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[Very good, Ruan Qiu, the woman who rejected Xue Wu three times.]

[Hahahaha, why do you even remember this kind of thing?!]

[Damn, I still want to see Emperor Xue and Ruan Qiu ride a horse together. (little face turns yellow)]

“I thought you would want to ride,” Xue Wu didn’t have any special reaction when he was rejected. He noticed that Ruan Qiu was wearing no makeup and probably didn’t even apply sunscreen, so he suggested, “Want to sit under the tree?”

Ruan Qiu glanced at Xue Wu, thinking that even a high-level vampire couldn’t stay in the sun for too long, so she nodded according to Xue Wu’s meaning, “Okay.”

The tree was very old, with luxuriant branches and great shade, and it was not crowded for two people to sit.

There was a polite distance between Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu. They quietly listened to the rustling of the leaves. Time seemed to stand still, the frame froze, and preserved the warmth and tranquility of that moment.

Xue Wu leaned against the tree trunk. He hadn’t had such a relaxing moment for a long time. He raised his hand to cover the sunlight that leaked from the leaves and sprinkled on his eyes, and asked Ruan Qiu softly, “Do you want to leave?”

Ruan Qiu turned his head, “Huh? Going back?”

She was still wearing a maid outfit, her hair was a little messed up, and because she was a little hot from the walk just now, her fair face was a little red.

Xue Wu looked at her absentmindedly and thought, with such a beautiful face, why did her eyes make her seem well behaved?

She was so good… one couldn’t help but want to see her being annoyed.

Feeling that his emotions were on the verge of being out of control again, Xue Wu suppressed the bad desire for destruction that was pouring out of his bones, cleared all the thoughts that wanted her to cry and wanted her to fall into the abyss with him, and put on the face of the gentleman that he used at the beginning of the show, put down the hand covering his forehead and said to her, “It’s not going back. ”

“It’s leaving the manor.” Xue Wu smiled and said the words that made the chief director break down, “Want to go home early and rest? Anyway, now that everyone is safe, they can come out whenever they want, there’s nothing wrong with us leaving first

The episode was no longer interesting. Staying with Ruan Qiu would make him feel a lot better, but he couldn’t guarantee that it would continue like that, and he would not do anything outrageous to her. He needed to go back to that place to calm down.

Ruan Qiu thought about the soft bed at home, the timetable for not getting up early, and the fun phone, nodded and said, “Okay.”

Xue Wu was right, everyone was safe anyway, and her main quest was completed.

Xue Wu stretched out his hand, gently pulled up Ruan Qiu, and then walked side by side with her to the outside of the manor along the way they came.

[It’s an elopement! This is an elopement!]

[The owner of the manor who used all means to seize the manor is willing to give up all this for the maid and go far away with her. They poured out all their love with their eyes and ran to a free place. Now who dares to say they are not a real couple?]

[Woooooo, the teacher upstairs is really good at eating. The famous saying of the previous master × maid, “No matter how many flowers are around and how many people come and go, he only looks at her” is also what you said, right?!]

[The God of CP! I kneel to you!]

[They are real! They are getting married tonight!]

The chief director backstage once again covered his face: …Xue Wu, what’s the matter with you?!

He thought about many possibilities, but he didn’t think that Xue Wu, who had always been modest and seemed obedient, would kidnap Ruan Qiu and leave the manor, so that the program could not go on.

The chief director choked up and instructed the staff, “The filming team has finished filming, and we will quickly make the tidbits later. Remember to release the original script. You go and pick up the two people who ran out and let them come and choose the guest of this episode.”

Qi Yingying and Ye Xingyu, who were still in the manor, were stunned for a moment when they heard the staff say the filming was over.

The barrage looked at the suddenly black live broadcast screen, and was about to shout that there was a problem with the shooting, when [This episode has ended] on the live broadcast interface appeared.

Audience:? Didn’t you say that the shooting time was three days and two nights?

Other people who were confused rushed to Weibo. After learning that the show ended abruptly because Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu escaped from the manor, they all went to the official Weibo of the show team to watch the excitement.

The chief director looked at a series of comments that asked if that was a statement arranged by the script, and replied that they were not. As soon as he finished replying, he turned his head and saw that the first episode of #”Please Fall In Love With Me” ended ahead of schedule#, as well as #Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu eloped#. These two entries were on the hot search on weibo, and he couldn’t help being angry. He clenched his fists and asked the people to quickly release his perfect script in the later stage.

He believed that after seeing that his script was destroyed by Ruan Qiu, the audience would turn to attack Ruan Qiu!

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