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After Cheng Tianya knew that this was a book, she began to use the plot she knew to make friends with people who would become famous in the future, so that they could help her. After she gradually became famous, she began to covet the female lead’s things, as well as the supporting character’s things, and she wanted to hold everything in her hands.

That was not in line with the system’s expectation that “hard work will pay off”. Cheng Tianya was exploiting loopholes, playing tricks, harming others and benefiting herself.

Cheng Tianya didn’t wait for the system’s answer, she calmed down a bit, took the phone given by her manager, and began to look at the current trend on the Internet.

Ruan Qiu’s name stabbed her eyes deeply. She didn’t understand how the other party had already been blackened like that, but she was still able to become popular in a love variety show, and she even caught up with Emperor Xue and let the two paparazzi hand over the evidence. Ruan Qiu was just a supporting character in the book!

After the extreme anger, Cheng Tianya calmed down instead. She and the two paparazzi were trading in cash, and there was no monitoring. Ruan Qiu and the others couldn’t find out that it was her. She just had to deny it. 

She shouted, “System, search my fans to see if anyone has had contact with Ruan Qiu recently.”

The movie queen system didn’t really want to talk to Cheng Tianya, it intuited that Cheng Tianya was going to be a demon again, but the system’s programming made it necessary to answer, “There is one, she is a member of the group performer in the variety show “Please fall in love with me”, she’s called Zhou Ping . She will still perform in the next episode.”

Cheng Tianya frowned upon hearing the name. It was because of this variety show that the female lead Bai Jinyao had taken her career to the next level, and she had also won the title of “Men’s Fascination”. She didn’t want Bai Jinyao to go at first, but Bai Jinyao insisted on going, and she had no reason to stop her.

But now, after the end of the first episode, the most popular person was actually Ruan Qiu.

As if she knew what Cheng Tianya was thinking, the system said, “There is no problem with the world line in the book.”

Cheng Tianya temporarily suppressed the doubts in her heart and said to the system, “Find Zhou Ping’s Weibo account, contact her, and tell her to make Ruan Qiu embarrassed on the show.”

The system suddenly paused, and then said in a monotone, “The operation failed, the fan’s loyalty is less than ten percent.”

“What?!” Cheng Tianya shouted in shock, “Impossible!”

With the help of the system’s brainwashing, her fans’ loyalty had reached more than 80%.

The system said calmly, “I suggest you apologize according to the public relations, and stop being a demon. I have given you a shortcut…”

Cheng Tianya gritted her teeth, “Go away!”

The system shut up for a moment, and coldly returned to the depths of Cheng Tianya’s consciousness. It thought that Cheng Tianya could no longer be saved, and it would not give Cheng Tianya any advice or reminders. It would watch the other party fall silently. Once the other party no longer met its binding conditions, it would immediately unbind and go to the next host.

After calming down, Cheng Tianya returned to her usual gentleness. She got out of the car, posted a Weibo in front of her manager, and then took a picture of her surroundings. In the comments, she said that she was filming, so her reply was a little late.

Her fans all said that they would always believe her. That incident was not her fault. She should not blame herself, film well, and not be too tired.

However, outside the comment area, Cheng Tianya’s post had been forwarded to various places, and countless people had turned on the ridicule mode:

[Okay, even if you really didn’t know, why did you say you couldn’t control your emotions well? Do you think this reason is believable?]

[So are you apologizing to Ruan Qiu, or are you apologizing for ‘taking up public resources’?]

[What a peerless white lotus.]

[Her fans are really scary, they can’t listen to other people’s words at all, they don’t believe the truth, they’re deaf and blind.]

[Don’t go to Cheng Tianya’s comment area, you will be attacked by her fans.]

[I’m so pissed off! I’m extremely pissed off! Why can’t Cheng Tianya go to jail?]

[By the way, what is her good friend Bai Jinyao’s reaction now?]

[She hasn’t responded yet, but this matter really has nothing to do with her. I feel so sorry for Ruan Qiu.]

On the other side, Bai Jinyao looked at the newly posted Weibo of her best friend. Of course, she knew this apology was definitely not sincere. She continued to send messages to Cheng Tianya with cold hands and feet, wanting to ask for an answer.

Cheng Tianya, who received the news, impatiently read through the large paragraph above, and then replied to Bai Jinyao in a normal tone, “Yaoyao, don’t worry, I’m fine. I really didn’t mean to do that to Ruan Qiu, I have already apologized. (wiping away tears) Does Yaoyao believe me?”

She always remembered how Cheng Tianya helped her. But this time, Bai Jinyao struggled in her heart, and suddenly her mind was in a trance, and she replied dizzily, “I believe in you.”

Cheng Tianya, who asked the system to activate the brainwashing mode on Bai Jinyao, breathed a sigh of relief and returned to the crew.

This movie was starring another actress in the original book, but she knew that the movie would win an international award, so she contacted the director in advance, so that the other party could see her sincerity.

As long as this movie could be broadcast, she would be the best actress. Who would remember what happened between her and Ruan Qiu?

Bai Jinyao, who put down her phone, looked at her agent, and whispered, “I still believe in Yaya.”

“But…” Bai Jinyao hesitated, “This is the last time.”

The second episode of the show would start recording the day after. She would put aside her prejudice and seriously understand what kind of person Ruan Qiu was.


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