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Qi Yingying and Ye Xingyu looked at each other and decided not to get involved in the Shura field of the three of them. And the rose bush was not that big, the three of them squatted and there was no more space, Qi Yingying could only bend over behind Ruan Qiu, and asked without disturbing her, “Ruan Ruan, is the seal here?”

“It’s just my guess.” Ruan Qiu said while digging, “The gardener carefully arranged such a killing, and he must have known that the master’s seal was fake. This may have been told to him by the head servant, but I am more inclined to it. He knew about it from the start, and he hid the real seal.”

Ruan Qiu continued, “He is the most loyal servant of his lady, and he has the privilege of entering the room to send flowers to her. It is not impossible to get her seal. On this basis, we continue to speculate that if he wants to hide things, he will definitely hide them in his own room. The place that can be seen is always monitored. Now almost everything about the lady has been burned, only the pure white roses that symbolize the lady are still there, so he is likely to hide the seal here. After all, the white rose is of great significance, so important that he will [kill] people for a rose.”

“Of course, he may also carry the seal on him.” Ruan Qiu dug down, “Anyway, I have to give it a try.”

The shovel caught in the mud suddenly made a crashing sound, and the movements of several people stopped at the same time.

Ruan Qiu twisted the shovel in her hand, digging open the soil next to her under the surprised gaze of others, and took out a small iron box hidden in the soil, with a lock hanging on it.

Ye Xingyu was about to ask if she needed help finding the key, when he saw Ruan Qiu lift the shovel in her hand, knocked on the small lock with a shovel, and opened the box.

Inside the box was the real seal.

[It’s really there!]

[In this episode, Ruan Qiu is completely leading the audience. It can be said that everyone, except Bai Jinyao, was saved by her…]

[Hahaha, Bai Jinyao is really unlucky.]

[I thought that Ruan Qiu was going to look for the key, but I didn’t expect her to be so fierce, she just used a shovel to open the lock.]

[After watching this variety show, I really think that everyone misunderstood Ruan Qiu a lot before. Anyway, I like her very much.]

[Are they going to open the door now?]

[Wait, I have a question, didn’t this show say that the shooting time was three days and two nights? Only two days and one night passed, right?]

[Blind student, you found the point.]

Ruan Qiu, who got the seal, immediately stood up, took off her gloves, pushed open the door of the greenhouse, and led the people behind her to the locked gate, ready to open it and leave.

Qi Yingying couldn’t help but say, “Ruan Ruan, that, shall we leave now?”

Ruan Qiu stopped, a little surprised why Qi Yingying asked such a question, “Yes.”

Qi Yingying whispered, “But the show hasn’t finished recording yet.”

The chief director almost burst into tears, thinking with emotion that he had a reliable guest!

“Oh!” Ruan Qiu then reacted, “Then let’s stay here for another day.”

She just acted subconsciously in Infinite Flow, because in the Infinite Flow’s dungeon, as long as the system task was completed, she could leave the dungeon at any time. Those who passed the level would choose to leave after completing the task, because no one knew whether they would encounter any danger if they stayed, and no one wanted to play with their own lives.

But since this was just a recording location for a variety show, they had also found the murderer and the real seal, so they would definitely be safe. When Ruan Qiu figured that out, she handed the seal in her hand to Xue Wu, and said to him, “Master, I’ll give it to you.”

Xue Wu spread out his hand and felt Ruan Qiu’s warm fingertips running across his palm, with a slight itchiness, clenched the seal in his hand, and said in a low voice, “En.”

[It’s coming, this d*mn ambiguous feeling!]

[I am guilty and I will repent first, but when Ruan Qiu said, “Master, I’ll give it to you”, I really wanted to scream. Did you really just give the seal? What you gave is clearly your love for him!]

[Upstairs, how can you be so earthy and sweet?]

The people who got the seal returned to the living room again. The drunkard was sitting on the sofa surrounded by the group performers, and a clean cloth was symbolically stuffed into his mouth. When he saw Xue Wu holding the real seal, the drunkard made a series of “uuuuu” sounds, but no one paid any attention to him.

Ye Xingyu pointed to the seal in Xue Wu’s hand and said to everyone, “This is the seal that represents the identity of the owner of the manor, and it is also the key to open the door. We have identified the real murderer, and he is now hiding in the wine cellar in the basement!”

The real seal had already appeared, and the group performers had changed their skeptical and sloppy attitude, and even their movements got easier, and they quickly brought the gardener up.

Seeing that the gardener who had an inconvenient leg was also pressed on the sofa, the drunkard’s eyes were full of tears.

“In this incident, Ruan Qiu made the most contribution and maintained the safety of the manor.” Xue Wu said slowly, “I am now exempting her from slavery. From now on, she will be a guest of the manor.”

The crowd raised their heads in surprise.

The head maid’s mood was extremely complicated. Ruan Qiu’s performance in the show was so dazzling that other guests surrounded her. Even Qi Yingying, who had eyes above the top at the beginning, was now holding Ruan Qiu, and the actor Xue Wu also made no secret of his partiality. Ruan Qiu was as annoying as the fans said.

But… Yaya wouldn’t lie to them, how could such a kind person slander Ruan Qiu? The head maid’s heart was swaying, and her reason and emotions were torn apart. In the end, she decided that she would continue to strive to be in the group performers in the next episode and continue to observe Ruan Qiu!


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