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If Xue Wu’s fans were there at this time, they would definitely shout that it was outrageous. They wouldn’t believe that Xue Wu, who never said that he was injured in filming and only when the crew posted on Weibo that they knew that he was injured, now was taking the initiative to act pitiful.

Xue Wu looked at the words “the other party is typing” and waited for a while, then raised his mouth, ready to take a screenshot of the comfort Ruan Qiu sent him, and then temporarily released Qi Yingying from the blacklist.

But he couldn’t wait for Ruan Qiu’s distress words to come, but he just received——

Ruan Qiu: “You are so dedicated! (thumbs up. jpg)”

Xue Wu: …

No, that was not what he meant.

Ruan Qiu really didn’t worry about Xue Wu’s safety. She subconsciously felt that Xue Wu was a very powerful person, someone like him with countless fans, even if he was not the male lead in this book, he must also be a very important character in another one. Unlike cannon fodder and passers-by, he would not die easily.

As long as he didn’t kill himself…

Seeing that Xue Wu didn’t reply to her for a while, and the movie was over, Ruan Qiu said good night to Xue Wu, and then went to bed.

Xue Wu looked at the screen, smiled helplessly, and returned to the bedroom.

But there was someone who couldn’t sleep tonight.

Cheng Tianya’s public relations team was so anxious that they didn’t respond. They had already sent someone to the place where Cheng Tianya was filming overnight to ask her to come out and find a way.

Because Cheng Tianya didn’t say Ruan Qiu’s name publicly, and didn’t point to her to get scolded, it was okay for them to pretend to be dead and not reply. After a few days, no one would remember the incident.

But there was someone behind Ruan Qiu. The paparazzi also mentioned the person who gave them money to blacken Ruan Qiu. Now people on the Internet were speculating whether that person was Cheng Tianya, and the public opinion was very unfavorable to them.

But if they replied, someone would definitely ask Cheng Tianya if she really said that Ruan Qiu was a third party, and why she said that. At that time, it would be too late to pretend to be dead, and it would have a greater negative impact on Cheng Tianya’s image.

On the other side, Bai Jinyao was holding her phone. On the screen was a dialogue between her and Cheng Tianya. There were many messages from her, each one was longer and the tone was more urgent.

The clarifications posted by Ruan Qiu’s agent on the Internet were trending, and discussions could be seen everywhere, even if she didn’t want to read them.

The more she looked, the more she felt that something was wrong, and the colder she felt. Others might not know, but she knew very well that Cheng Tianya had always firmly believed that Ruan Qiu had seduced her husband in front of her. Bai Jinyao didn’t want to maliciously speculate on Cheng Tianya, but…

Bai Jinyao’s agent breathed a sigh of relief without revealing a thing, and was not ready to persuade Bai Jinyao until she figured it out for herself.

He had long felt that something was wrong with Cheng Tianya. The agent thought, fortunately, he persuaded Bai Jinyao to not do anything at that time, otherwise if Bai Jinyao scolded Ruan Qiu impulsively at that time, Bai Jinyao would now be greeted by the majority of netizens in turn.

Although there were a small number of people on the Internet who thought that Bai Jinyao should also apologize, Bai Jinyao was only Cheng Tianya’s good friend and had not done anything to Ruan Qiu, so they didn’t care.

Cheng Tianya’s public relations team finally arrived at the old forest in the mountains where Cheng Tianya was filming, rushed into the set, and called out Cheng Tianya under the director’s frowning gaze.

Cheng Tianya suppressed her impatience and was about to ask her agent what was going on. The publicist next to the agent quickly explained the current situation and gave her own advice.

“I suggest that you now deny that the person the paparazzi mentioned is you.” The publicist said, “Then apologize and say that you didn’t know it. What you said before was because you couldn’t control your emotions for a while, you were too tired, and too busy. Without paying attention, you unintentionally brought so much harm to Ruan Qiu. You apologize for taking up public resources, and hope everyone can forgive you.”

The agent had already typed on the phone, just needed Cheng Tianya to send it out on Weibo.

The agent looked at Cheng Tianya’s pale face and asked suspiciously, “You didn’t buy the paparazzi, did you, Cheng Tianya?”

The agent called Cheng Tianya’s name twice, and she woke up, with a cold sweat behind her, and an ugly smile, and said to the agent, “I didn’t do it, how could I do such a thing? I’ll go to the car to calm down.”

Cheng Tianya got into the car alone, and as soon as the door was closed, she covered her head like crazy, and desperately shouted in a low voice, “System, system!”

The system sneered and said, “I told you a long time ago to act well, to not covet others’ things, even if it’s the female lead, even if it’s the supporting characters, we can’t destroy the original plot, you just don’t listen. You deserve it!”

“What I grabbed is mine!” Cheng Tianya’s eyes were fierce, “Doing things by her ability, eating by her ability, if she loses, she should lose completely, why can she bounce back?!”

The system looked at the ambition in Cheng Tianya’s eyes, and thought silently that it chose Cheng Tianya because of her ambition at the beginning. It felt that Cheng Tianya would definitely be able to climb to the position of the movie queen with its help, but it did not expect Cheng Tianya to be far more ambitious than it thought.


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