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When the rest of the guests also left the manor and were pulled by the filming team to select a guest, the post-production team, at the urging of the chief director, released a video of the full story of the chief director’s original plan while the show was still trending..

The audiences who were discussing the plot of this episode and consuming CP did not expect after-content to be available so soon, and happily flocked to watch the newly released video on the official Weibo, and then became even more joyful.

The program team had explained that the content of the video was the plot direction originally envisaged by the chief director, and the shooting was completed before the program began, but the guests participating in the variety show obviously did not follow the plot. The group performers in the video were dressed in guest clothes and acted as the guests participating in the show. Although they wore masks, the audience could easily recognize their respective identities.

At the very beginning of the video, the guests played by the group entered the manor and began to familiarize themselves with their identities and act according to their identities. When they saw the group performer who played Ruan Qiu’s maid’s identity washing dishes alone in the kitchen, the original sporadic barrage suddenly increased.

[Ruan Qiu has been pulled by Ye Xingyu to the living room to help at this time, but she did not wash the dishes.]

[Ruan Qiu’s identity is basically bullying her. If she hadn’t behaved well, she might have been bullied.]

[High energy ahead, hold back and don’t laugh!]

In the video, the maid and the chef were also called by the person acting as the housekeeper to help in the reception hall. Later, it was explained with subtitles that no matter who the housekeeper would send to the greenhouse to move the flowers, the guest would ask someone to accompany him/her.

Then the guests would be forced to talk to the gardener for help because they couldn’t move the flower pots, and learn about the father-son relationship between the gardener and the drunkard from the conversation.

[What?! Father-son relationship!]

[This can explain why the drunkard helped hide the gardener, but in this episode, Ruan Qiu and the others didn’t find this clue, right?]

[Hahaha, Ruan Qiu didn’t give the gardener a chance to talk at all! After reading the content that follows, let me say, the plot is completely off from here, hahaha.]

[Gardener: Stop talking.]

[Good guy, I finally know what the gardener’s phrase “you are very good” means, hahaha.]

The chief director saw the live comments and nodded in agreement.

It was because Ruan Qiu carried two pots of flowers by herself, and did not get any clues from the gardener, that disrupted all his subsequent plans!

The video continues to be played, and was explained with subtitles. After getting the first clue, the guests would go to the drunkard, and learn about the lady from the drunkard’s mouth, creating an atmosphere for the scene of the power outage at night. .

[Ruan Qiu didn’t get this clue, hahaha. She directly pressed the drunkard against the wall!]

[I want to know now, in the absence of these clues, how did Ruan Qiu find the correct murderer?]

[We don’t understand the world of the boss.]

In the video, the drunkard left the wine cellar at the start of the dinner and went to the reception hall, confirming that the lights would go out as planned, providing cover for the gardener. In the dark, the gardener would take the opportunity to “kill” a guest, take the other party away from the manor, and disguise his behavior as the return of his lady, affecting the judgment of the guests.

[This is because Emperor Xue helped Ruan Qiu find the match and lit the candle in advance, so the gardener didn’t have a chance to start killing, right?]

[Yes, yes, this plot is already broken, I can already imagine the director crying in the background, hahaha.]

The chief director touched the tears in the corners of his eyes, thinking that he didn’t cry.

According to the original plot, the guests would get clues about their identities from other servants on the second day, knowing that they were not good people, and at the same time, their understanding of the lady would gradually deepen.

They would first go to the gate to check the door lock, and then find the gardener who was also “dead”. They would go to the attic to find clues according to the instructions of the group performers, then go to the study room to find clues, find the fake seal and then try to open the door, but they would get disappointed because they couldn’t open the door.

[The plot is finally a bit on the line, it’s not easy for the director, hahaha.]

[Unfortunately, Ruan Qiu and the others knew that the seal was fake, so they omitted a lot of steps.]

[I have to say that Ruan Qiu is really amazing.]

The video was about to play to the end. In the director’s vision, the guests would be singled out in the middle of looking for the real seal, and then the gardener would find an opportunity to “kill” them. On their way to find the real murderer, the workers there would continue to release smoke bombs, making the guests mistakenly believe that the murderer was among them, and targeting the most suspected head servant or drunkard, never thinking that the gardener was the the real murderer.

If the seal was not found, all the guests would be eliminated in this episode; if they were lucky enough to find the seal, they could escape.

[However, the reality is that the guests were either in group activities or in a public area, and the gardener never found a chance to start. (dog head)]

[The director’s arrangement: Give clues, give clues, find the murderer, find the seal. Ruan Qiu’s actions: Skip the clues, find the seal, and catch the real murderer.]

[Director: The hand holding the script trembled slightly.]

[From this perspective, only Bai Jinyao, the unlucky one, was eliminated ahead of schedule.]

[Hahahaha, director, are you okay?]

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