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Xue Wu also realized that Ruan Qiu was talking about his current identity, not himself, and asked with a smile, “Really?”

At the same time, he thought silently that he was indeed not a good person. His gentle appearance was fake, the real him had a dark heat. He knew there was no cure for himself, but he still couldn’t help but move closer to a warm place.

“It’s very likely,” Ruan Qiu said. She thought to herself that she would go to Ye Xingyu the next day to confirm.

The two also happened to reach the third floor, and Ruan Qiu pushed open the door of her room. Although she was now Xue Wu’s personal maid, she knew that she did not need to be so “close” to him. At least at night, she didn’t need to change Xue Wu’s clothes, so she turned around and bowed slightly to Xue Wu, “Good night, Master.”

Although Xue Wu wanted to tease her again, he knew that he couldn’t go too far, otherwise the fans watching the show would probably lose their minds and scold Ruan Qiu, so he nodded and said to Ruan Qiu, “Good night, have a good dream. “

[I may be stunned, but now I think they are so sweet when they say good night to each other.]

[Me too.]

Ruan Qiu walked into her room, closed the door, locked it, and then dragged the small table over, blocking the door tightly, so that even if someone opened the door at night, she could immediately notice.

[Ruan Qiu is so cautious, I also got up and locked my door.]

[There was no need for that, I don’t think this show should be so crazy.]

The chief director yawned, and when he saw this barrage, he thought that they were the crazy ones.

Despite the opposition and coercion of the audience, he turned off all live cameras, leaving enough privacy for the invited stars and providing a cover for that night’s action.

But when it came to choosing who would be eliminated, the chief director hesitated a bit. In his original idea, Ruan Qiu, a female artist who was full of black material, was the first choice to be eliminated, because the popularity she brought could basically only last for one day. If she was still there the next day, those who hated her were very likely to think that she gave up the variety show because of her personal reasons..

However, the reality now was that Ruan Qiu’s popularity remained high. Not only had she gained a group of passers-by fans, but she had also successfully formed a CP with Emperor Xue. If she was eliminated now, it would be a big loss to the popularity of the show. .

And Ruan Qiu didn’t trigger the inevitable death flag… The chief director thought about it, preparing not to instruct the group performers he had found to designate “kill” someone, but to let them play at will. Therefore, even if the fans of the eliminated star made trouble, he could still cast the blame for the group performance, which was perfect.

In that way, an uneasy night passed quietly.

Early the next morning, Ruan Qiu rubbed her eyes, got up from the bed, and walked into the bathroom to wash up.

The director backstage hurriedly called up the dozing shooting crew and asked them to zoom in and shoot Ruan Qiu directly.

The makeup of female stars was also a big selling point, so even if there weren’t many viewers squatting in the live broadcast room early in the morning, there were still a large number of people pouring into Ruan Qiu’s split screen, constantly pulling the screen, wanting to see what Ruan Qiu’s makeup looked like.

[? Did the show team really not put a filter for Ruan Qiu?]

[Is this the beauty that human beings should have? Was Nu Wa really not biased when she made her?]

(Tl note: Nüwa, also read Nügua, is the mother goddess of Chinese mythology. She is credited with creating humanity and repairing the Pillar of Heaven.)

[I realized that others are Nu Wa’s exquisite made figures, and I am the mud that Nu Wa made at will.]

On the screen, Ruan Qiu’s hair was a little messy, and her skin was white and glowing. She had a gorgeous appearance. When she didn’t speak, she had a cold and royal sister’s demeanor, and she looked like she was wearing makeup even with her bare face.

Ruan Qiu took a brief shower, took out the skin care products that Sister Lin had stuffed into her bag before leaving, and smeared them carefully, and then fell silent as she looked at the cosmetics in her bag.

…She wouldn’t.

When escaping for their lives in the Infinite Flow, she and her companions sometimes didn’t even have time to wash their faces, let alone put on makeup. After she passed through, there was no announcement before joining the love show. She stayed in the house every day and didn’t need to wear makeup, even the previous day’s makeup was temporarily put on by Sister Lin.

Ruan Qiu decided to go back to learn makeup skills after the show was over. Now she put aside that problem for the time being, packed up her makeup bag, then changed into her maid outfit, moved the small table back to its original position, and walked out of the room. .

The whole manor was still quiet. When she arrived on the first floor, only a few people got up and were packing up and preparing breakfast.

Ruan Qiu grabbed a maid and asked her, “Sister, do you know who the previous owner of the manor was?”

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