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[Sorry, I can see that what they are doing now is lustful. I am not pure.]

[Put their movements backwards, isn’t Ruan Qiu unbuttoning Emperor Xue’s belt? The next step is to go to bed, right? It must be!]

[Hahaha, you are a genius!]

[Just now when Emperor Xue called Ruan Qiu to come over, he was really too cool, okay? I have already recorded this and watched it repeatedly.]

Xue Wu’s fans made the last struggle: [Brother Xue is just helping Ruan Qiu out, right? Are you thinking too much?]  

[If he wanted to help her, he didn’t need to tell her to help him get dressed. Emperor Xue is absolutely selfish and understands everything.]

[Where is Xue Wu looking?]

[This microscope girl can tell you that Emperor Xue was looking at Ruan Qiu’s lips, and he pursed his lips! ! What does this mean? it means that he wants to kiss her!]

[Thanks to everyone upstairs for the candy, I can just sit and eat (knock on the bowl)]

[It seems that I did not support the wrong CP, they are so sweet!]  

Amidst the wailing of the audience, Xue Wu couldn’t help but say, “Don’t tie the bow.”

Ruan Qiu looked at the huge bow tied around Xue Wu’s waist, raised her head and asked him, “But I think it looks good, is it really not okay?”

Xue Wu looked at Ruan Qiu’s expectant compliment, struggled inwardly, and finally gave in, “Don’t do this next time.”

Ruan Qiu tied the bow satisfactorily, made way for Xue Wu to go downstairs, and followed him down.

[Hahaha, a real man is wearing a bow!]

[Next time? That is to say, there is another time to help him get dressed, right?]

[Next time I want to see you get dressed in the bedroom, do you hear that? It’s okay to take off your clothes, I won’t be picky.]

[Is this the world of adults? I want more!]

Not long after Xue Wu took Ruan Qiu into the dining room on the first floor, Ye Xingyu also came downstairs, walked to their side, and bowed slightly to Xue Wu, “Sir.”

He noticed the previous night that Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu had a more familiar relationship than the others, so he naturally didn’t want to disturb them. He immediately came up with an excuse and said, “Sir, I’ll go see the breakfast preparation.”

But what he didn’t expect was that when Ruan Qiu heard that he was leaving, she immediately said, “I’ll go take a look too.” Then she followed behind him and left the dining room.

Ye Xingyu secretly looked back in fear at Xue Wu, who was still sitting next to the table. After finding that his expression had not changed, he felt relieved.

Ruan Qiu seized the opportunity to ask Ye Xingyu, “Mr. Housekeeper, do you know who the last manor owner was?”

Ye Xingyu’s status as a housekeeper was quite special. He was not a servant bought by the manor owner like Ruan Qiu and Jiang Yan, but a free person. Xue Wu and him had an employment relationship, so Ruan Qiu wanted to call him Mr.

“The previous manor owner?” Ye Xingyu was stunned when he heard Ruan Qiu’s words. He took a note from the head servant at the beginning of the show, but there was no record of the previous manor owner.

He asked Ruan Qiu, “From where did you know about that?”

“Last night, when I went to the attic with the master, I saw the portrait of the previous manor master in the attic,” Ruan Qiu answered truthfully.

Ye Xingyu reacted after a while and realized that the “master” Ruan Qiu mentioned was Xue Wu. He looked at Ruan Qiu a little bit strangely, and even more believed that there was an unspeakable relationship between the two of them. She was really courageous. She dared to form a CP with Emperor Xue, who had countless fans, and was not afraid of being scolded by his fans.

… Although there were many people who scolded Ruan Qiu now.

He thought for a while and replied to Ruan Qiu, “Then I’ll go to the study room and take a look.”

He wanted Ruan Qiu not to follow him. Although in love variety shows, the triangle relationship was very common, the audience loved it, and the popularity was high, but he didn’t want to be involved in Emperor Xue’s CP. He debuted in the talent show and was at the bottom of the entertainment industry’s contempt chain. In order to climb up, he would inevitably squeeze into the film and television industry and become an actor at the top of the entertainment industry, and Emperor Xue was a well known actor who could not be bypassed in the film and television industry. Dude, he didn’t expect to befriend someone like Emperor Xue and get help from him, but at least he couldn’t offend Xue Wu.

Ye Xingyu was about to tell Ruan Qiu that he was going alone, but Ruan Qiu said, “Then I’ll go too, sir.”

Ye Xingyu’s face froze, and he was frantically trying to excuse her when he heard Xue Wu, who was sitting at the dining table not far away, suddenly say, “I’ll go too.”

Ye Xingyu: …

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