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[Shock! Has Ruan Qiu also been brainwashed?!]

[It’s a skill, so asking this is easy for the other party to let go of their defenses.]

Sure enough, the defensive look on the drunkard’s face disappeared a lot. He stared at Ruan Qiu for a while, as if to identify whether she was telling the truth.

Seeing that Ruan Qiu didn’t blink, the drunkard no longer doubted her, he lowered his head and recalled, “The lady was very beautiful, she liked white things, as pure as herself. She always helped us and never reprimanded us. I used to secretly drink, but the lady didn’t scold me when she found out, just asked me to correct my wrong doing. I once insisted on not drinking for a week, and the lady gave me her favorite white rose as a reward…”

Ruan Qiu felt as if she had caught something, and she repeated in a low voice, “White rose?”

“Yes, a white rose.” The drunkard affirmed, “White roses are Madam’s favorite flower. She has planted them herself, and white roses are just as white and flawless as she was, holy and beautiful.”

Qi Yingying!

Ruan Qiu suddenly remembered that when Qi Yingying came back the previous afternoon, she glanced from a distance in the living room, and it seemed that a white rose was pinned to Qi Yingying’s hair!

“Where is Qi Yingying?” Ruan Qiu turned to ask Xue Wu, looking anxious.

Xue Wu replied, “In the attic.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ruan Qiu flew toward the attic.

Xue Wu paused and followed quickly.

Jiang Yan and the drunkard looked at each other, hesitated for a few seconds, and decided to stay there, so as not to increase their suspicions.

[People who watched Qi Yingying and Bai Jinyao’s live broadcast room yesterday, please explain, Bai Jinyao picked a white rose yesterday and put it on Qi Yingying.]

[So the white rose killed Bai Jinyao?]

[Bai Jinyao’s luck was really bad, she chose the white rose from so many flowers.] 

The chief director nodded in agreement. He quickly asked the group to come back and not go to the attic to “kill” Qi Yingying, so as not to bump into Ruan Qiu and the others.

However, the order in which they searched for clues was completely different from what he arranged. The chief director thought with some distress, hoping that Ruan Qiu would never destroy the script he arranged.

In the attic at this time, Qi Yingying looked at the object with a thick layer of dust in front of her, and pouted in disgust, not wanting to turn it over with her hands at all. Ye Xingyu just flipped through it and found nothing. He was about to tell Qi Yingying that they should go back when he heard Ruan Qiu’s voice, “Are you all right?”

Ye Xingyu pushed open the half-closed attic door and said to Ruan Qiu who came up, “We’re fine, what’s the matter?”

Ruan Qiu walked into the door and explained her guess to them, “Miss Bai died yesterday because she picked a white rose that belonged to the previous manor owner. Miss Qi wore that flower yesterday, and now she is in a very dangerous situation, it is best not to act alone.”

Qi Yingying frowned, “But this is just your guess.”

If she and Ye Xingyu were not allowed to be alone, how could they form a CP?

Seeing that Qi Yingying and Ye Xingyu didn’t quite believe it, Ruan Qiu pursed her lips and said, “Let’s go down first.”

If she really couldn’t find the murderer, then she had to find another way, find the correct key, escape from the manor before the murderer commited a crime again, and live safely!

The wooden stairs under their feet made a creaking sound, and Qi Yingying stepped on high heels and walked very hard.

She looked angrily at Ruan Qiu who was walking in front of her, thinking in her heart that she was still a long way behind the other party, but she didn’t pay attention to her feet, and suddenly stepped on the air, and the whole person fell forward.

The stairs there had no handrails. Qi Yingying had nothing to hold her body steady. She watched the dozen wooden ladders in front of her getting closer and closer, and quickly closed her eyes, knowing that she would be killed or injured.

Before rolling down, Qi Yingying raised her hands subconsciously to protect her face, thinking that even if she died, she would die a little better.

The first half of her life flashed in front of her like a revolving lantern. After that, Qi Yingying began to think wildly about her afterlife. Her coffin must be inlaid with diamonds, everyone at the funeral must cry, and her songs must be regarded as classics in the Chinese music scene.

Wait, why didn’t she feel pain?

Qi Yingying moved her fingers to make a slit and met Ruan Qiu’s eyes.

Ruan Qiu noticed the movement the moment Qi Yingying fell forward, and immediately turned to the side, bent her legs to stop Qi Yingying’s downward movement, and then quickly reached out her hand to catch Qi Yingying’s upper body firmly.

So Qi Yingying was now leaning almost entirely on Ruan Qiu, her knee was on Ruan Qiu’s side thigh, her toes were on the edge of the stairs, her upper body was squeezed into Ruan Qiu’s arms, and the other side’s face was only separated by her own hands.

[Fighter, fighter maid?!]

[Help! Ruan Qiu was so cool just now!]

[Who doesn’t want a maid who can protect you and look good?! I want one! (loud)]

[Is there really no special effects on this live broadcast, and that reaction speed is what humans should have?]

[If Ruan Qiu were a man, I would really fall in love with her, woo woo!]

[I can accept girls too! Wife, kiss my face directly!]

[Can not be colored!]


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