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Xue Wu leaned against the door frame of the kitchen and looked at the message. He could imagine her expression and tone when she said that. He couldn’t help but smile and reply, “Okay.”

The food didn’t seem so unbearable anymore.

Ruan Qiu wanted to say something when Xue Wu’s video call suddenly came over. Ruan Qiu hesitated for two seconds, walked to the table with her takeaway, sat down and connected the other party’s call.

Xue Wu’s angular face appeared on the screen. Because he got up early to exercise, the tips of his hair were wet with sweat, and the sports vest was close to the muscles. He took off the white towel wrapped around his neck, leaned his phone against the edge of the plate, stretched out his hand and took out the boiled egg, and said to Ruan Qiu, “Teacher Ruan will supervise my meal in person, I will definitely finish it.”

Ruan Qiu took a bite of her steamed dumplings and asked him suspiciously, “Why are you calling me Teacher Ruan?”

“Because everyone calls you that.” Xue Wu calmly shifted his focus, “Teacher Ruan’s reasoning is very strong, she caught the real murderer and found the key by herself. Netizens all want you to teach them. Teacher Ruan, can you teach me first?”

Ruan Qiu’s face was inexplicably hot, so she took a sip of soy milk.

Xue Wu laughed and continued, “Teacher Ruan, do you think I still need to exercise?”

“I heard that girls now like…” Xue Wu paused, “Male mother? Does Teacher Ruan like it too?”

Ruan Qiu spent half a minute asking the Internet what a “male mother” was, then shook her head to Xue Wu and said, “I don’t like it.”

(Male mother is a word used to describe the behavior of some anchor male fans to make fun of some female fans.)

She didn’t have the backpack given by the system of Infinite Flow, and she couldn’t get the props. If the opponent wanted to hit her, she may not be able to beat them with all her strength.

Safety was the most important thing.

“It’s good to have some muscles.” Ruan Qiu said to Xue Wu after thinking about it, “You’re not in good health right now, you have to take care of your body first, keep up with nutrition, and then talk about exercise.”

Xue Wu, who was in poor health, said, “Teacher Ruan is right.”

He saw that Ruan Qiu’s eyes hadn’t stayed on him for too long. He basically looked at the food in his hand, and his teeth were itchy, but he knew that he couldn’t be in a hurry. At least he won and he would video call Ruan Qiu every time he ate. 

Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu’s behavior seemed to both Lin Jie and Lin Hong to be “showing affection”, but the two were not aware of it. Ruan Qiu thought that she was supervising Xue Wu not to let him die, and Xue Wu thought that he was chasing her. Thinking that they were getting what they wanted, both of them were very satisfied with the current results.

On the third day after the end of the first episode, Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu’s CP popularity was the highest as expected, leaving behind Qi Yingying and Ye Xingyu who came in second place.

The staff of the program team first sent a message, informing them of the shooting location and time of the next episode, which was still three days and two nights away, and then asked Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu to choose whenever to get an endorsement of the V brand or a cooperation opportunity to work with a well known director. 

After Xue Wu received the news, he made a video call. Ruan Qiu was wearing pajamas watching a TV series in the living room, and heard Xue Wu say to her, “The address given by the program team is the famous Hengdian, and many large-scale costume dramas have been filmed there. The next episode should have an ancient background.”

Ruan Qiu nodded to show her understanding, listening to Xue Wu while nibbling on fried chicken, “I don’t recommend you to choose the opportunity to cooperate with the well known director. I watched the director’s recent filming, and his new film is a commercial film. The style is very likely to be a bad plot movie with a big production, which is not conducive to your accumulation of word-of-mouth.”

“The V brand is mainly engaged in accessories. In recent years, they have been taking the light luxury route. The market is very large. The previous spokesperson had a scandal, so she was replaced, but there is no problem with the top management.” Xue Wu said, “Choose this one.”

Sister Lin next to her: …Xue Wu is trying to steal my agent’s job?

Ruan Qiu put down the chicken bones, “What about you?”

“I don’t need them.” Xue Wu replied, “I may retire after a few more movies.”

Lin Hong next to him: … How come I don’t know your plan?

“Well, but I will quit the circle in two months. Would there be any problem if I choose to be an endorser?” Ruan Qiu asked.

Sister Lin finally interjected, “I’ll contact the person in charge of V brand to see if they agree.”

Lin Hong also finally found an opportunity to say, “Then do that first, hang up.”

When Xue Wu hung up the phone, Lin Hong pointed at him and jumped up, “When did you plan that? Why didn’t you tell me?!”

Xue Wu did not speak for a while.

The time he originally set to quit the circle was half a year later, after Xue Nanjing became an adult. He had planned for a long time that he would leave a suicide note, leave enough money for Xue Nanjing, and give some for Lin Hong’s studio, and then leave quietly without disturbing anyone.

But now……

“I’ve been filming for so many years,” Xue Wu said to Lin Hong, “I want to rest.”

Lin Hong was speechless for a moment.

Of course he knew how tired Xue Wu was. When he first took over his artist, he always thought that the other party just liked filming, so he worked so hard all year round. Later, he learned that Xue Wu was trying to prevent himself from getting sick, so that he could fall asleep when he was tired, so that he would not have nightmares all night.

“Forget it.” Lin Hong was discouraged, “I don’t care, just be fine.”

“Thank you, Brother Lin.” Xue Wu looked at him sincerely, “Thank you for taking care of me for so many years.”

Lin Hong punched his shoulder, nodded and left.

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