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Xue Wu continued Ruan Qiu’s words, “So, he is not from this manor?”

“He may also be a new servant,” Ruan Qiu thought about it and said.

Xue Wu nodded to show that he understood, then buttoned the windbreaker and said to Ruan Qiu, “I’m going to the attic.”

Ruan Qiu originally planned to take time to take a look, so she continued to follow Xue Wu down to the first floor, then walked to the stairs next to the utility room, and prepared to go to the small attic between the first and second floors.

Fortunately,an old-fashioned electric light was used in the attic, and the whole space could be illuminated only by pulling down the rope. Neither Xue Wu nor Ruan Qiu had troublesome candlesticks.

The people in the manor went to rest except the two of them. The footsteps of the two people staggered softly in the quiet manor.

The audience watched Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu walking through the darkness, Qi Yingying who was taking care of her skin, Bai Jinyao doing exercise before bed, and finally Ye Xingyu and Jiang Yan who were asleep. It felt like they were watching two variety shows at the same time.

[The difference between their styles is too huge, here is a bold adventure, there is a quiet time.]

[Isn’t this good? I hope Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu can find the clues soon. I really want to know who is responsible for what happened.]

[This love complex is really poisonous. It’s good.]

At this time, Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu had already entered the attic. As soon as Xue Wu pushed open the heavy wooden door, a cloud of ash hit his face, causing Ruan Qiu to cough twice. Xue Wu was about to ask Ruan Qiu if she was okay, when he saw that Ruan Qiu was forced to cry just now because of a cough, and looked at him with red eyes.

When they first met, Xue Wu knew that Ruan Qiu was very good-looking, especially her eyes. Even just looking at her would shake the heart. Xue Wu had been filming for so many years, with many co-stars and countless beauties he had seen, but he was still stunned when he saw Ruan Qiu’s eyes.

As he stared at Ruan Qiu’s face, he heard Ruan Qiu whispering to him, “There is… a smell of wine here.”

“When I went to the wine cellar to pick up wine this afternoon, I met a drunkard.” Ruan Qiu said, “He has this kind of smell on him.”

Xue Wu looked at the messy footprints on the floor, it was obvious that he was not alone, he frowned and said, “That’s why he came here before.”

“Yes,” Ruan Qiu nodded, she thought about it, and finally added, “Master.”

Xue Wu originally wanted to reach for the spare wall lamp on the ground, but when he heard the words, he moved and turned to look at her, suspecting that she did it on purpose.

But he only met Ruan Qiu’s clear eyes, and heard the other person say again, “Master, what’s the matter?”

Xue Wu’s Adam’s apple moved, “It’s nothing.”

He was ashamed of his filthy thoughts, and turned his head a little embarrassedly, as if he had been burned by the word “master”.

[Ah ah ah, she is calling the master! Is this really something we can listen to?!]

[Who doesn’t want a maid who can cut vegetables like Ruan Qiu, who is strong, calm, good-looking and calls you master?!]

[The title “Master” is really easy to make people think wrong. I am not pure, so I will reflect first.]

[Help, this pair is really good! I’ll support this CP!]

[Tsk tsk tsk, Emperor Xue’s reaction doesn’t seem to be completely uninteresting toward Ruan Qiu.]

[Ruan Qiu rushed to take down Emperor Xue!]

But the two people in the attic did not communicate further, and instead looked for clues. Although Ruan Qiu had experienced many tragedies in the world of Infinite Flow, the murderers were generally ghosts, and ghosts rarely had footprints, so she had little research on footprints, and could only barely see that one pair of footprints was a bit strange. They were lined up shallow and deep on the dusty floor.

“The cotton wick here is also broken.” Xue Wu said to Ruan Qiu, “Look.”

Ruan Qiu then squatted down, stretched out her hand and plucked the cotton wick that was cut off, leaving only a little bit of thread attached to it. A little red trace was found on the cotton wick of one of the candles, but it didn’t look like blood.

They continued to move around in the small attic, where some old things were stored, which were used to fill the scene, with little practicality and no useful clues.

Ruan Qiu raised her head and looked at the oil painting of a woman on the empty wooden cabinet. The woman in the picture was a typical foreign beauty, with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing gorgeous clothes, but she looked at them coldly without a smile on her face.

Ruan Qiu turned to ask Xue Wu, “Master, is she your wife?”

[Don’t! I don’t want to watch such a bloody plot!]

[Relax upstairs, the lady should have passed away, otherwise why put her portrait in the attic where things are stored?]  

[Didn’t the director say that there is no script, so this kind of plot should not be arranged.]

[Can’t be an ex-wife! The pure love warrior is furious!]


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