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He was not okay, not at all.

He didn’t expect that the audience not only did not condemn Ruan Qiu along with him, but also ridiculed him with schadenfreude that he met Ruan Qiu, the script killer, which made him even more determined that the next script would severely restrict the identity of the guests and prevent them from moving freely.

Especially Ruan Qiu! !

Ruan Qiu, who had left the manor, was invited by Qi Yingying into her nanny car, changed out of her maid outfit, stuffed it into her small suitcase, put on her casual clothes, and waited for Sister Lin on the side of the road to pick her up.

Qi Yingying also changed her clothes, took Ruan Qiu’s arm and said to her affectionately, “Ruan Ruan, I’ll take you back. If you have nothing to do, why don’t you go to my house to play?”

The next episode of the show didn’t start recording until a week later, and they had a full week off.

Before Ruan Qiu could answer Qi Yingying, she heard Xue Wu say, “Sister Lin told you to go back in my car, let’s go.”

Ruan Qiu then waved goodbye to Qi Yingying, Xue Wu ignored Qi Yingying’s staring at him, took the suitcase in Ruan Qiu’s hand and stuffed it into the trunk, then opened the door for Ruan Qiu and sat with her in the back seat.

Ruan Qiu took out her phone and was startled by the overwhelming news as soon as she opened it.

She hesitated for a second, then opened Weibo and found that the number of her followers had increased by hundreds of thousands, and the number of private messages had also increased a lot. Ruan Qiu tried to open one of them, and found that the message was not to scold her.

Ruan Qiu then turned around and searched for herself, to see how many black fans she still had.

The high-rise buildings that scolded her before were still there, but there were many more fans who spoke for her. Ruan Qiu thought happily that she didn’t have as many black fans as before, did that mean that the death flag of “being forced to death by black fans” had expired?

Ruan Qiu happily gave a like to one of the fans who used a lot of evidence to speak for her, and then continued to scroll down, and saw a lot of “Master × Maid”, “Triangle Shura Field”, “match me” and so on. Strange remarks with her name mixed in.

Ruan Qiu: ?

She stared at the words “Shura Field” for a while, and she really didn’t want to have anything to do with these words, but she still clicked on the other party’s Weibo, wanting to see why Triangle Shura Field was next to her name .

[Ah, ah, I’m dying. Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu are a good match, but Ruan Qiu and Jiang Yan are also very cute. Ye Xingyu is also good. I can drink their CP. So cool!]

Ruan Qiu: ? ?

She clearly didn’t flirt with anyone! This man was talking nonsense!

Ruan Qiu, who didn’t believe in evil, flipped through the comment area with shaking hands, and found that many people actually supported this person’s remarks.

Xue Wu, who was next to her, hadn’t heard Ruan Qiu’s voice. He couldn’t help but glance at her, but found that Ruan Qiu’s face was pale. He quickly reached out and shook her arm, and said anxiously, “What’s the matter? What’s wrong?”

Ruan Qiu said in a trance, “I have been set up with a lot of CPs…”

“…” Xue Wu withdrew his hand in silence, “Do you hate being set up with others as a CP?”

Ruan Qiu nodded slowly.

Only by staying away from the Shura Field  could she be safe, and passersby would never overturn!

Xue Wu lowered his eyes, touched the fingertips that touched Ruan Qiu’s arm just now, and said, “But love tv shows are like this. They are specially shot for the audience to form CPs.”

Ruan Qiu frowned in confusion.

Xue Wu observed her expression, and knew that she was now entangled in her heart, and his evil desires were slowly churning.

“I’m an actor, and fans care more about my work. They don’t care so much about whether I’m in love, get married, have children, let alone form a CP with you.” Xue Wu analyzed the stakes to Ruan Qiu, “But other guests are different, They have a lot of boyfriend fans and girlfriend fans, and in their group CP, you will be attacked.”

“And I have more fans, and the audience prefers a stable CP. If we keep… our deal.” Xue Wu touched the top of his mouth with the tip of his tongue, and replaced the word “love” with “deal”, and then continued, “So you only have to form a CP with me. How about it? Isn’t it a good deal?”

The assistant driving in the driver’s seat in front watched this episode, so naturally knew how special Xue Wu treated Ruan Qiu. Now that he listened to his artist “abducting” Ruan Qiu, he wished he didn’t have ears.

…No matter what, he got her first!

Ruan Qiu was not easily tempted by what Xue Wu seemed to be planning for her. She thought about it and asked, “What about you? What can you get?”

“I don’t like being grouped in a lot of CPs either,” Xue Wu smiled. He said half sincerely and half falsely, “I’m more familiar with you, and you know my secrets. It’s easier to form a CP with you.”

Ruan Qiu nodded, “Oh, that’s why.”

She thought about it for a while. If she had to form a CP, Xue Wu would be the best candidate. He was not in the main storyline, it was safe to follow him, and she could avoid the Shura Field…

After she figured it out, Ruan Qiu’s face returned to normal. She stretched out her hand and said to Xue Wu seriously, “Happy cooperation.”

Xue Wu almost laughed, he stared at Ruan Qiu, met her soft and trusting eyes, suppressed the guilt in his heart, and stretched out his right hand, and held Ruan Qiu’s palm in a gentlemanly manner, “Happy cooperation.”


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