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Xue Wu also saw this portrait and remembered that the program team did not give him any script, so he was ready to answer according to his real situation. But because of the fact that Ruan Qiu called him “Master” before, Xue Wu felt that he needed to find his way back, looked up at Ruan Qiu lightly, and said, “No. I don’t have a wife yet.”

He deliberately emphasized the word “yet” and looked at Ruan Qiu without blinking, wanting to see a little extra expression on her face, but Ruan Qiu just nodded to show that she understood.

[Not yet, that means there will be in the future?]

[Grass, both of them are good at it.]

[Get married! I moved the Civil Affairs Bureau, and I order you two to get married in place now!]

[Didn’t Emperor Xue always have the image of a gentleman before, why does he always seem a little frivolous in front of Ruan Qiu?]

[Whenever a gentleman faces someone he likes, he can’t help it. He will only be that way toward his special person.]

Ruan Qiu didn’t understand Xue Wu’s words at all. She reached out and took off the oil painting on the cabinet and said to Xue Wu, “There is no dust on it. It seems that someone often looks at it.”

The attic did not need a key, and anyone could go in, so everyone was a suspect.

After Ruan Qiu finished speaking, she turned the frame over, opened the back of it, and found a line of words that read: [The twelfth owner of the manor].

Xue Wu, who was next to her, also saw it. He recalled the ID he had drawn, and said to Ruan Qiu, “I am the thirteenth owner of the manor.”

[Ruan Qiu’s ability to find clues is very strong, and her analysis is not weak.]

[This love variety show has become a suspense variety show.]

[D*mn, now I’m scratching my head to know who did it. Can the director reveal a little bit of the plot?!]

Ruan Qiu immediately thought that the number thirteen was an unlucky number in the West. In the dungeons she had experienced in Infinite Flow, there were several demons related to the number thirteen, which were not easy to deal with. Her expression was a little heavy, and she thought about going to ask the other group performers the next day to see if she could find any clues about the previous manor owner.

Then the fourth side mission was to find out the relevant clues of the previous manor owner.

The side quest could be done in five minutes, and she had to go to the alcoholic to ask about something.

Ruan Qiu arranged the plan and turned to ask Xue Wu, “Is the master going back to sleep now?”

Seeing that she didn’t respond at all, Xue Wu was not disappointed, and asked her, “Where do you want to go?”

He wasn’t interested at all in this variety show. He didn’t care what the director wanted to do, who wanted to form a CP with him, and he went to the attic just because he guessed that Ruan Qiu would go there. He really wanted to see what Ruan Qiu wanted to do, and it seemed that being with her would never be boring.

It would also make him temporarily let go of the thought that ordinary people were unreasonable.

“I want to go to the basement.” Ruan Qiu said, “Go to the alcoholic and ask him if he has been to the attic today.”

Xue Wu nodded, “I’ll go with you.”

The barrage began to howl again because of his words, but the two parties were not as sweet as they expected. Ruan Qiu returned to the first floor with ease, took two candlesticks and lit them, handed one to Xue Wu, and brought one with her, then she led him to the wine cellar.

The two politely separated a certain distance and did not speak along the way until they entered the wine cellar where the smell of alcohol and wood was mixed. Ruan Qiu looked at the drunken guy lying on the ground and saw that he was wearing a servant ‘s clothes, and even his beard was shaved. Then she turned around and said to Xue Wu, “He is the one who was missing just now.”

[It’s him! I almost didn’t recognize him when he shaved his beard.]

[If it is a man who often stays in the basement and sneaks into the team, it makes sense that everyone did not notice that he left.]

Xue Wu squatted down, reached out and patted the drunkard on the shoulder, but the other party didn’t respond at all. Ruan Qiu looked around and found a half-drinking bottle of wine, then picked up the bottle and poured the cold wine on the drunkard’s face.

[Ruan Qiu’s action is so cool!]

[I only saw this kind of scene in the movie when I watched the Black/gang boss torture the traitor. The live version looks inexplicably cool.]

[Wife, splash me!]

[Upstairs? Although XP is free, I still suggest you see a doctor.]

(Tl note: XP is a Chinese Internet slang, short for 性癖(pronounced as XìngPǐ) in Chinese. Mean someone’s aesthetics or orientation of appearance, character or other thing of one character, especially female nijigen character in anime, cartoon or game. If someone says his or her XP is something, it can simply be understood as he or she loves something.)

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