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The drunkard who was splashed was jolted awake, and immediately sobered up, looking at the two of them with hazy eyes.

Ruan Qiu pointed at Xue Wu, and said to him arrogantly, “Master is here, you’d better tell the truth, otherwise you can pack up and leave. Why did you go to the living room tonight, and why did you quietly run back?”

Xue Wu said concisely, “Speak.”

[The husband and wife joined forces to torture, Emperor Xue really likes Ruan Qiu very much.]

[This pair is really sweet, better than other CPs.]

The drunkard glanced at Xue Wu, swallowed his saliva, and said to Ruan Qiu, “I, I just wanted to steal some wine. Didn’t you find me stealing the wine from the drinking barrel this afternoon? I was afraid you would expose me, so I didn’t dare to drink it, but I was greedy, and there was a banquet in the manor tonight, so I thought about sneaking in and drinking some wine…”

“The lights issue has nothing to do with me!” The drunkard was not stupid enough to think that a little wine could alert the owner of the manor, and guessed their purpose, and quickly explained, “I ran because I was afraid that they would find out that I was not in the wine cellar and was negligent in my duty, so I ran back after the lights came on, didn’t let them find me, and didn’t expect to be seen anyway.”

“Then why did you go to the attic?” Ruan Qiu asked.

The drunkard opened his mouth and closed it again. Ruan Qiu saw his hesitation and panic, and continued, “If you lie, the master will fire you now.”

The drunkard’s face changed repeatedly, and finally he said, “I thought there was wine in the attic, so I went to have a look.”

He also knew that this reason sounded false, but the chief director said that he must not reveal the secret until the guests found the key evidence.

Ruan Qiu asked several times, but he said the same thing.

Ruan Qiu knew she couldn’t ask anymore. Before leaving, she asked the drunkard one last question, “Do you know the last manor owner?”

The drunkard’s uneasy look suddenly changed, he showed a smile, and said obsessively, “She was the most beautiful and kind woman in the world. God must have not wanted her to suffer on earth, so he let her leave us and go to heaven.”

“She is looking at us.” The drunkard’s smile grew wider, “We live under her light, she’s everything, she’s an angel…”

[The first words were normal, but the latter words made him seem like he was brainwashed, so scary.]

[Help, I got goosebumps.]

[What is going on with this love story?! Why is there a scary plot while falling in love?]

After the drunkard said that, he fell into a drowsy sleep. Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu looked at each other, walked out of the basement slowly, and went upstairs again.

Ruan Qiu recalled the unenthusiastic but cautious attitude of the people in the manor toward Xue Wu, and thought about how the drunkard was so afraid of Xue Wu just now that he didn’t dare to look at him, coupled with the drinker’s evaluation of the previous manor owner, she seriously said to Xue Wu, “Master, you don’t seem to be a good person.”

Xue Wu: ?

The audience:?

[Let’s just say I’ve seen a lot of “good person cards” in love variety shows, and this is the first time I’ve seen a “not a good person card”, hahaha]

[? Why is Emperor Xue not a good person?]

[What Ruan Qiu meant is that the owner of the manor is not a good person.]


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