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When she was about to leave for the Chi family, Chi You remembered the real daughter of the Chi family whom she had recently pushed down the stairs.

The Chi family matter wasn’t spread, so not many people knew about it. Chi You was currently still maintaining her identity as the Chi family’s only daughter. After registering at the hospital, she found out that Father Chi had booked a VIP ward.

After the elevator doors opened, and she saw a completely different scene from the bustling corridors on the lower floors, Chi You muttered to herself that wealthy people indeed lived a good life. In the quiet corridor, she found Xu Xueyin’s ward, knocked on the door twice following proper etiquette, and entered after hearing a weak, “Please come in.”

As the real daughter, Xu Xueyin had a pure-looking face. In contrast, Chi You had always had a lively and glamorous appearance since childhood.

As she grew older, the Chi family’s parents felt an increasingly peculiar sensation. This feeling found an explanation when they saw Xu Xueyin, who had appeared in the Chi family. Even without a paternity test, they could easily determine—she was their daughter.

The real daughter was brought back home, and the fake daughter naturally became the disliked one.

Feeling sorry for the real daughter, who had been treated as an orphan for over twenty years, they showered her with extra care. They completely forgot that even though Chi You had been raised in their home, she had received little affection from them over the years.

Looking at Chi You in this unusual state, Xu Xueyin, hidden beneath the quilt, couldn’t help but clench her fists. Her voice trembled, “What… what do you want?”

Raised as the fake heiress by the Chi family, even though she had been neglected by busy parents all these years, she had developed a strong sense of pride. Based on the limited interactions over the past few days, she had already deduced that Chi You wouldn’t easily come to apologize.

A girl’s face was always attractive, carrying confidence, pride, and a hint of inherent superiority.

However, she unexpectedly compromised.

Smart, but not that smart.

In just a short moment, Chi You lost interest in her. She reached out and pinched Xu Xueyin’s cheek.

After the paternity test results, the delighted Chi couple hugged Xu Xueyin and cried. Chi You, standing in a corner of the stairs, covered her face, suppressing her cries. Eventually, under the real heiress’s seemingly casual bragging, she extended her hand and pushed her down the stairs.

Chi You stared at her for a few seconds, then smiled, “Come on, I’m here to apologize. Haven’t you always been subtly persuading Mr. Chi to bring me here for an apology?”

Raising an eyebrow, she approached, sat down beside the bed without any hesitation, and silently examined Xu Xueyin’s face.

However, Chi You, looking unusually composed, seemed a bit too calm. In just a short while, she didn’t know how to react.

What Chi You said was right; she had been telling Mr. Chi not to blame Chi You. However, she needed an apology.

“Don’t overthink it. I really came to apologize.”

These scenes flashed by in just a second or two. Chi You’s expression remained unchanged. Instead, Xu Xueyin, lying on the hospital bed, showed a somewhat fearful expression upon seeing the person entering.

Compared to Xu Xueyin’s uncertainty, Chi You seemed overly composed. She had played this kind of role in her previous life—there were at least eight out of ten with such personalities. She could somewhat guess what was going on in their minds.

When she pinched the somewhat pale face, Xu Xueyin’s pupils slightly widened, saying, “How could you…”

There was an obvious expression of disbelief in Xu Xueyin’s eyes.

But now Chi You found it boring and didn’t bother to speculate about what she was thinking.

“What you said on the stairs is correct. You are indeed Mr. Chi and Mrs. Chi’s biological daughter, and I shouldn’t have pushed you. It was my mistake.”

Casually speaking these words, Chi You’s expression momentarily became a bit more fierce, and she said, “But I’m not happy. So, if there’s a next time, I will still push you.” She wasn’t afraid that her words would scare the pale-faced girl in front of her. She lowered her eyebrows and spoke softly, “Be a good daughter, don’t pay too much attention to others.”

After saying these words, Chi You got up and left directly.

She knew that these words wouldn’t completely calm Xu Xueyin, but if it could bring her peace for a while, it would be good.

Thinking about the fact that the original supporting character was forced out of the house by a person who wore her emotions on her face, Chi You felt even more upset.

A supporting character expelled from the house became a substitute. This kind of cliché plot was no longer favored by the audience even before she transmigrated.

After returning to the house rented by the original owner, Chi You sat quietly for a while.

The landlord of this house was the senior sister who called her in the morning and helped her. When she was just kicked out, she had no cash on her, her phone was out of battery, and she couldn’t find a place to stay. She was crying with swollen eyes on the roadside when she happened to meet her.

This senior sister not only found her a place to stay but also managed to arrange a suitable part-time job for her.

Neither Chi You nor the senior sister were from an acting background, but she happened to have a relative working in the entertainment industry. This connection helped Chi You secure an audition opportunity.

Therefore, she certainly couldn’t play any significant role. The role the senior sister found for her was just of a passerby.

However, the salary for this role was enough to cover her rent for the month.

The original owner had sold many things that could be taken out, and after paying the rent, she was left with just over four digits.

So, when she went to the hospital earlier, she took the bus.

Chi You checked her account balance, feeling the rare sensation of having to work hard to support herself.

The audition was scheduled for three o’clock. She applied lipstick, reviewed the information sent by the senior sister, and left.

Since she was prepared to return to her old profession, she had already prepared for the difficulties of being a newcomer. For her, all of this was just a replay of the experiences from the previous life.

When she arrived at the venue, it was still early. Chi You received a message from the senior sister, instructing her to wait in a nearby cafe after her arrival.

She was about to review the script again when she got off the bus. Following the navigation, she found the location of the cafe. Just as she was about to reach the cafe, numerous words suddenly appeared in her mind.

[Upon seeing her for a moment, Gu Jingxu suddenly recalled a certain figure from his memory.

He lowered his gaze and remained silent. In his heart, there was a somewhat unusual feeling.]

Chi You’s footsteps halted.


She had read everything from the perspective of the supporting character in the original book, but she didn’t know that the first time the supporting character and the male lead met was at… a certain cafe?

She looked at the cafe door that was now close by, and a heavy feeling suddenly arose in her heart.

She pursed her lips, took a step forward, and in the next instant, through the glass door of the cafe, she locked eyes with the man who happened to glance over from inside.

The man was impeccably dressed, his face stern, and his expression slightly cold. The glance he cast was emotionless, and his pitch-black eyes didn’t linger on her for a moment.

Chi You, with an unchanged expression, averted her gaze, her face appearing naturally composed, but she slowly and firmly pushed open the glass door in front of her.

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