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Ye Xingyu couldn’t help but think that Ruan Qiu had become the leader from the counterattack of the maid who was ignored at the beginning. After this episode of the show, Ruan Qiu might be a little popular.

He thought to himself, no, after this episode was over, he had to supplement his knowledge in that area, otherwise his sense of existence would be lost in the next few episodes. Moreover, he felt that although he didn’t care who he formed a CP with, he should not have a clear CP in this episode of the show, and his popularity was definitely not enough.

Although his outside personality had always been easy-going and gentle, he himself knew that there was struggle in an idol group. If he didn’t fight for it, he wouldn’t get anything. The reward given in this variety show was his best chance to enter the film and television industry.

While Ye Xingyu was thinking, Qi Yingying was also thinking.

Ruan Qiu clearly refused to form a CP with her. Everyone could see that Emperor Xue was treating Ruan Qiu in a special way. She didn’t want to be with Ruan Qiu because of that, so she had only Ye Xingyu to pick.

She had no room for advancement in the music circle. If she wanted to get out of the circle, she must go to the film and television circle. It was best to play a role and sing the theme song of the film and television drama at the same time. There were many singers now, so she also needed to fight for it, and she must not let other giants laugh at her.

Ye Xingyu and Qi Yingying looked at each other at the same time, and understood each other’s meaning with a sense of connection, and deliberately got closer when they followed Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu forward. There was still half the time left in the filming of the episode, and they had to fight for more interaction and earn more heat.

But not a lot of people noticed that they got close to each other, and more people were discussing the plot and Jiang Yan.

[What is true love?! Only Ruan Qiu still remembers Jiang Yan!]

[Hahaha, Jiang Yan is really funny and heartbreaking.]

Ruan Qiu and the others returned to the living room. Jiang Yan was still sitting on the sofa reading a book unharmed. Seeing them coming back, Jiang Yan immediately stood up.

Ye Xingyu said to Jiang Yan, “You are not a suspect anymore, you can move freely.”

Jiang Yan happily walked behind them, to be precise behind Ruan Qiu.

Xue Wu glanced at him, but Jiang Yan didn’t notice Xue Wu’s gaze. Now he only had Ruan Qiu’s back in his eyes.

[Here we go, the triangle love!]

[I think Jiang Yan is like a lively and silly puppy. When he sees someone he likes, he will follow them, woo woo woo, so cute.]

[Then Emperor Xue is a big cat tiger who often dozes off and is silent, but is especially dangerous once he wakes up?]

[Ruan Qiu is like that kind of flexible but powerful leopard cat?]

[They are all cats, so Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu will not have reproductive isolation. I declare Xue Ruan as the victor of the party!]

[Hahaha, my CP in this love drama is so weird! Help!]

Ye Xingyu mentioned the reasons that they discussed on the road just now, “Master’s seal is gone. The thief is among you, so in order to find the seal faster, now each of your rooms and bodies need to be searched.”

The head servant and head maid were stunned for a moment, and then went to call all the group performers to gather in the living room.

After everyone else in the manor arrived in the living room, the guests and the group performers formed two distinct camps, standing on both sides of the living room with the sofa in between, while the group performers looked at them blankly.

The drunkard who was sleeping on the sofa was also woken up by the shaking. When he heard that they were going to search the rooms, he obviously became very flustered. He kept rubbing the seams of his trousers, and frequently looked back at the entrance of the basement.

[At first glance, the guests have no chance of winning. There are too many people on the opposite side.]

[Betting fifty cents, I bet that the drunkard had the seal hidden there.]

[Betting a dollar, I don’t think there is a real seal in this manor. The director is such a dog, he definitely didn’t plan to let them out.]

[D*mn, it makes sense.]

The chief director didn’t care that the audience called him a dog, he was as nervous as the drunkard now. He didn’t expect these guests to be so reckless, and they dared to search the rooms when they knew that all the members might be murderers. He was afraid that the guests would find the most crucial clues.

“Try not to be alone.” Ruan Qiu reminded the others after the group performers searched each other, “The situation is very dangerous now.”

But there were still five of them left at the scene. If they were in pairs… one person would be alone.

[It’s starting, it’s starting, the most classic selection of love comprehensive to form a team in the Shura field!]

[I’ve actually gotten used to the rhythm of this romance, one second of horror and the next second of sweetness and sourness, I always feel like I’m being PUA by the director.]

(Tl note: PUA = In China, the English initials PUA refer to both the man and his manipulative techniques. Pickup artists often employ gaslighting, a form of psychological control intended to make someone question their own sanity.)

[I want to know now who Ruan Qiu will choose, hehe.]

The five people present were aware of the problem of being alone at the same time, and everyone’s psychological activities were very high for a while.

Although Qi Yingying wanted to follow Ruan Qiu very much because she felt too safe beside her, she had already decided to form a CP with Ye Xingyu, and going away now was not conducive to accumulating popularity and CP fans.


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