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Wasn’t Ruan Qiu a plastic surgery freak? Was she not particularly bad tempered? Was she not too weak on the set and dragged down the progress of the entire crew? Why did Emperor Xue love her so much? And also……

Why did so many people say that Ruan Qiu was not a mistress and that she was wronged?

Bai Jinyao clearly remembers that after that incident, Cheng Tianya cried for a long time and swore that she saw the scene where Ruan Qiu seduced her husband. But Cheng Tianya said she was a public figure and she wanted to be generous, so she only said a word in front of the public, not even mentioning Ruan Qiu’s name.

Seeing her best friend crying like that, Bai Jinyao was very distressed, and was immediately filled with righteous indignation. 

But now, Bai Jinyao looked at the barrage and the links in the comments one after another. They all said that Ruan Qiu was innocent, so she couldn’t help moving her finger to the top of the screen, and then shrank back suddenly.

How could she doubt her best friend?

It was Cheng Tianya who stayed with her all day during her bad days, comforted her, accompanied her to choose scripts and practice lines, and stepped into her current position step by step with her. Almost no one in the entertainment industry could bully them anymore. Moreover, Yaya had also helped many directors, screenwriters, and other stars who were very poor in the low period before, but they were all very popular now.

Yaya was so kind, good people had good rewards, she couldn’t slander Ruan Qiu!

Bai Jinyao shook her head quickly, warned herself not to have any doubts about Cheng Tianya, forcibly looked away from the link, and firmly told herself that Cheng Tianya would not lie to her, and Ruan Qiu must be the kind of person who destroyed other people’s families, so she deserved to be scolded.

Bai Jinyao, who had successfully brainwashed herself, nodded, and was not in the mood to watch the next live broadcast. She always felt that looking at Ruan Qiu was a betrayal to Cheng Tianya.

Not long before Bai Jinyao followed the staff out of the manor, her fans found that Bai Jinyao’s live split screen had not been opened for a long time, and they all asked what happened on the barrage.

Although they know that in order to protect the privacy of the guests, the live broadcast would be turned off every night after the guests went to bed, and it would not be turned on until they wake up in the morning, the latest live split screen of Qi Yingying had been turned on, but Bai Jinyao’s live split screen was still dark, and they had begun to panic a little.

The chief director asked the staff to bring Bai Jinyao out of the manor, and then instructed the head maid to go to Bai Jinyao’s room to knock on the door, and then play another scene, implying that Bai Jinyao had been eliminated.

The live split screen shot originally belonging to Bai Jinyao was switched to the head maid, and the camera moved with the head maid’s movements. Bai Jinyao’s fans watched the head maid open Bai Jinyao’s door, and their bad premonition had reached its peak.

Because the camera cut the distant view, they didn’t see what was inside the door. They only saw the head maid slam the door shut in horror, then squatted down with her head in her arms, her body trembling uncontrollably.

About ten seconds later, she stood up, rushed downstairs with her hair loose, and shouted to everyone below, “Something happened, Miss Bai, Miss Bai was killed!!”

The program team broadcasted the news of Bai Jinyao’s elimination on all the split-screen barrages in time, and people from other live broadcast rooms came to Bai Jinyao’s live split-screen to watch the excitement.

Bai Jinyao’s fans exploded.

They began to frantically insult the program team. The post-production team members who managed the live chat looked at each other and asked the chief director for help, but the chief director did not panic at all. He had already predicted the situation of the barrage after a popular actress/actor was eliminated. He thought with some toothache that he knew that the group was designated to kill Jiang Yan, who brought the lowest popularity, but Bai Jinyao did trigger the death condition

Moreover, the current popularity was still supported by the CP of Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu, so the chief director was not very distressed, and directly let the barrage managers leave it alone, just ban some violent and abusive people to maintain the network environment.

In order to better appease Bai Jinyao’s fans, the chief director asked the camera crew to open a live broadcast in the background, and moved Bai Jinyao’s live broadcast split screen to that side.

Bai Jinyao smiled and waved to the audience, briefly explaining that she had been eliminated.

[Yaoyao has suffered. If this broken show group doesn’t wait, don’t record, okay?]

[I feel sorry for Yaoyao, hug.]

Bai Jinyao could see the barrage now, but she had no idea of ​​quitting the variety show. She had already made a decision. She would try to live longer in the next episode of the show, and have more contact with Ruan Qiu to see what kind of person Ruan Qiu was!

After Bai Jinyao said that she was looking forward to the next play, the fans in the barrage also understood what Bai Jinyao meant, and they no longer told her to quit the show, but felt more distressed for her.

Bai Jinyao took the name card handed over by the chief director, and the staff next to her explained to her and the barrage; “This is the name card of all the guests participating in ‘Please fall in love with me’. You need to choose one of your favorite guests who you most want to form a CP with, and then throw this name card into the love mailbox in front of you.”

All the guests made this choice after recording their part. After this episode of the program was completely recorded, the program team would announce who the guests had chosen, and their evaluation videos of the guests they had selected.

The guests’ choice of their favorite guests would affect the popularity of their CP, so Bai Jinyao cast her vote very cautiously and left the recording studio.

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