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The maid who was pulled was stunned by Ruan Qiu’s suddenly approaching face. Of course, she could see that Ruan Qiu’s face was bare, and couldn’t help holding her breath, staring at the other side’s flickering long eyelashes. Faced with such a face, no one could reject her. She was about to tell Ruan Qiu everything she knew, but when she saw the unkind expression of the head servant behind Ruan Qiu, she snapped back to her senses and put on an expression of disgust according to her script, and said to Ruan Qiu, “Why are you asking? A woman like you, who betrayed her master and was kicked out by the Countess for seducing the Count, doesn’t deserve to know our lady’s name!”

Ruan Qiu got useful information and didn’t bother. She silently let go of the maid’s wrist and began to think.

She didn’t seem to be a good person, either?

The maid said she was sorry in her heart, and was afraid that she would fail in front of the camera, so she quickly turned her head and ran away.

[Ruan Qiu’s identity is very close to her own, a mistress.]

[I’m tired of saying the same thing. Anyone with eyes can see that she was wronged.]

[Did the program team put that script intentionally? It’s disappointing to poke her scar like this. Please be more humane.]

[My baby doesn’t need to be sad, mom will give you a kiss!]

Ruan Qiu’s black fans were still sparing no effort to attack her, but more people helped Ruan Qiu to speak, and the barrage was no longer one-sided.

The head servant behind Ruan Qiu stepped forward and said to Ruan Qiu in a contemptuous tone, “Go to the kitchen to help now.”

Ruan Qiu nodded, thinking that she could meet a few more people on the way to the kitchen and ask about the previous manor owner’s situation, and went without the slightest reluctance.

[Why is there another person who makes things difficult for Ruan Qiu?]

[Ruan Qiu’s status in this manor is still too low. Come on Ruan Qiu, become the wife of the manor owner early, and slap the face of those who looked down on you before!]

[Hahaha, what a cool story.]

Seeing that Ruan Qiu’s expression did not change, the head servant was inexplicably frustrated.

But was she really an 18th-tier female star? He didn’t know how many gold owners she had slept with, and how many faces she got. He stared at Ruan Qiu’s back and wanted to ask Ruan Qiu to do some dirty, tired and heavy work according to the arrangement of the chief director before the program began. He didn’t believe Ruan Qiu could survive. He waited for Ruan Qiu to beg for mercy.

“Ruan Qiu, come here.”

Xue Wu, standing in the back light on the stairs, looked down at the head servant until the other party lowered his head and dared not speak again. Then he looked away faintly and continued to say to Ruan Qiu, “Come and help me get dressed.”

Xue Wu had just come down when he saw Ruan Qiu being bullied. He frowned slightly, thinking that Ruan Qiu’s status in the manor was still a little low, and everyone else was hostile to her. He didn’t know how much she was wronged at the beginning of the show.

Fortunately, she could still show such a smiling face in front of himself, and had always maintained a lively state, full of vitality, and made people yearn and fascinated.

Realizing that he had lost control of his emotions again, he couldn’t stop himself from helping Ruan Qiu avoid the hard work. Xue Wu’s slender fingers began to tap the handrail of the stairs impatiently. But he had always been very good at concealing his irritability, still standing halfway against the armrest, the trench coat draped loosely on his shoulders, adding a bit of laziness to him.

When Ruan Qiu heard Xue Wu’s words, her eyes lit up and she walked toward him briskly.

She was not the first to be eliminated the previous night like in the original plot, and it was really safe to stay by Xue Wu’s side!

The head servant quietly raised his head, seeing that Xue Wu’s eyes did not fall on him again, he was quietly relieved. Xue Wu’s aura was really too powerful, was this the aura of an actor? For a moment, he really thought that Xue Wu was the owner of the manor, and he was just a lowly servant. He accidentally touched the other’s belongings and was almost thrown out of the manor.

While Ruan Qiu was dressing Xue Wu, the head servant quietly and quickly left.

Ruan Qiu survived the first night and was now in a very good mood. She was a head shorter than Xue Wu, so it was naturally inconvenient to dress him on tiptoe. So Ruan Qiu walked up a step, stood above Xue Wu’s position, stretched out her hand and took off the trench coat he was wearing on his shoulders from behind, and then asked Xue Wu to raise his arms, help him get dressed carefully, and patted his neckline.

After doing that, Ruan Qiu walked down another staircase, reached out and touched Xue Wu’s waist, helped him pull the belt, and buttoned it carefully.

Xue Wu didn’t really want to ask Ruan Qiu to help him get dressed, it was just an excuse, but Ruan Qiu looked very happy when she ran to him. Xue Wu couldn’t help thinking, if he refused her, she would be sad.

So he didn’t speak again, and looked at Ruan Qiu who carefully tied his belt with a knot. She stood facing the light, the sun dyed her eyelashes golden yellow, but her lips were still pink and looked soft…


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