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[Goodness, it’s the Shura field!]

[Emperor Xue is not jealous, right?]

[Although Ye Xingyu is also very handsome, I still stand as the CP of Ruan Qiu and Emperor Xue.]

[Whispering, in fact, I can do it with three people…]

[Did Ruan Qiu do that on purpose? Eating what’s in the bowl while looking at what’s in the pot, she wouldn’t want to form a CP with Ye Xingyu again right?]

(Tl note: mn. Eating what’s in the bowl while looking at what’s in the pot= an indirect way to describe someone who is always checking out their options)

[Why can’t they form a group? She and Emperor Xue haven’t confirmed their romantic relationship yet, right? CP is chaotic and super fragrant!]

[Have you forgotten that Ruan Qiu and Ye Xingyu teamed up for CP earlier than Emperor Xue? Emperor Xue is the one who came later, um.]

The barrage was noisy, and the three people in the live footage behaved differently.

Xue Wu still walked on the right side of Ruan Qiu with no expression, while Ye Xingyu tried to distance himself from them, walking not far ahead, but Ruan Qiu followed Ye Xingyu unconsciously, wanting to hurry to find the clues.

In such a strange atmosphere, Ye Xingyu finally took the two behind him to his study room. Because he was a housekeeper after all, the study room was not luxurious, and the space was not large. The bookcases were crowded with various books, which were very heavy and old at first glance.

Ye Xingyu opened the drawer beside the table, rummaged inside, and finally found a letter under the pile of waste paper.

Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu, who were looking for clues on the bookshelf, put down the thick books in their hands and walked toward him.

The director almost spat out the sip of tea. He didn’t expect the three of them to discover the clues they had put in so early. After thinking for a while, he asked the camera team to zoom in and focus on the content of the letter. At the same time, Ye Xingyu also slowly read out the content of the letter: “To my dear housekeeper:

My old friend, my health is not very good now, maybe I will die tomorrow, please don’t grieve for me. God knows how much I love you, he will let me come back to see you.

I know your grandson is a very capable kid and you always say he lacks exercise, but I don’t think so, it would be better to have him as the next housekeeper.

I have no children, and my husband passed away early, leaving me this huge manor. After I die, no one can inherit it. I have two cousins and a nephew. But I don’t know which of them is more suitable to own this manor, so I want to ask you to help me choose a suitable heir, okay?

Please don’t refuse, or I won’t leave in peace. “

The signature had no name. After Ye Xingyu read the words on the letter, he looked up at Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu.

[This is a very useful clue, they are amazing.]

[Why is the letter written in Chinese characters?]

[This is a cultural confidence, the whole universe speaks Chinese.]

[Oh, don’t pay attention to these details.]

[The person who wrote the letter should be the previous manor owner, so is Xue Wu the cousin or nephew? Cousin, I don’t think it should be, it can be ruled out.]

The barrage could not guess, and they turned to ask the director again, wanting him to spoil the plot.

Holding the thermos cup, the director thought that he had already arranged the clues very clearly. He didn’t even prepare a dark room or a secret room, just to take care of these guests. After all, the main genre of this kind of love variety show was still love.

The assistant director next to him:  …

As long as you are happy.

Although the chief director thought that he had put the clues in an obvious place, the people in the study room had to search for half an hour before they found a few other clues.

Ye Xingyu turned the desk in the study room upside down, and finally found two other letters that were torn into many pieces.

The three of them worked hard to put the letters together. During the whole process, the barrage was also commanding them. Although they knew that the guests could not hear them, watching the guests finally put the letters together, the audience in the barrage was still inexplicably satisfied.

The content of these two letters was much more important than the previous letter from the former manor owner.

“Dear sir, I have convinced my grandfather. Of course, I used a little trick to let this immortal thing sleep underground forever. He can no longer say that I am useless and oppose all my decisions…” Ye Xingyu paused, turned his head feeling a little wronged, and whispered to Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu, who were staring at him, “Don’t look at me like this, it’s not what I did, it’s what the [housekeeper] did.”

He continued to read, “From now on, the cousin and the nephew recognized by Madam will no longer be your competitors. I am looking forward to your arrival, and I hope you will not forget your promise to give me the money I deserve.”

He then read the second letter, which was of the current manor owner’s reply to the housekeeper.


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