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Xue Wu’s eyesight had been very good since childhood, even far beyond ordinary people. He had been watching Ruan Qiu’s movements, and found that she seemed to be trying to light the candlestick, but after failing, he walked toward Ruan Qiu, wanting to help her find the match that fell on the ground and end the chaos as soon as possible.

When he walked to her side, Ruan Qiu noticed a tall and strange man standing next to her, and was about to hit him with her elbow when she heard a familiar voice say in her ear, “It’s me.”

Ruan Qiu immediately stopped. She suspected that just because of Xue Wu’s body, after being beaten by her, he might fall to the ground, and she couldn’t afford the money.

Before Ruan Qiu could ask questions, Xue Wu automatically said, “I’ll help you find the match.”

Ruan Qiu was stunned for a moment: “Did you see it? Is your night vision so good?”

In the darkness, Ruan Qiu couldn’t see Xue Wu’s face, but she could feel the heat exhaled by the other party in her ears, and Xue Wu looked at Ruan Qiu’s unexpected expression, and hummed softly, inexplicably a little proud.

The people in the living room were still running around like headless flies. Every time they bumped into other people, they let out a scream, which perfectly concealed the conversation between Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu. Not seeing what the two of them were saying, they scratched their ears in a hurry.

[Is there something the VIP members can’t listen to? Tell me quickly!]

[The program group should not be ignorant. I beg you to quickly find someone who can read lips and tell me what they are saying. Don’t force me to kneel down and beg you!]

[Why didn’t the program team prepare small portable microphones for the guests?]

[Why do I feel like they look familiar?]

After Xue Wu finished answering, he just squatted down to look for the match on the carpet, and then heard Ruan Qiu make a sudden realization above his head, “Oh, it turns out that you are not infected with the zombie virus, you are actually a high-level vampire!”

No wonder his night vision was so good!

Xue Wu pinched the match he just found:  …

Forget it, so be it.

Without hearing Xue Wu’s answer, Ruan Qiu thought that the other party had acquiesced in his identity as a vampire, and her inner trust in the Infinite Flow system decreased again.

The Infinite Flow system told her that there were no monsters in the new world, but they were clearly there, but not in the main storyline it gave!

When Xue Wu stood up and saw Ruan Qiu’s serious face, he couldn’t help teasing her, “Aren’t you afraid that I will drain your blood?”

Ruan Qiu shook her head and replied, “I’m not afraid. We are in a society ruled by law, you’re a public figure, and you’re still broadcasting live, you won’t drain my blood.”

“And you’re not afraid of the sun, you must be a high-level vampire. Aren’t high-level vampires able to survive without eating?” Ruan Qiu blinked.

Xue Wu: …

The logic was fine.

He was speechless for a moment, and put the match in her hand. 

Ruan Qiu quickly struck the match and lit the candlestick in her hand.

[D-mn, I really want to hear what they are saying!]

[The screams of other people are so annoying. I now believe that this variety show has no script. If there is a script, can they be scared like this?]

[Sorry, I saw two people bump into each other for the fourth time, they are so miserable, I really want to laugh. Hahaha]

The light in Ruan Qiu’s hands attracted everyone to approach, and everyone walked toward her place unconsciously, while Ruan Qiu slowly walked to the wall sconces, carefully lit other candles, and the living room suddenly lit up.

Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying suddenly realized that they were seeking security from Ruan Qiu, and stopped awkwardly, keeping a short distance from Ruan Qiu.

Ye Xingyu noticed Xue Wu standing next to Ruan Qiu. He remembered that Xue Wu’s position at the beginning of the banquet was not close to Ruan Qiu.

So the other party was in the dark, and he had moved to Ruan Qiu’s side.

Ye Xingyu was thoughtful.

Ruan Qiu’s identity in the manor was a low-level maid, so no one thanked her at the scene, which was considered to be in line with the character. Ruan Qiu didn’t care about everyone’s attitude toward her. She looked at the candles with a heavy expression, then turned her head and said to everyone behind her, “The cotton wick of the candles are broken.”

Ye Xingyu was stunned for a moment: “What do you mean?”

“That means,” Ruan Qiu said slowly, “even if there is no wind just now, the candles will all go out soon. I suspect that these candle wicks were deliberately cut.”

Ye Xingyu was about to go forward to check, but Xue Wu, who was standing not far from Ruan Qiu, stepped forward, glanced at the wall sconces where the candles were, turned his head and nodded to everyone and said, “It’s true.”

Since the owner of the manor had already spoken, everyone couldn’t believe it.

“Deliberately cut?” Qi Yingying pouted and hugged her arms, “What is he trying to do? Just to scare us?”

Ruan Qiu shook her head and said, “I don’t know yet. I relit the part below that was not cut off, and the candles should not go out again.”

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