drinks and menu list prepared for that night’s banquet. After Xue Wu confirmed it, he put away the book.

At this time, the living room was decorated extremely luxuriously. Wall lamps composed of several candles were hung on both sides of the wall, exuding warm yellow light, huge crystal chandeliers hang overhead, the lights cast fine shiny pieces on the wool carpet through crystal decoration, and the two potted flowers at the door were brightly colored , the colorful desserts and drinks on the other side of the table were well prepared, and one could tell that the price was not cheap.

On the other side of the table, a piano artist in a suit and bow tie was playing music lovingly, adding a romantic atmosphere to the living room.


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