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[Help, Ruan Qiu told Jiang Yan not to add garlic for Xue Wu, Jiang Yan was a pure tool.]

[I really love Jiang Yan so much now, he is like the second male lead who silently paid for the heroine in the ancient romance novels, but the heroine turned around and gave what he gave to the male lead.]

[I’m laughing to death, Xue Wu’s mouth curved just now, he was feeling proud. Don’t think this microscope girl didn’t see it!]

[The new triangle CP has appeared, how can it stand still?!]

[Nibble, give it all to me! (Making a faint sound)]

[Ruan Qiu, open a class and teach me how to catch men. I’m willing to pay tuition fees.]

[Teach me, teach me!]

Qi Yingying on the other side of the table watched Ruan Qiu bend over to talk to Xue Wu, the distance was extremely close, and the strength to not admit defeat came up again. She turned her head to Ye Xingyu and said with concern, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

Ye Xingyu, who was about to sneak into the kitchen to eat, said, “… I’ll go to the kitchen to eat.”

Qi Yingying thought to herself, wouldn’t Ye Xingyu run into Ruan Qiu again if he went to the kitchen, and immediately said, “You can eat here too.”

From Qi Yingying’s behavior, Ye Xingyu got a little bit of the other party’s meaning. He understood that she wanted to form a CP with him, so he went down the slope.

It didn’t matter who he formed a CP with, as long as there was a degree of discussion.

Seeing that Ruan Qiu was about to leave, Xue Wu also said to her, “Stay and eat here.”

[Stay! He said stay!]

[Ruan Qiu, stay quickly. I want to see you feed each other!]

However, contrary to the audience’s expectations, Ruan Qiu rejected Xue Wu neatly, “No, the noodles are going to be soggy.”

It was just right for her to go back to the kitchen to eat. If she ran again, the noodles would be cold and lumpy.

[? I can’t understand. Is Ruan Qiu an iron straight woman who doesn’t understand amorous feelings, or is she hanging Emperor Xue on purpose?]

[This love trash doesn’t understand, but this doesn’t prevent me from thinking that they are a good match.]

[Ruan Qiu, a woman who rejected Xue Wu.]

With the help of many netizens, the entry # Ruan Qiu rejected Xue Wu # quickly rushed to the hot search.

Xue Wu’s name was not unknown, and the other party was familiar to everyone, but what did “reject” mean? Rejected what?

People who didn’t watch the show couldn’t hold back their curiosity and clicked in. Some people scolded Ruan Qiu for being ignorant. A black actress dared to refuse the movie emperor, but more people fell into the pit of the CP, and the heat continued to rise.

Lin Hong, who was busy selecting a script for Xue Wu, received a call from the public relations officer. He was so shocked that he immediately put down his work and turned on his phone to start watching the live broadcast.

He just didn’t watch it for a long time. Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu’s CP popularity was so high? !

While Lin Hong was opening the live broadcast, Xue Wu looked at the noodles in the bowl, picked up his chopsticks, and tried to take a bite.

Lin Hong’s eyes slowly widened.

He thought that the last time Xue Wu ate radishes, it was the limit, but now, Xue Wu actually started to eat breakfast that he never had! Lin Hong seemed to see the possibility of Xue Wu’s anorexia being cured. His eyes lit up, and he said to the public relations team who called again, “Don’t suppress the hot search, let it be.”

He really didn’t expect that this relationship would bring him such a big surprise. Lin Hong secretly planned that after the end of the show, he would invite Ruan Qiu to a meal and try to bring Ruan Qiu to their studio. If Ruan Qiu could really cure Xue Wu’s anorexia, in return, he would definitely do his best to help Ruan Qiu clean up the black material.

Ruan Qiu didn’t know that there was another person who wanted to help her. She was eating in the kitchen to replenish her energy. On the other side, Ye Xingyu and Qi Yingying had both finished eating. Qi Yingying still remembered the attic and said to Ye Xingyu, “Let’s go to the attic too, shall we?”

Ye Xingyu: “Okay.”

After the two of them asked a servant for directions, they chatted and walked to the attic.

[Tsundere singer and gentle and easy-going housekeeper, I can eat this CP.]

[I don’t know why, I think they are a bit deliberate…]

On the other side, Ruan Qiu packed up the dishes, walked out of the kitchen with Jiang Yan, and returned to the living room.

The drunkard was sitting on the sofa in the living room, staring blankly at the vase in front of him. The head maid and the head servant were far away. Xue Wu was sitting across from them reading a book. Seeing Ruan Qiu coming over, Xue Wu put it down and asked her, “What’s your plan next?”

“I want to ask the drunkard some questions,” Ruan Qiu replied.

Jiang Yan could not intervene, so he could only sit and watch in loneliness.

[No, Jiang Yan’s competitiveness is still not strong enough, I hope he can draw a better identity next time.]

[You have to be active, Jiang Yan, you have to take the initiative to have a love story!]

Through previous contacts, Ruan Qiu probably knew that the drunkard was a person who bullied the soft and feared the hard. He was timid and liked to lie. There must be some clues he hadn’t told, but it was easier to talk to him than the head servant and the head maid.

Ruan Qiu thought about it for a while, and was about to change the point of entry. She asked the drunkard, “I want to know what Madam likes, and I also hope that Madam’s light can shine on me. Can you tell me something about her?”

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