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Ye Xingyu’s choice was Qi Yingying. Now the mainstream media banned “Bromance”, and the CPs of the idol group dared not stand up to the storm, let alone in this love variety show.

Jiang Yan wanted to be with Ruan Qiu very much, but he glanced at Xue Wu and thought a little dejectedly that Xue Wu’s position was still much higher than him, and Emperor Xue seemed to treat Sister Ruan in a special way. It would also be better for her to choose Emperor Xue, she shouldn’t choose himself.

Xue Wu looked at Ruan Qiu, he had already decided to take the initiative to attack, naturally he would not be vague, and was about to let Ruan Qiu follow him in a group, when he heard Ruan Qiu say, “Then I will be in a group alone.”


[No, no, no! Ruan Qiu is alone because she doesn’t know who to choose!]

[The Shura field is gone, alas, I thought she, Emperor Xue and Jiang Yan would be a group of three.]

[I! Disagree!!]

Xue Wu also frowned and didn’t agree with Ruan Qiu, “It’s dangerous to be alone.”

Ruan Qiu slightly curved the corners of her mouth, “It’s okay, I can do it.”

They now had a candidate for the murderer, and they had also speculated about the approximate conditions of death. Ruan Qiu was confident that she could handle the person who wanted to [kill] her. The ten years she spent in Infinite Flow was not for nothing.

Even if she really wanted to hug the vampire Xue Wu’s thigh, she couldn’t completely rely on him. She had seen many dodder-like people in Infinite Flow. They depended on others to grow and survive, but once their dependence fell, they would also die.

Ruan Qiu didn’t want to be such a person, and she didn’t want Xue Wu to regard her as such a person. She wanted to make friends with Xue Wu and get along as equals, as long as Xue Wu could help her when she was in trouble .

Seeing that Ruan Qiu had no intention of changing her mind, Xue Wu nodded after being silent for two seconds, “Okay.”

[Ruan Qiu, the woman who rejected Emperor Xue again.]

[Alas, when will the two of them be able to be together?]

Jiang Yan on one side was both disappointed and happy. He was disappointed that Ruan Qiu did not choose him, and happy that she did not choose Xue Wu. Jian Yan followed Xue Wu. There was a distance of several steps between the two of them, and they didn’t want to get too close to each other, nor did they want to talk.

After everyone divided the work, they began to search for the seal room by room.

The search process was long and tedious. Gradually, some people couldn’t hold back and left the live broadcast room, and some people went to the live broadcast split screen of Qi Yingying and Ye Xingyu to watch their interaction.

Ye Xingyu had a lot of experience in business, and had accumulated a group of CP fans by helping Qi Yingying to carry heavy things, gentlemanly letting Qi Yingying to enter first, and caring whether the other party was tired or not. Qi Yingying returned the favor by wiping Ye Xingyu’s sweat with the handkerchief in her coat pocket, and the barrage was suddenly full of screams.

[Qi Yingying was coaxed again, and I admire it.]

[The young lady bowed her head to wipe the housekeeper’s sweat, this can be eaten!]

[Although the artificial saccharin is obvious, I really haven’t eaten it. Handsome men and beauties are also quite eye-catching, let’s invest, I vote.]

[Speaking quietly, I still think Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu are so good…]

[Where is Ruan Qiu now?]

At this time, Ruan Qiu was preparing to go to the basement.

Seeing Ruan Qiu walking toward the basement, the drunkard finally couldn’t sit still. He stumbled to his feet, walked to Ruan Qiu and said to her, “I, I’ll go with you, I’m afraid you will get lost.”

Ruan Qiu didn’t expose the clumsy lie of the drunkard. She nodded and wanted to know what the drunkard was hiding.

They walked into the basement one after the other. Ruan Qiu walked slowly in front with the candlestick in her hand, while the drunkard walked behind her, staring at her back, with his hand in his pocket, as if he was digging out something. The audience watched nervously.

[Ruan Qiu is in danger! You look back quickly, ah!]

[She was told not to be alone, but she wanted to go on her own. Now it’s going to overturn.]

[What? Is she finally going to be eliminated? Hurry up, no one wants to see you.]

The black fans seized the opportunity and started to jump out again. The other audience members were used to it, so they just skipped them and continued to watch Ruan Qiu on the screen.

When she came to the familiar corner, Ruan Qiu kept walking forward. And the drunkard behind her finally showed his fangs, took out a corkscrew knife from his pocket, rushed forward and prepared to imprison Ruan Qiu’s neck, and then [kill] her there!

[Ah, ah, I dare not watch it.]

[Is it real? This is a real knife, right?]

[Ruan Qiu, run!]

[Even if she runs, she can only run into the wine cellar, she can’t escape at all.]

Ruan Qiu suddenly stopped amidst the screams of the barrage.

Years of running away gave her a sense of danger far beyond ordinary people. Ruan Qiu turned around abruptly, held the drunkard’s knife-wielding hand tightly, then grabbed the other’s arm, and gave the other party a back throw and threw the drunkard out.

The barrage was silent.

The next second, dense comments covered the screen: [Ah, ah, mother, she is so cool! I really can’t take it anymore!]

[The young hero is really good at it!]

[I screamed until the next door neighbor came knocking on the door and asked me to be quieter!]

[Please, girls who can do that are really cool!]

[The candlestick in her hand hasn’t fallen! Didn’t Ruan Qiu really go to Shaolin Temple for further study?]

[Mom Fan: Mother love went bad, woo, my sweet wife, I love you!]


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