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After the head servant left, Ye Xingyu said hurriedly, “Let’s go get the seal and try it, what if the seal is real? Maybe the director… The person who arranged the layout just wanted us to mistake the seal for a fake? ”

“It’s best not to.” Ruan Qiu thought for a while and said, “Let’s not stay that it might be troublesome if we are discovered. Now we don’t know what punishment will be if we open the door with the wrong key. We’d better be careful. There’s really no way to try it with that broken seal.”

Qi Yingying was dizzy, but she now had a blind trust in Ruan Qiu, so she obediently did not interrupt.

Seeing Qi Yingying’s dazed face, Ye Xingyu explained to her how the three of them found the evidence.

Ruan Qiu wandered in the greenhouse while listening to Ye Xingyu recount their experience. When she heard Ye Xingyu say that they found torn letters in the drawer where they put things, Ruan Qiu suddenly thought of something, and a clue suddenly became clear. She turned around quickly, walked to Ye Xingyu and asked him, “Was your note with you from the beginning?”

“No. “Ye Xingyu was taken aback and replied, “It was given to me by the head servant…when I entered the manor.”

“Did he say where he got it from?” Ruan Qiu continued to ask.

“No…” Ye Xingyu shook his head, but he was not stupid. He suddenly realized something, his eyes widened, and almost cried out, “He didn’t find it in my study room, did he?!”

Didn’t the head servant see the evidence, knew that they “killed” people, knew that Xue Wu was not supposed to be the owner of the manor, and knew that the seal was fake?!

[The clues from before have come back. If there is really a problem with the head servant, then they would have been in the same room with the murderer without realizing it. It’s terrible.]

[I was wondering why the head servant’s performance was so strange, I thought it was because the group performers were not good, but I didn’t expect it to be too good!]

[Other love shows: Ah, ah, so sweet, blushing and heartbeat! This love show: Ah, ah, it’s so terrifying, my heart skipped a beat!]

[hahaha, it’s very appropriate. Now I want to know what they should do to get out of trouble.]

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Qi Yingying asked Ruan Qiu in a low voice, “Ruan Ruan, what’s wrong with the head servant?”

“He is most likely the murderer.” Ruan Qiu said, “He has a spare key to the room, and he knows that the seal is fake, and maybe he has a deeper inside story. His motive for [killing] is mostly because Miss Bai picked up the lady’s favorite flower.”

Ye Xingyu said with lingering fear, “And in case his alibi is also false, the people who sleep in the same room with him may be asleep, and they don’t know that he got up and [killed] people. ”

Qi Yingying’s face turned pale.

[Yes, their suspicion is getting bigger and bigger.]

[They found the murderer so quickly? Amazing.]

[It’s still a suspicion, his fanaticism that he thought it was the lady who took the gardener away didn’t seem to be faked, what if he wasn’t the murderer?]

[I don’t know if you have heard of a saying that often the first person to discover the dead is always the murderer. I don’t think the head maid is quite right.]

“But I always feel that something is not right.” Ruan Qiu thought about it, “From the head servant’s point of view, if he wants to avenge the lady, he only needs to [kill] the housekeeper and the master. There is no need to [kill] Miss Bai and the gardener first to scare the snake.”

Ye Xingyu and Qi Yingying also fell into contemplation.

Ruan Qiu turned around and asked Xue Wu, “What do you think, Master?”

Xue Wu: “I think it may be a group committing the crime.”

The idea was suddenly opened, and Ruan Qiu’s eyes lit up, “Yes, if there is more than one murderer, it will make sense!”

“Their central plan must be to convince us that these were all done by the lady, and then [kill] us without knowing it. They can also testify against each other, so that we can’t grasp the evidence.” Ruan Qiu quickly analyzed, “Didn’t they say before that Madam is the purest, then our identity is filthy, which may be the reason why they want to [kill] us, but Miss Bai is the first to trigger the [death] condition.”

Ruan Qiu pursed her lips, “Why did the gardener [die]? I don’t know yet, maybe he also triggered some [death] conditions that we don’t know about.”

She subconsciously used the term “death conditions” in the world of Infinite Flow, but everyone understood what she meant.

“In other words,“ Ruan Qiu’s expression sank, “In this manor, everyone except us may be the murderer.”

[Sobbing! Help me, I’m so scared.]

[Good guy, all the villains should deal with all the murderers, it’s really amazing.]

[Emperor Xue and Ruan Qiu are amazing, I’m almost dizzy, they can still analyze so many things.]

[To be honest, this episode can really make a movie, and I have a hunch that it will be great.]

[No, is this really a love show?]

[Wait, isn’t Jiang Yan in danger now?]

The chief director sat in the vicissitudes of life. He didn’t quite understand how Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu could infer so many things without important clues.

But the script he originally arranged had been torn to shreds by Ruan Qiu, and he did not expect to continue to follow his script later.

Ruan Qiu thought that although Bai Jinyao, the heroine in the original book, was eliminated first, and the plot had completely changed, she couldn’t take it lightly, she still had to find the right key to escape earlier.

Ruan Qiu then said, “Let’s go back to the living room first, Jiang Yan is still there. I want to start looking for the key, how about you?”

Qi Yingying listened to Ruan Qiu now, and naturally had no objection. Seeing that Xue Wu also acquiesced to Ruan Qiu’s approach, Ye Xingyu nodded and said, “Okay.”

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