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Sister Lin told the variety show team of their choice, and then got the contact information of the person in charge of the V brand. After talking to the other party, the other party doubled Ruan Qiu’s endorsement fee, but there was a request——

They hoped that Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu could shoot an advertisement together.

Sister Lin then relayed the news to Lin Hong. Lin Hong agreed after talking to the other party, but also added the conditions proposed by Xue Wu——

Xue Wu hoped that he and Ruan Qiu would take a couple shots.

The lady who was in charge of contacting the agents almost fainted.

It was true! She knew that Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu’s CP was real!

The person in charge really wanted to tell the sisters in the group that news, but out of professional ethics, she still held back until the day that Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu came to the studio to take promotional photos. Seeing that Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu arrived at the shooting location in the same car, she kept pinching her fingers to prevent herself from giggling, and led them in with a decent smile.

The photographer hired by V brand was also well-known in the industry. When he saw Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu, his eyes lit up, and he couldn’t stop thinking that the shooting would definitely be very good. He excitedly asked them to wear the jewelry that needed to be advertised that time, and then directed them to pose in various positions and took shots fiercely.

After shooting, the photographer found that he was reluctant to delete any of them. None of the pictures taken could be regarded as waste, and each one was very different. He simply took another short film and ended the work ahead of schedule.

Since Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu leaned together to take pictures, the person in charge had not lifted the corners of her mouth. It was not until the two finished filming and left the shooting venue that she regained her senses. Then she screamed wildly in the group, told the sisters about what happened, and cried happily with them until the advertisement was officially released.

[I never thought in my life that I would look forward to an advertisement one day.]

[This is not an advertisement, this is their wedding video!]

[The upstairs is right, with the money, five hundred.]

[I follow 20,000 (pay)]

Under the promotion of the person in charge, the V brand took advantage of the popularity of Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu’s CP, and sent out pictures on the night of the shooting. It was the fastest process from signing an endorsement contract to releasing an advertisement in history.

In the picture, Ruan Qiu was wearing a black suspender dress and a collarbone chain with black lace ribbons around her neck. The ruby ​​in the middle of the necklace was as warm as her red lips. She was sitting on a black leather sofa, revealing her slender legs, with her face on one hand, and looked lazily at Xue Wu who was standing behind the sofa.

Ruan Qiu was originally gorgeous. The collision of black and red made her beauty full of aggression and radiance, which made people unable to help surrender to her and indulge in her beauty.

Xue Wu was wearing a black tuxedo, and half of his body was hidden in the darkness. The medieval white shirt with lace and ruffled collar did not look feminine at all on him. With his slightly curly hair and deep facial features, it perfectly created a sense of gloom and dangerous temperament.

But Ruan Qiu’s other hand grabbed the edge of his coat, forcing him to bend over, let him put one hand on the sofa, put his hand close to her ear, and then looked at him, as if to order him to do something.

The wrists of the two were revealed. Ruan Qiu wore a silver bracelet with diamonds on her fair wrist, and there was a small black bow beside the diamond. Xue Wu also wore a silver bracelet on his wrist, but in the middle was black onyx.

The official name of this was [Night Witch & Vampire], and within three minutes after the pictures were posted, the CP fans of Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu started to comment.

[What did I see?! What is this?! These are the wedding pictures, right?]

[Hurry up and release the feature advertisement, I hope you won’t be ungrateful for not forcing me to buy out all your stocks.]

[In the show, it’s the Manor Master × Personal Maid, and here is the Witch Master × Vampire servant! They can also reverse their status!]

[It’s so great, so great, Ruan Qiu looks so beautiful!]

[Who died? It’s me, but it’s fine.]

[Real couples are different. The quality is satisfactory.]

[Their face value is so high.]

[Why are they so sweet? I am so happy! Is it too late for me to get in now?]

[Put out the purchase link, if I have money, I will be a follower.]

This was the first time that the V’s Weibo manager had seen such a scene of commenting 10,000 plus in less than an hour, and he was about to laugh.

[? It’s out of stock in a minute? How fast are the sisters in the comment area?]

[I hate it. V brand, restock quickly!]

[No, why did everyone even buy Emperor Xue’s men’s model?]

[I just like to buy things in pairs, and even if I don’t need the men’s model, my CP bracelets must also be a pair and can’t be separated!]

Sister Lin was relieved when she saw that. The person in charge of V brand had already sent the negotiated money. 

When Sister Lin saw that the time was right, she turned to Ruan Qiu, who was laying on the sofa and watching the film starring Xue Wu, and said, “Ruan Ruan, should I make a clarification announcement now?”

“Yeah,” Ruan Qiu nodded.

She could now use her endorsement money to fight a lawsuit.


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