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The drunkard who was thrown out was dizzy. He thought that he was just going to make a fake move, he didn’t even get the blade of the corkscrew out!

He just received instructions from the director to [kill] Ruan Qiu who was alone there, and then tell Ruan Qiu that she was eliminated and ask the staff to take her out of the manor. Who knew that Ruan Qiu actually knew little Kung Fu!

The chief director backstage covered his face, unwilling to look at his messy script anymore.

…He shouldn’t have been greedy for that little bit of heat and invited Ruan Qiu to come!

In the barrage of screams of continuous confession, Ruan Qiu walked up to the drunkard, took the corkscrew in his hand, and walked into the wine cellar with the candlestick.

There were dozens of large wooden barrels filled with wine. Ruan Qiu found the place where the drunkard usually slept behind one of the wooden barrels. She lifted the thin blanket on the ground and didn’t let go of the pillow. She took it and searched it, but found nothing.

Suddenly, Ruan Qiu’s fingers froze.

She stood up slowly, and under the doubtful gaze of the barrage, under the nervous gaze of the chief director, she walked to the wooden barrel at the end of the aisle, and then stopped.

The director’s heart was already beating in his throat.

Ruan Qiu quietly clenched the corkscrew in her hand, carefully discerning the subtle breathing sounds coming from somewhere in the quiet wine cellar.

The barrage didn’t know what she was doing, and they all raised question marks. The chief director pressed the walkie-talkie nervously, ready to send another person to the basement to pull Ruan Qiu out at any time.

After ten seconds, Ruan Qiu moved.

She walked out of the wine cellar as usual. Seeing that she had no special reaction, the chief director relaxed and asked the group performers in the hall not to act for the time being, but still let the camera keep an eye on Ruan Qiu.

Ruan Qiu, who was holding the candlestick, glanced at the drunkard on the ground, said “remember to go up” to him, left the passage, and returned to the living room.

She put down the candlestick, then walked into one of the rooms, pulled Ye Xingyu and Qi Yingying out, and took them to the guest room on the second floor where Xue Wu and Jiang Yan were searching. The five people reunited.

Everyone knew that Ruan Qiu had something to say, and all turned their attention to her.

The barrage was also very curious about what Ruan Qiu found. Why did she suddenly stop and leave?

A bad premonition flashed in the director’s heart, and he asked the camera crew to zoom in and turn on the radio to the maximum. He heard Ruan Qiu say to the four people in front of him, “There is a person hiding in the wine cellar.”

Ye Xingyu was stunned for a moment, “But all the people are in the living room.”

Qi Yingying and Jiang Yan were both in disbelief, Xue Wu didn’t speak, but there was a flash of clarity in his expression.

As soon as Ruan Qiu’s words came out, the chief director was finished, and sure enough, Ruan Qiu’s next words made him want to sigh even more, “The gardener is not dead, he is hiding in the barrel, he is the murderer that [kills] people. “

[? ? ? Can you say that again?]

[What? I do not believe it!]

[So Ruan Qiu stopped in front of the barrel because she found someone hiding inside? My God, I feel so terrified just thinking about that scene, I get goosebumps.]

[It’s really scary, the person hiding in the barrel is staring at you through the small hole, but you have no idea when he will jump out and “kill” you…]

[What about the evidence? Where is the evidence?]

Ruan Qiu continued to whisper under the shocked gazes of Ye Xingyu and the three others, “Our previous guess was wrong, not everyone is related to this matter. Now all the clues found are correct. The head servant said that the gardener is the lady’s most loyal servant, he must also have a fanatical worship of her, which gradually evolved into a kind of morbidity. He regards her as an angel, as the most holy thing, and we are the ones who need to be cleaned up. “

Qi Yingying’s white face and the equally pale Ye Xingyu leaned together shivering, Jiang Yan also silently leaned to their side. The barrage moved rapidly, and the popularity reached a new peak.

Ruan Qiu pointed to the open door of one of the guest rooms where the flowers on the bedside table were dazzling, “Look, the head servant also said that the gardener will bring flowers every morning when the roses are blooming. Flowers were also found on Miss Bai’s bedside, the gardener must have worked here for many years, and he may have obtained the key to the room door from either the previous head servant or head maid.”

“The head maid and head servant also worshiped their lady to the point of morbidity, oh yes, and that drunkard.” Ruan Qiu said, “I don’t think the head maid and head servant should be accomplices. They don’t seem to know what the gardener is doing. But the drunkard was the gardener’s accomplice, he hid the gardener, and was going to [kill] me just now.”

Xue Wu frowned immediately, “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.” Ruan Qiu waved her hand, “I won’t talk about this for now.”

“I guess they were actually going to do it at the dinner party, but it was too chaotic, and the master helped me light the candlestick quickly, so they didn’t find a chance to start. They deliberately created the atmosphere of the lights going out in order to carry out this plan and make everyone think that our [death] was done by the lady.” Ruan Qiu figured everything out and spoke faster, “The gardener couldn’t move the candlestick alone, so the drunkard went up to the attic to help him.”

“I thought that the row of deep and shallow footprints on the attic was because the drunkard was drunk and walked unsteadily, but it was not.” Ruan Qiu recalled the state of the gardener, “It was the gardener’s, because the gardener has one leg with limited mobility, so that’s why the footprints were made. And on the candle that was cut, that little red mark ……”

“It’s the rust on the gardener’s scissors,” Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu said in unison.

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