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[The program group is really rich.]

[Is this crystal chandelier powered on? The place feels like a drama scene.]

[The program team didn’t specify the era, right? It’s not normal to have electricity. And the medieval manor is full of Chinese people, this is the most weird place, okay?]

[Why do you have to do much research? It’s good to be happy while watching the variety show.]                    

[Bai Jinyao changed into a new dress, which looks better than the one she wore during the day.]

[Yingying has also changed into a fishtail skirt! Is Yingying going to perform a show tonight? I look forward to it!]

[My dear, Ruan Qiu is even more pitiful in this comparison. She won’t have to stand with these maids all night, right?]

Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying, who came down the stairs, also saw Ruan Qiu in the crowd. Ruan Qiu’s appearance was too bright in the crowd. Even wearing a maid’s dress did not damage her beauty, making people’s eyes unconsciously chase her.

Bai Jinyao subconsciously stopped her gaze on the opponent’s chest, then looked down at herself, and straightened her waist with some lack of confidence. Qi Yingying glanced at Ruan Qiu contemptuously, then she didn’t give her any more attention, and went directly to the pianist’s side, ready to start that night’s performance.

Qi Yingying specially chose an English song. The high pitched part of this song was very professional. When she sang the chorus, although the people present could not hear what the words she sang were, they knew that she used the bel canto method, and clapped for her.

The fans of Qi Yingying in the live comments were very excited. Qi Yingying had become the center of the whole banquet. They were frantically brushing up the live chat writing that [Yingying is awesome]. The fans of other guests also pretended to boast with a few words to maintain the surface.

However, at the end of Qi Yingying’s chorus, when the atmosphere of the scene had reached its peak, Ruan Qiu suddenly frowned and heard a slight sizzling sound from the crystal chandelier above her head. The strong wind blew the wall candles on both sides of the fire flickered, and they were about to go out.

The next second, the crystal chandelier made a loud noise, and the light bulb completely went out. At the same time, the candles of the wall sconceson both sides were also blown out, and the entire living room was plunged into darkness!

All this happened too suddenly. The pianist was still playing music selflessly, and Qi Yingying’s soprano suddenly raised two degrees because of sudden shock, and finally ended with a vibrato.

Everyone present felt their ears hurt, and some even forgot to scream.

[F-ck, f-ck, f-ck, it is so scary. Why did the lights go out all of a sudden? It’s so dark!]

[Heartless, dirty, abruptly, I hate you, director!]

[Although I was also frightened, but I really want to laugh now. Hahaha, Qi Yingying was so frightened that she did not go out of tune, what a professionalism (dog head)]

[She even remembered to end the chorus (dog head)]

[Hahahaha, don’t destroy the horror atmosphere!]

[Look, the program team turned on the night vision camera.]

In the darkness, although the night vision camera could clearly capture people’s bodies and movements, the faces of everyone in the lens were pale, and their eyes were green and shiny, making them even more frightening.

[The program team should turn off the night vision camera, this looks even more terrifying for me.]

[With the night vision camera turned off, we can’t see what they are doing.]

[Look at what Ruan Qiu is doing!]

When the living room was plunged into darkness, because Qi Yingying’s scream was too loud, it directly interrupted the screaming and casting of others, so now the entire living room was extremely quiet. After the darkness came, everyone subconsciously relied on the people next to them, hugged them tightly, sought a sense of security, and did not dare to run around for the time being, for fear of encountering strange things in the dark.

There were only two people moving under the camera, one was Ruan Qiu and the other was Qi Yingying. Ruan Qiu, relying on her memory, touched the candlestick on the table behind her, and then found the matchbox next to her.

Qi Yingying stood in front of the piano, and there was no one reliable beside her. The only person near her was the pianist who stopped playing. She tried to move back, but the fishtail skirt restrained the action of her legs. Qi Yingying’s body tilted, and her hands consciously pressed down on the keys, and the piano immediately made a mess of sound.

The sound of the piano was extremely loud and harsh in the quiet living room, and instantly stimulated everyone’s tense nerves. A series of screams suddenly sounded in the living room, and everyone began to run around the living room like headless flies.

Ruan Qiu touched the matchbox before everyone screamed. She took out the last match in it and was about to strike the match when the maid next to her suddenly screamed and pushed her hard. Another maid rammed her again in panic, and the match in Ruan Qiu’s hand fell to the ground.

Ruan Qiu:  …

[Hahahaha! Sorry, but this is really funny, hahaha.]

[Ruan Qiu: I can’t take the pig teammates with me.]

[Sh-t, when Emperor Xue walked this way, he actually avoided the people who were ramming on him with precision. How did he see them?]

At the beginning of the banquet, Xue Wu did not pay attention to Qi Yingying’s performance, and his eyes would drift to Ruan Qiu from time to time. After the living room fell into darkness, he thought it was a joke by the program group, and the lights would turn on soon, but after everything turned chaotic, Xue Wu frowned and realized that the program group seemed to be playing seriously.


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