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[Things are getting a little scary.]

[Ruan Qiu doesn’t know what else to say, is she showing off?]

[? Some people are really strange. I think Ruan Qiu didn’t say anything wrong. Isn’t it normal that she doesn’t know what the person doing this wants to do?]

[Ruan Qiu’s performance is already very good, much better than some people who can only scream.]

That comment naturally sparked a new round of quarrels.

Ye Xingyu was now a housekeeper, and it was most suitable for him to solve the matter. So he asked everyone who helped decorate the living room, “Who brought the candles?”

Jiang Yan quickly replied, “It’s me.”

He said a little nervously, “I didn’t take a close look when I went to the attic to bring them this afternoon, but if the candles were tampered with, it must have been done before I moved them in. No one touched them in the afternoon; they could testify if they were moved.”

[Would it be Jiang Yan who did it?]

[No, you can go back and watch the live replay, Jiang Yan didn’t move them.]

Several guests present also understood that it could not be done by Jiang Yan, because the variety show was without script, so that matter could only be done by the group who performed.

Ye Xingyu asked everyone, but no one admitted that they had been to the storage room in the attic, except for Jiang Yan.

Ye Xingyu thought for a while, and then asked a more urgent question, “Does anyone know where the switch is?”

It wasn’t just the crystal chandeliers that went out just now. The lights in the entire manor went out. If the power supply was not restored as soon as possible, they would go upstairs to sleep in the dark that night, and their activities the next day would also be affected.

At this moment, the head servant suddenly stood up and said to Ye Xingyu, “I know where it is, please let me repair it.”

Just in case, Ye Xingyu called two more people to follow him, and then found a few candlesticks to light them, and asked them to take them to repair the electric circuit breaker. A few minutes later, the crystal chandelier came on, and the electricity was restored to the entire manor. Everyone in the living room breathed a sigh of relief unconsciously.

Ruan Qiu’s expression was still nervous, she carefully looked around the people in the living room, plus the three people who just went out——

There was one less.

Xue Wu, who had been standing beside Ruan Qiu, noticed that Ruan Qiu’s expression had changed.

She looked very nervous, her body tense, as if she was about to face something extremely dangerous.

Xue Wu was about to ask what happened to her, but the head servant who had just left came back with the two other people, and hurriedly said, “I have pushed the switch back on, and there is no problem with the power supply, but the door leading to the outside of the manor is locked!”

The candlestick in the head servant’s hand was shaking, and he said in a hoarse voice, “…We can’t get out!”

The crowd was horrified.

Ye Xingyu and others were surprised for a moment, but they quickly realized that it was a part of the plot, and slowly put away their uneasy expressions.

But after being so frightened, they finally understood why the program team asked them to sign a waiver agreement in advance, and asked them if their hearts were fine.

The program team also timely explained on the bullet screen that it was the program effect and not to imitate it. After seeing the program team’s words, the audience said that they didn’t take it seriously, as if they weren’t the people who were scared to scream by the head servant just now.

[I almost forgot that this is a variety show.]

[The head servant’s acting skills are good, The director found a good group to perform.]

[In fact, except for a few guests, everyone’s acting skills are very good.]

[Don’t start a fight upstairs.]

[Wait, isn’t this a love variety show? Why did it start to be suspenseful?]

[Be rigorous, this is a love challenge variety show.]

Bai Jinyao patted her chest, and felt a little regretful that she didn’t listen to her best friend Cheng Tianya. In order to win the opportunity to cooperate with the well known director, she came to participate in this love show.

Qi Yingying and Ye Xingyu didn’t respond very much. The most surprising reaction came from Jiang Yan. The tall rapper turned pale with fear and hid behind the crowd.

Jiang Yan’s fans had mixed feelings. They looked at Jiang Yan, then at the calm Ruan Qiu, and at the CP everyone gave to Jiang Yan and Ruan Qiu’s group at the beginning, and suddenly they felt that their idol was not worthy of Ruan Qiu.

Xue Wu’s fans saw that Xue Wu’s eyes had been fixed on Ruan Qiu, and they were too panicked. They ran desperately to look through the previous materials to see if they could find out the relationship between the two, and thought that it would be best to find evidence that they were only friends.

Xue Wu was a top actor, while Ruan Qiu was just a little actress with a lot of black material. The two were very different. They never believed that Xue Wu would have feelings for Ruan Qiu!

After completing the script task given by the chief director, the head servant was relieved a little when he saw everyone’s reaction, but before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard Ruan Qiu seriously ask him, “Is it really impossible to open it? “

The head servant was stunned for a while, then continued to follow the script and said, “Yes, I really can’t open it.”

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