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At the same time that the V brand newly launched accessories were sold out, Ruan Qiu’s anti-fans were also jumping.

They didn’t dare to attack Xue Wu, who had countless fans, and instead attacked Ruan Qiu, saying that she lowered Xue Wu’s value, making Xue Wu’s endorsement from high luxury to low luxury, trying to arouse the dissatisfaction of Xue Wu’s fans to let them help in scolding Ruan Qiu.

However, Xue Wu’s fans had never done anything violent for so many years and were not provoked by them at all, not to mention that Ruan Qiu was likely to become their future sister-in-law, so Xue Wu’s fans poured into the comment area very calmly and began to support Xue Wu’s cooperation with Ruan Qiu as usual.

Ruan Qiu’s anti-fans realized that something was wrong. Two minutes later, Sister Lin sent out an announcement that made them dare not speak again.

Lin Jie certified that she was Ruan Qiu’s agent. She simply and neatly released the pictures that the whole network used to label Ruan Qiu as a third party, and added the complete pictures taken by the paparazzi as evidence, focusing on Ruan Qiu. She found the room card by accident, and had no improper relationship with Mr. Qin.

At the same time, she released a lawyer’s letter, prosecuting the two paparazzi who distorted the facts, as well as a group of anti-fans who had been insulting Ruan Qiu since the incident and threatening her.

[Nice job.]

[[If someone scolds, they get prosecuted? Are you sick?]

[Look, someone upstairs has broken the defense. He’s worried. He’s worried!]

[The Internet is not an illegal place, anti-fans please be responsible for your own words, don’t go crazy here.]

The announcement released by Sister Lin quickly rushed to the hot search in Weibo. Xue Wu was the first to like and repost this time, Qi Yingying followed closely, and then Jiang Yan.

Ye Xingyu was a little hesitant. He didn’t know Ruan Qiu well, and there were many things that had reversed in the entertainment industry. There were many innocent people who were actually rotten. He couldn’t be sure that Ruan Qiu was 100% innocent. And he was at great risk of offending the prosperous Cheng Tianya, so he must be careful.

But Ruan Qiu was scolded by some of his fans because she was misunderstood. If he did nothing now, when Ruan Qiu would be proven to be innocent, his perception of passers-by would be much worse. And other guests, except Bai Jinyao, liked and forwarded Ruan Qiu’s clarification announcement. If he didn’t follow suit, he would not only fall into the limelight, but also be embarrassed in the next episode.

Ye Xingyu finally liked it and reposted it. Anyway, with Xue Wu in front, he couldn’t stand the impact.

Several stars headed by Xue Wu ended up reposting the announcement, and the popularity of the clarification was getting higher. After reading the announcement, the passers-by who ate melons felt a little distressed about Ruan Qiu, who had been bombarded by the Internet for half a year, and also learned from that incident that something was wrong.

[I don’t mean anything else by this, I just want to ask, why clarify now?]

[Because Ruan Qiu has changed her hanager, the previous manager couldn’t do anything.]

[What’s more, the monitoring of that hotel disappeared “suddenly”, which is really amazing.]

[One more question, why didn’t Ruan Qiu and the others sue Cheng Tianya? Isn’t Cheng Tianya the origin of all this?]

[It has to be said that Cheng Tianya is scheming. She publicly connoted Ruan Qiu, implying for her fans to harass Ruan Qiu, but she didn’t even mention Ruan Qiu’s name.]

[Dang, can it be like this?]

Sister Lin had been the manager of many artists and famous people. When they knew that she had taken over Ruan Qiu’s mess, many people advised her to leave it alone.

But Sister Lin had intended to retire, and Ruan Qiu was likely to be the last artist she worked with. In the beginning, she really did it for Lin Hong, with the purpose of monitoring Ruan Qiu and letting her not leak Xue Wu’s secret, and came to be her manager. But the more she got along with Ruan Qiu, the more she liked her.

Sister Lin also felt that Ruan Qiu was not suitable for the entertainment industry, because Ruan Qiu didn’t care about flowers or applause, she seemed to only care about her simple life.

She heard Ruan Qiu sometimes say some strange things, such as “this will trigger my death”, “I want to live well” and so on. She didn’t understand it at first, but one day Sister Lin suddenly realized that Ruan Qiu wasn’t as strong as she imagined. Ruan Qiu was just using these words to motivate herself not to give up on her life. She regarded the abuse on the Internet as a task that needed to be eliminated, so she could hold on to live until now and smile at life.

Sister Lin liked Ruan Qiu very much. She thought that before Ruan Qiu quit the entertainment industry and before she retired, she must let her clean up the mud that was deliberately poured on her, and let the people who hurt her apologize. She wanted to let her live a carefree life, and it could be regarded as a farewell gift.

More than ten minutes after the announcement, many people silently deleted the previous remarks insulting Ruan Qiu, fearing that lawyers would find themselves next. However, their messages have long been saved by screenshots and publicly hung in the comment area for punishment.

There were also some people who thought that Ruan Qiu was just bluffing and dared not do anything, and firmly believed that the evidence was fake, and still jumped up and down in the comment area.

However, within half an hour, the two accused paparazzi quickly knelt down and apologized, begging Ruan Qiu not to sue them, and released the video they took.


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