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Qi Yingying did not hide the smile on the corner of her mouth, but Xue Wu once again ignored her provocation. Xue Wu saw that Ruan Qiu was indifferent and was not in a hurry. Anyway, from the first time he met Ruan Qiu, he knew that the other party’s brain circuit was different from that of ordinary people.

If the world was gray mixed with black and white, then Ruan Qiu was the only color that broke the routine, making people follow her unconsciously.

Xue Wu was very clear that he had developed an interest in Ruan Qiu, and this interest was rushing in a certain direction. His emotions had been easily manipulated by the other party. If he wanted to regain control, he should take the initiative in the chase.

Qi Yingying inexplicably felt that the current Xue Wu was a bit scary, and her animal-like intuition made her hide behind Ruan Qiu, daring not to provoke Xue Wu again.

Ye Xingyu walked downstairs, and he probed from behind the three of them, “Don’t you want to see the locked door, why don’t you leave?”

Ruan Qiu replied, “I don’t know where the locked door is.”

So the four returned to the reception hall and let the head servant who first found the door locked lead the way. Jiang Yan originally wanted to follow, but he was not cleared from suspicion, so he had to stay in the reception hall and look at the back of Ruan Qiu leaving.

[D*amn, when will Jiang Yan be able to join the Shura Field?!]

[I am still very optimistic about the innocent man Jiang Yan and the straight girl Ruan Qiu pair.]

A few minutes later, the four of them followed the head servant to the gate of the manor.

Ruan Qiu glanced at the flower room next to her, and suddenly realized that she had been ignoring a person——

Grandpa Gardener!

Since the place where the flowers was grown was an independent small conservatory, although there were small doors and corridors connected to the manor, it was easy to classify it as an external building, and the gardener was also classified as a person outside the manor, plus the gardener’s sense of existence was very weak. Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying didn’t find him when they went to the flower room before, so everyone ignored him unconsciously.

Ruan Qiu tried to push the small door in front of her, but it was unlocked. She immediately walked in and shouted, “Anyone there?”

No one answered.

Ruan Qiu looked down at the bunch of white roses near the door. Their branches and leaves grew very well in a warm environment, but only six roses bloomed. One of them was cut and its stem fell into the dirt.

An idea flashed in Ruan Qiu’s mind: The six flowers were just facing the six of them, and the cut flowers corresponded to Bai Jinyao who had been eliminated.

She thought so and said so. The few people who came in behind her listened. Qi Yingying rubbed the goosebumps on her arms and said with a wrinkled face, “It’s so scary.”

Ye Xingyu nodded in agreement.

“Where is the gardener?” Xue Wu turned to ask the head servant.

At this time, the head servant showed the same fanatical look as the head maid in the morning. He raised his hands, knelt down in front of the white rose, and said loudly, “Madam, is that you? You took away your most loyal one, our friend the old gardener?”

He seemed to be caught up in sweet memories, “The old gardener knew that you like white roses, so he planted a rose garden for you. Every morning when the roses bloom, you can receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers, just like you…”

Ye Xingyu and Qi Yingying retreated the moment the head servant knelt down, staying far away from him, wishing they didn’t have ears and couldn’t hear him.

[Hahaha, I now announce that the CP of Ye Xingyu and Qi Yingying is called the coward group!]

[Then Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu’s CP group is the bold combination? Hahaha, poisonous! 】

[What’s wrong with being a coward? This is really super scary, the only motivation for me to continue watching it is to nibble on CP, woo woo woo.]

[By the way, Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu are really bold. I remember Ruan Qiu was just average before, why has she suddenly changed now?]

[She can still join to record a variety show after being hit by the Internet for half a year. If she is not brave and her psychological quality is not strong, she would have been forced to death by some people long ago.]

[Don’t say these bad words, those people only believe what they want to believe, we don’t care about foolish arguments. Mother kisses!]

After the head servant went mad, he stood up from the ground and returned to his usual appearance, as if the man who had gone mad just now was not him.

But the more he did that, the more creepy he became.

The barrage was frightened by his acting skills, and Ruan Qiu turned to Xue Wu and said, “So the gardener was also taken away by the lady they said, but there is still no clue about the murderer. I want to try to find the key first.”

Xue Wu nodded and walked out of the conservatory with Ruan Qiu to see what the lock looked like on the door. Qi Yingying and Ye Xingyu quickly followed.

The door lock was as big as an adult man’s fist, but the keyhole style was very strange. Ruan Qiu looked at it and felt that it was a little familiar. She tried to twist the lock, but Ye Xingyu frowned and said suddenly, “This is a seal! The seal of the owner of the manor!”

As soon as he said the words, he knew he was reckless, but both Qi Yingying and the head servant heard his words, and Qi Yingying asked, “Seal? What is that?”

The head servant said with a half smile, “Since the housekeeper has recognized the seal, please ask the master to take out the seal and open the door.”

Ruan Qiu didn’t miss the schadenfreude expression of the head servant before speaking. She tilted her head and said, “For some reasons, the seal is broken now. After the repair is completed, the master will naturally take out the seal and open the door.”

“You can go now.” Ruan Qiu continued, “We’ll go back later.”

The head servant glanced at Xue Wu and saw that he had no objection, but acquiesced to Ruan Qiu’s words, turned and left.

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