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Ye Xingyu had guessed that Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu had known each other before and didn’t speak. Jiang Yan was a little depressed, because the first person he knew in this variety show was Ruan Qiu, and the person who showed kindness to him was Ruan Qiu. However, the other party now left with someone higher and more famous than him. Although he knew that Ruan Qiu was acting, he couldn’t help but feel lost.

[Sobs, the CP of the personal maid and chef pair was hit just now.]

[Sorry, although the CP is very good at eating together, but I still think this kind of CP with a big gap in status is more fragrant, hahaha.]

[Speaking of which, Ruan Qiu is the one with the most CP group now, right?]

Ruan Qiu had been obediently following Xue Wu upstairs, staring at his back with a look of anticipation.

Thighs, golden thighs!

Ruan Qiu couldn’t help but think, Xue Wu was now not human, and he was still a high-level vampire, so he must be very powerful. There may be other monsters in this world. She didn’t have a backup in the world of Infinite Flow, and didn’t have any props. When dealing with other monsters, she would definitely not be as strong as before, but if she could hug Xue Wu’s thighs, let Xue Wu help her, she wouldn’t die so easily.

More importantly, outside of the main storyline given by the system, her contact with Xue Wu would not trigger any death flags. Xue Wu was simply the safest person in the variety show!

She felt that Xue Wu was quite friendly to humans, and not hostile toward them. It shouldn’t be too difficult to become friends with Xue Wu, right?

Before she knew it, Ruan Qiu had followed Xue Wu to the third floor. She watched him open the door of the luxurious room belonging to the owner of the manor, and stopped a little hesitantly, thinking about whether to follow him in.

Hearing the footsteps that had been following behind him stop, Xue Wu turned to look at Ruan Qiu, raised his eyebrows and asked her, “Aren’t you coming in?”

Just after saying that, Xue Wu realized that his emotions were a bit wrong.

He had a secret buried deep in his heart, even his manager only knew that he was anorexia, but he didn’t know that long ago he made a plan to die when the person he needed to take care of became an adult.

Living was a very painful thing. He had been searching for the meaning of life, but until now he had not found it. Someone once told him that being liked and remembered by many people was the most meaningful. He did it and succeeded, but he never felt the happiness that person said.

As for the person in front of him now, she was insulted and hated by many people, and she was obviously stuck in a quagmire, and her brain circuit was still very strange, but she seriously told him to live well and not give up any hope.

…… It was amazing.

Xue Wu could admit that on that night, when Ruan Qiu told him to live well, and found something in Ruan Qiu that he could not find in anyone else. He was attracted by something that couldn’t be grasped at this point, and then involuntarily looked at her and approached her, but he had a bad idea for no reason. He wanted to pierce the other party’s serious shell, see the panic in the other party’s heart, see her lose her armor, to prove that what she said was useless.

Xue Wu tilted his head, quickly adjusted his state, and then asked Ruan Qiu, “You had a wrong expression in the living room just now, did you see something?”

His mood had calmed down, but the barrage did not.

[Xue Wu is so handsome. Although I know he is handsome, with this English vest with trousers, and a pocket watch hanging on his clothes, coupled with his expression just now, the perfect combination of gentlemen and hooligans is really amazing!]

[Raise your eyebrows and kill me!!]

[It was flirting just now, this is definitely flirting!!]

[Sorry, this pair is really good. I want to buy shares.]

[What did I hear?! Emperor Xue invited Ruan Qiu to enter his room, is this really something we can watch!]

Xue Wu’s fans were completely silent.

Under the nervous and expectant gaze of the audience, Ruan Qiu followed Xue Wu into the luxurious room, then turned around and closed the door, while Xue Wu walked to the bed and took off his suit jacket.

[Undress, undress!]

[This is not very good, the live broadcast will be closed.]

[Emperor Xue’s figure is good. When he took off his jacket, I saw his bulging muscles, woohoo]

[Because Xue Wu is usually pale, I thought his body shape was not good, but I didn’t expect that there was something unexpected.]

[Ruan Qiu walked toward Xue Wu (little face turned yellow)]

[Don’t turn off the live broadcast at the critical moment!]

[Are they not afraid of spoiling the children by doing so?]

[Upstairs, this love complex opens the youth mode, and teenagers can’t see it.]

[Here are some things that adults should see! !]

But the scene that the audience expected did not happen, Xue Wu just took off his suit jacket with limited mobility. He opened the large closet next to him, found a long trench coat and put it on, and then heard Ruan Qiu, who had been standing beside the bed and kept a short distance from him, say, “Just after the lights were turned on again, I found……”

She paused and continued, “There is a person missing.”

Xue Wu paused while putting on his coat.

[Don’t suddenly change the love atmosphere into a horror atmosphere without Translatorization!]

[My mother asked me why I had to curse in the room when watching a love variety show.]

[Could it be that Ruan Qiu saw it wrong?]

[No, no, I went back and watched the screen recording and counted the number of people. It was true that a person was missing.]

[Are you sure it’s a “person”?]

[Aaaah, upstairs, shut up!]

When some daring viewers went back to watch the recording, Ruan Qiu was also describing the characteristics of the person in her memory to Xue Wu.

“He’s about the same height as Ye Xingyu.” Ruan Qiu said,”It’s a man. He was following the team led by the head servant.  I didn’t see his face clearly, but he didn’t show up when we were decorating the living room in the afternoon. He only came over when it was about to start, and after he disappeared, no one around him responded.”

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