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In the video, the onlookers could clearly see Ruan Qiu and the Qin prince meet by chance. The Qin prince may have been drinking and walking a little crookedly. When she passed by, the Qin prince’s room card fell from his pocket. Ruan Qiu turned around when she heard the sound, picked up the room card, stopped him, returned the room card to him, and turned to leave.

The camera kept following Ruan Qiu out of the hotel, and Ruan Qiu entered the taxi and left completely.

The whole process was as simple as that. Ruan Qiu was wearing a turtleneck sweater and a long skirt without revealing the slightest bit of skin. She didn’t look like she was sedu*cing him, and there was no entanglement for more than ten minutes in the rumors.

[That’s it? That’s it?]

[Did the people who scolded Ruan Qin slap their own faces enough?]

[They didn’t dare to speak for a long time. Just now, a large number of people who canceled their accounts made me laugh.]

[I get angry when I think that Ruan Qiu has been scolded for so long because of this, send them to jail! It’s absolutely unforgivable!]

The two paparazzi quickly released a conversation between them and an anonymous person, saying that the other party gave them a lot of money to blacken Ruan Qiu. They only released some ambiguous pictures, and they did not expect Ruan Qiu to be attacked later. They also posted a few pictures later, the ones that Ruan Qiu clarified as evidence in the announcement!

[They’re really shameless, there’s nothing to say, go to jail.]

[I now want to know who is that person who gave the money anonymously. Wouldn’t it be Cheng Tianya?]


Seeing that, since Ruan Qiu’s clarification announcement, most of Cheng Tianya’s fans, who had been quiet, finally couldn’t help it.

[Yaya was also deceived by the paparazzi, and Yaya is also a victim!]

[It’s all their fault! It’s none of Yaya’s business!]

[It is impossible for Yaya to do such a thing. It was wrong for us to scold Ruan Qiu before, but Yaya is innocent!]

The melon eaters were shocked by their stupidity.

[This year’s funniest joke: Although Ruan Qiu was connoted by Cheng Tianya as a mistress and was harassed by the Internet for half a year, Cheng Tianya is innocent.]

[So what they mean is that Cheng Tianya, without seriously seeking the truth at all, implied that Ruan Qiu was a third person in her relationship, and had been watching Ruan Qiu being scolded and being attacked online, but Cheng Tianya was also a victim?]

[I’m really confused, what are Cheng Tianya’s fans talking about? Why aren’t they apologizing to Ruan Qiu?]

Cheng Tianya’s fans were about to go mad. They hoped that Cheng Tianya could come out and issue a statement to give them reassurance, but Cheng Tianya was busy filming and couldn’t see the announcement on the Internet.

In the midst of the comments of melon eaters, some strange comments suddenly appeared in the comment area.

[Sisters, I know it’s not a good time to talk about CP now, but ah, have you noticed that the name of the attorney appointed in the announcement seems to be Xue Wu’s former attorney?]

[It’s true!]

[And Emperor Xue was the first to like and forward the announcement!]

[This can also be extracted from sugar? I don’t deserve it.]

At the center of the incident, Ruan Qiu, who was the most discussed, glanced at the constantly refreshed private messages. There were many people who had scolded her before and apologized, hoping that she would forgive them.

Ruan Qiu yawned, ignored them, put down the phone, and continued watching the movie starring Xue Wu.

The death flag of anti-fans had been completely lifted. Ruan Qiu stretched happily and was about to order a late night snack when she received a congratulatory message from Qi Yingying. She replied to the other party with a hug emoji, and then rejected the invitation of the other party to go swimming with her.

The water was very dangerous. Water ghosts, sirens, and fish spirits all lived in the water, and they would die if they were not careful.

Although Xue Wu said that he was a normal person, Ruan Qiu still did not relax her vigilance in this world. She thought that the infinite streaming system had no credibility at all.

If the world was regarded as an infinite flow world with a big background, then the book she was in was one of the small copies, and there were other small copies in other places.

But the copies couldn’t interfere with each other, otherwise it was easy to cause chaos in the world. Therefore, Ruan Qiu believed that as long as she did not take the initiative to go to places other than the main plot, she would not enter other dungeons, encounter other unknown dangers, and face a few more death flags.

Ruan Qiu thought about it and reminded Qi Yingying to pay attention to safety. 

Qi Yingying replied, “Ruan Ruan cares about me so much, I will definitely be careful!”

After sending the message, Qi Yingying immediately sent a screenshot of the chat to Xue Wu, and was about to show off when she found that she had been blocked by the other party.

Qi Yingying: …What a stingy man!!

Seeing the private message from Qi Yingying, Xue Wu tapped the screen of his phone, thought for a moment, and asked Ruan Qiu, “Have you slept yet?”

“Not yet.” Ruan Qiu replied quickly, “I’m watching your movie, where you acted as an undercover cop, it’s very nice.”

Xue Wu remembered how Qi Yingying was showing off her power in front of him just now, and deliberately said to Ruan Qiu, “Well, thank you for liking it. I suffered a lot of injuries while filming that movie. There was an explosion scene that the crew didn’t control well, my broken wrist was still in a cast when the shoot was over.”


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