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Seeing that Xue Wu thought as she thought, Ruan Qiu became more confident, “Moreover, Miss Bai picked the white rose in the greenhouse. At that time, she was targeted by the gardener. In his heart, the offense to the lady herself made him more angry than the dove occupying the nest, her manor..”

“So that night, the gardener sneaked into Miss Bai’s room, [killed] her, then pretended to be the lady who had been there, and then set up the illusion of his own death, so that everyone could not find the murderer, so that he could continue [killing] others.”

Yes, who would doubt a dead man?

But it was this dead man who planned all this, [killed] a person with a careful plan, and was ready to continue [killing], soaking his hands with blood, just for the holy angel in his heart.

Qi Yingying, Ye Xingyu and Jiang Yan shivered, and they almost hugged each other to keep warm.

But the barrage did not laugh at the three of them, because the audience was too frightened:

[Oh! Fortunately, this is daytime, I really get frightened at night.]

[I think Ruan Qiu is amazing, what she said makes sense, I believe it anyway.]

[Oh my God! What a shocking discovery!I thought it was the drunkard at first, and then I thought it was the head servant, and I also suspected the head maid. I didn’t expect that in the end, a “dead man” planned everything, help!]

[To be honest, although the identities of the guests this time are of bad people, the gardener should not use the death penalty to “kill” them, and he also claims to eliminate sins and maintain purity for his lady.]

[It’s not too much for this scene to be selected for the annual variety show’s famous scene, right?]

[The director’s script is really excellent, and the performance of the guests is also excellent. I’ve become a fan of Ruan Qiu from now on.]

[My adrenaline is soaring now, who knows! Ruan Qiu is really cool, ah, wife!]

[I’m going to ask again. Is this really a love variety show rather than a suspenseful horror variety show? I really had a heart attack!]

Qi Yingying and the others hadn’t recovered from their shock and panic, when they heard Ruan Qiu calmly continue to say, “When we go down later, we must pretend not to know anything, directly identify the drunkard as the murderer, so that the real killer let down his guard.”

“I have an idea, but I don’t know if it’s right or not. I want to verify it when the murderer is not paying attention.” Ruan Qiu thought, “There should be a real seal hidden in that place.”

After Ruan Qiu said that she wanted to find the seal, the barrage all shouted for the director to reveal where the seal was.

The chief director was numb.

Although Ruan Qiu didn’t explicitly say where she thought the seal was, the chief director had a very bad premonition in his heart. He touched his chin, frowned and stared at the live broadcast screen in the background, his brain was running wildly, and he wanted to direct the group performers to stop Ruan Qiu from looking for the seal.

But the problem now was that Ruan Qiu’s conversation was not heard by the group performers, and the gardener was still in the wine cellar, the drunkard hadn’t come out yet, and no one in the hall knew about it. If he insisted on stopping Ruan Qiu, it would destroy the integrity of the entire plot, and there would be huge logical loopholes.

The chief director hesitated for a second between smashing his script and letting Ruan Qiu look for the seal, and finally turned off the headset and did not interfere with the development of the show for the time being.

After listening to Ruan Qiu’s words, the other guests expressed their cooperation. Ruan Qiu and the four walked down the stairs pretending to be indifferent and came to the reception room in front of everyone, Ye Xingyu cleared his throat and told the group, “We have caught the murderer of Miss Bai, and he is the one who looks after the wine cellar.”

“But hasn’t Miss Bai been taken to heaven by the lady?” The head servant asked in shock.

The head maid also looked at Ye Xingyu, as if once he denied that it was the lady who did all that, she would step forward and tear Ye Xingyu to pieces.

Ye Xingyu took a half step back silently, his momentum weakened a lot, “Anyway, we have confirmed that the drunkard is the murderer. Now go and take him out of the wine cellar, block his mouth, and take care of him in the reception hall. Don’t go anywhere else.”

When some people in the hall went to the wine cellar to catch the drunkard, Ruan Qiu also took the other guests to the locked door again.

[? Did I miss something? Why did they go straight to the gate? Did they find the seal?]

[There is also a greenhouse there! The seal will not be in the greenhouse, right?]


The chief director watched Ruan Qiu push open the door of the greenhouse and closed his eyes in despair.

In the greenhouse, Ruan Qiu picked up the small shovel in the corner, squatted down in front of the white rose bush, and started digging.

Xue Wu picked up the gloves on the stand, bent over and handed them to her, “Wear this, be careful with your hands.”

Ruan Qiu thanked him, then put on the gloves and watched Xue Wu take the other remaining flower shovel from Jiang Yan’s hand and squat down to dig with her.

[I declare that Emperor Xue won this game, Jiang Yan is completely uncompetitive, what’s going on?]

[“Be careful with your hands”, tsk tsk tsk, do you care so much?]

[Jiang Yan is a sincere boy, he took another pair of gloves and wore them himself, and began to help by digging the soil with his hands.]

[He really looks like a puppy digging the soil, hahaha. Jiang Yan really looks more and more affectionate.]


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