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Ruan Qiu’s body was very soft, Qi Yingying felt like she had fallen into a ball of marshmallows, soft and fragrant, she stared blankly at Ruan Qiu’s eyes and suddenly blushed.

Ruan Qiu: ?

Ruan Qiu used her arms to help Qi Yingying up, let her stand on the steps, and then let go.

Qi Yingying reluctantly pulled Ruan Qiu’s sleeve and said coyly, “Thank you, thank you.”

Without waiting for Ruan Qiu to say she was welcome, she leaned up again and whispered in Ruan Qiu’s ear: “Well, if you want to form a CP, I’d be more than happy to form it with you. Cough, I’ll form it with you reluctantly.”

Ruan Qiu: ? ?

“No, no,” Ruan Qiu waved her hands again and again, rejecting Qi Yingying.

For the safety of her life, she must not be ambiguous with anyone, not even a girl!

“Being friends is okay, right?” Qi Yingying pouted again, but her attitude toward Ruan Qiu had changed greatly, and she was not angry even if she was rejected by the other party. After getting Ruan Qiu’s consent, she happily took the other’s arm, followed Ruan Qiu downstairs, and when she passed by Xue Wu, she gave him a dignified look, and hugged Ruan Qiu’s arm even more tightly.

Xue Wu: …

[Qi Yingying is really easy to understand. She likes whoever is good to her.]

[Let’s congratulate Ruan Qiu for adding another member to her harem!]

[Xue Wu: This palace will not die, and you will be concubine after all.]

[Hahahaha, help! Why is it so strange?! 】

[Now, except for Bai Jinyao, who was eliminated, it seems that everyone has CP with Ruan Qiu?]

[I declare that Ruan Qiu is the biggest winner of this episode.]

[I think Ruan Qiu and Qi Yingying are better than Qi Yingying and Ye Xingyu…]

[Ye Xingyu was like an outsider when Ruan Qiu and Jiang Yan were in a CP group, and he couldn’t squeeze in when Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu were in a CP group. Now he finally joined Qi Yingying, but Qi Yingying left him, hahahaha.]

[Ye Xingyu: It’s still wrong after all.]

Ye Xingyu looked at the backs of Qi Yingying and Ruan Qiu and couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

    …… He seems to be redundant everywhere?

Qi Yingying had already left Ye Xingyu behind. She turned her head and said to Ruan Qiu, “Ruan Ruan, can I call you that? I saw your fans call you that.”

She no longer believed in the rumors on the Internet that Ruan Qiu was a mistress. She had a simple mind. Anyway, she thought that someone like Ruan Qiu, who could save her regardless of the risk of falling down, was impossible to become a mistress.

Besides, Ruan Qiu was so beautiful, she could get any man she wanted. Didn’t they see that Emperor Xue was falling to her? Who was the eldest son of the Qin family? Did he deserve it?

There were all kinds of monsters and ghosts on the Internet. Cheng Tianya must have been jealous of Ruan Qiu before she said such words to slander her. Qi Yingying thought that when she finished recording, she must thank Ruan Qiu, give her resources, and to pay attention to Ruan Qiu and to shut down Cheng Tenya. She didn’t want to let some messy people pollute her attention list.

When Ruan Qiu heard the name Qi Yingying called her with, she was stunned for a moment, nodded, and then reminded Qi Yingying in a low voice, “We’re still recording the show.”

Qi Yingying: “Oh, okay, Ruan Ruan, where do you want to go now?”

“I want to go to the locked gate,” Ruan Qiu said. She then glanced at Xue Wu behind her, and turned to ask him, “Master, how about you?”

Qi Yingying looked at Ruan Qiu in shock. It was the first time she heard Ruan Qiu call Xue Wu’s master in the show, and then she glared at Xue Wu angrily, thinking that she must win in the next episode. Xue Wu’s better identity allowed Ruan Qiu to follow him every minute and every second!

Xue Wu chose to ignore Qi Yingying’s provocative eyes, and replied to Ruan Qiu gently, “With you.”

He was the type of male star with long and dense eyelashes. His eyes were deep, and when he looked at people, he always gave people an illusion, as if he was deeply in love with them, so he could easily deceive people. Especially when he bowed his head slightly, and someone shorter than him met his gaze, they could easily get lost in his pupils.

Therefore, some people often regretted that Xue Wu did not make a romantic film. If he could make one, it would definitely be popular. Even now, there were many female stars who regretted not participating in this love show, and felt that even if they could fall in love with him for a short time, they would be satisfied.

Such eyes, coupled with the love words “with you”, the lethality exploded exponentially.

Qi Yingying was almost stunned, she hurriedly looked at Ruan Qiu, who was at the center of Xue Wu’s offensive, afraid that she would be hooked by Xue Wu. Fortunately, Ruan Qiu, as Qi Yingying thought, was a straight girl of steel. She was unaware of Xue Wu’s attack, just nodded and said, “Okay.”

[It shouldn’t be my illusion, I felt that Emperor Xue was like a flower peacock opening the screen just now.]

[Help, what kind of metaphor is this? Hahaha, the picture is so strong.]

[Now I’m sure that Ruan Qiu really doesn’t understand amorous feelings. Her previous provocative actions should be unintentional.]

[Unintentionally sultry, isn’t this even better?!]

[Emperor Xue, stay awake, what are you doing with Qi Yingying’s vinegar?! (shaking crazily)]

[Ruan Qiu is really amazing, please come to the Shura field a little more, I love watching this! (knock the bowl)]

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