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After listening to Xue Wu’s words, Ruan Qiu was alert for a moment: her identity as a passerby cannot change!

But in the next second, Ruan Qiu thought that it was safe now, and that she didn’t form a CP with anyone, so she breathed a sigh of relief, looked at Xue Wu, and smiled, “Thank you my lord… Thank you.”

[? Help! It is so sweet! Ruan Qiu looks so good when she smiles, woohoo!]

[The master is still the master, but the maid is no longer a servant, but his lover.]

[? Upstairs, why is it so good? Teach me, teach me! I beg you!]

[However, why did Emperor Xue not exempt Ruan Qiu from being a maid in the first place?]

[The relationship is built up step by step, which can only mean that Emperor Xue has completely fallen~ Moreover, even if he wanted Ruan Qiu to get rid of her maid status from the beginning, he had no reason.]

[Jiang Yan really has no chance of winning in this episode.]

Ye Xingyu then explained the case to the group of performers, and also reminded everyone that these were inferred by Ruan Qiu, and he did not take credit for Ruan Qiu, and the audience was very satisfied with his performance.

The gardener sat on the sofa without saying a word, keeping his mouth tightly shut no matter how the people around him pressed him. After listening to Ye Xingyu’s words, he sneered and said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t you all know? Why are you still asking me?”

That was a disguised acknowledgment.

“But we… no matter how guilty we are, you can’t [kill] people in this way. It’s not right.” Qi Yingying frowned and said, “You can send us to the judge.”

“Heh?” The gardener mocked in a low voice, “I’m afraid I will be [killed] by you before I leave this manor. Wicked people like you are not worthy of appearing in Madam’s manor, and she will not take you to heaven. …”

“You are brainwashed!” Qi Yingying said angrily, “There are no angels in the world, and there is no heaven!”

The gardener did not refute his words, closed his eyes as if he had not heard, and refused to communicate with them.

Ruan Qiu shook her head to Qi Yingying, indicating that they couldn’t communicate with him, and then let the other group performers take turns to watch over the gardener and drunkard in the reception hall until the end of the show.

The real murderer had emerged, had been controlled, the seal had been found, and the guests could finally fall in love with peace of mind. The assistant director thought happily that their love variety show had finally returned to normal, so there must be more audience now than before.

The assistant director confidently opened the background, checked the real-time traffic, and was horrified to find that the traffic started to drop after Ruan Qiu and the others found the seal and caught the gardener, and immediately took a sip of tea to suppress the shock.

The chief director found his shock, and said, “I told you, there must be an effect, and the audience must eat candy to get the heat, it’s not good to put candy in their mouths like this. They have a saying called [The candy that is pulled out is sweet].”

Assistant Director: …Is that so?!

Without the support of the suspenseful plot and the threat, the guests relaxed. Ye Xingyu and Qi Yingying chose to go to the study room to read books and be alone, while Jiang Yan was taken to the kitchen to make lunch. Ruan Qiu originally wanted to go with him, but Xue Wu stopped her and did not give Jiang Yan the opportunity to be alone with her.

Xue Wu invited her without revealing a trace, “Want to go for a walk?”

[! Sisters, pay attention, there is a big candy here!]

[What is it? Please tell us.]

[Remember when Bai Jinyao and Xue Wu left together at the beginning of the show, Xue Wu was a little impatient, right? Because Xue Wu once said in an interview that he likes to walk quietly alone.]

[Key points, alone, take a walk.]

[But Xue Wu is now inviting Ruan Qiu to take a walk with him, which means… I don’t need to say it, right?]

[Help, why are you so good at eating?! (knock the bowl)]

Ruan Qiu thought about it and replied, “Okay.”

So after Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu walked toward the door, he took out the seal in his pocket and pressed it on the door lock.

After a “click”, the door lock was opened. Xue Wu put away the seal, opened the door, and walked toward the soft lawn with Ruan Qiu.

Realizing that Ruan Qiu was always half a step behind him, Xue Wu slowed down and walked side by side with her on the green grass. That day was a good day. The April sun was not scorching, but poured warmly from their sides, pulling the shadows of the two on the lawn, slowly approaching, and finally overlapping.

[I’m really stunned, I can even eat shadows now.]

[To tell you the truth, me too.]

[Both of them have good looks, and the scenery is really like an oil painting. I took a screenshot, I want to cherish this scene.]

[I don’t even dare to think about how I will live after the variety show ends, I will really cry to death…]

[? Don’t say such things! They will definitely last forever!]

CP fans all brushed up the barrage with [Xue Ruan will never break up], as well as a series of blessings that were only meant for newly married couples, which made some passers-by who accidentally entered the live broadcast room confused, thinking that they had entered the wrong live broadcast room. 

The two horses fluttered their tails leisurely on the grass. Xue Wu turned to ask her, “Want to ride a horse?”

Ruan Qiu hesitated for a moment, “No need.”

It was still a little dangerous.


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