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“To Mr. housekeeper. I am very satisfied with what you have done. Please rest assured that you will get no less money than what you deserve. But before that, I need to get the seal belonging to the owner of the manor from my brother to ensure that I really become an heir. I think I also need to learn from you and use a little means to let my brother voluntarily give the seal to me.”

After reading both letters, the people fell silent for a while. Ruan Qiu looked at Xue Wu, then turned to look at Ye Xingyu, and sighed, “You two are not good people.”

“But don’t worry,” Ruan Qiu continued, “I’m not a good person either. It seems that I was kicked out of  another manor by the Countess because of my betrayal.”

Ye Xingyu: …

Xue Wu: …

[Don’t worry, I’m not a good person either, hahaha]

[Hahahahahaha, what kind of identities did the chief director arrange?!]

[Okay, I announce that the CP group of the three of them is now called “Not the Good Guys Group”.]

[Help, hahaha, what kind of devil CP is this?!]

“We are all locked in this manor now. Even if I know these secrets, I won’t reveal them, so you don’t have to kill me,” Ruan Qiu said sincerely.

Ye Xingyu: “I didn’t mean that at all… No, I really wouldn’t do such a thing! Trust me!”

[Ye Xingyu: This is what the housekeeper did. What does it have to do with me? Don’t cue.]

[This is the first time I can see speechlessness on Emperor Xue’s face. Ruan Qiu is really good, hahaha]

After receiving the silent assurance from Ye Xingyu and Xue Wu, Ruan Qiu continued to search for clues, and finally found the only fake book on the shelf that was hollowed out in the middle, and took out a small seal from it.

“Is this the seal that represents the identity of the owner of the manor?” Ye Xingyu said, “But why is it broken?”

Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu said at the same time, “Because it’s fake.”

Ye Xingyu was stunned, “Ah, why?”

When Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu looked at each other, Xue Wu nodded toward her and signaled to her to speak, so she explained to Ye Xingyu, “This seal is obviously broken. If something as important as the seal representing the identity of the owner is accidentally broken, someone will definitely repair it or have a new seal instead. But if the seal is fake, it cannot be repaired and can only be hidden here.”

“Another reason is that you said in your letter that if you get the seal of the manor owner, the owner will give the housekeeper the money he should have, but the housekeeper doesn’t seem to be rich now.” Ruan Qiu continued, “Also, when the master was reading under the tree yesterday afternoon, there was no one around to serve him. When the dinner party was held last night, everyone’s attitude toward the master was also very loose, as if they knew he was the master, but they felt that he was not the real master, and they were a little afraid of him.”

Ruan Qiu: “I have a guess, and I don’t know if it’s right or not. I think the master should not have found the real seal, but the housekeeper still forced him to take over the manor, so everyone continued to work in the manor with a skeptical attitude.”

There were still some guesses that she did not say. Ruan Qiu thought, under such circumstances, was the owner of the manor still free to have a dinner party to celebrate? What was his purpose?

Just thinking about it, there was a sudden scream from downstairs, followed by a chaotic shout, which sounded very panicked.

The three people in the study room had a meal at the same time.

Ye Xingyu returned to his senses, walked to the door and opened it. Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu followed out of the study room.

The head maid on the first floor heard the instructions of the director from the earpiece, and immediately raised her head and rushed toward the three of them. Her hair was loose, her eyes were horrified as she said, “Bai…Miss Bai was [killed]!”


Half an hour back, because Bai Jinyao was frightened the previous night, even if she did exercise before going to bed, she fell asleep after a long time, and naturally woke up later the next day.

And not long after she woke up, the show team sent someone to tell her that she had been eliminated.

Bai Jinyao was taken out of the manor by the program crew in a daze, until she changed her clothes, got her phone, and sat in front of the chief director, then she reacted and asked the chief director, “Director, Why am I eliminated?”

After thinking for a few seconds, the chief director said sincerely to her, “Because you are so unlucky.”

Bai Jinyao: ?

Although she was not convinced, she also knew that the result could not be changed, so she turned on her phone angrily, preparing to watch the follow-up of the live broadcast.

Before watching the live broadcast, she searched for comments on the Internet, but she found that most of the comments were about Ruan Qiu, and the people who scolded Ruan Qiu were attacked. It seems that Ruan Qiu’s popularity was not bad, which was completely different from the situation where everyone scolded her on the Internet before she participated in this variety show.

Bai Jinyao was really confused.

She chose several previous live clips with high hits to see what Ruan Qiu had done in the previous live broadcast and what ecstasy she had given the audience, so that they liked her so much and took the initiative to speak for her.

So she saw Ruan Qiu cutting tofu with a knife, carrying two flower pots easily, and a CP clip.

Bai Jinyao: ? ?


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